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Comparison of Personal Loans from Top Providers

Personal Loans Interest Rate Comparison of Top Banks/NBFC (updated 13th December, 2018)


Institution Type

Minimum Loan Amount

Maximum Loan Amount

Minimum Tenure

Maximum Tenure


Fees & Charges

Axis Bank


INR 50,000

INR 15,00,000

12 months

60 months

15.50% - 24.00%

Processing Fee - 1.50% to 2.00% + Service Taxes

Bajaj Finserv


INR 100,000

INR 25,00,000

12 months

60 months

11.99% - 15.50%

Processing Fee - 2.25% - 3% of the loan amount

Capital First


INR 50,000

INR 400,000

24 months

36 months

16.00% - 24.00%

Processing Fee - 1.99%



INR 50,000

INR 25,00,000

12 months

60 months

10.99% - 16.49%

Processing Fee - 0.25% to 1.50%; Min - INR 999, Maximum - INR 25,000



INR 100,000

INR 25,00,000

12 months

60 months

15.75% - 20.00%

Processing Fee - 0.25% to 1.50%; Min - INR 999



INR 100,000

INR 25,00,000

12 months

60 months

10.99% - 22.00%

Processing Fee - 0.25% to 1.50%; Min - INR 999

IndusInd Bank


INR 50,000

INR 15,00,000

12 months

60 months

11.25% - 30.00%

Processing Fee - Up to 2.50% of loan amount

Kotak Mahindra Bank


INR 50,000

INR 20,00,000

12 months

60 months

10.99% - 24.00%

Processing Fee - 1.0% to 2.0%

Standard Chartered Bank


INR 100,000

INR 15,00,000

12 months

60 months

10.99% - 15.50%

Processing Fee - 0.50% to 1.00%

Tata Capital


 INR 75,000

INR 15,00,000

12 months

72 months

11.99% - 19%

Processing Fee - 1.50% to 2.00% + Service Taxes


Rate of interest is high?

- Try applying for a higher loan amount as most banks reduce interest rates as loan amount increases.

Not getting the desired loan amount

- Try adding the income of a co-applicant like a working spouse

Not getting the desired loan amount?

- Finance Buddha can try to do a debt consolidation/balance transfer to increase eligibility

Your Search for Personal Loans Ends here!

Are you a self-employed or salaried individual trying to meet both ends? Have you given a thought about availing personal loans as an option? Whenever there is an unusual expense like child's marriage, renovation of your home or furnishing, children’s higher education, family holiday, or any other dream to be turned into reality, make use of the personal loan option. With this, you have the option to repay your borrowed amount gradually in the upcoming years, no guarantor or security is required, hassle free documentation process, our executives will come to you to collect necessary documents and if all requirements are met, money can be expected within few days. Embark on your dream at the right time with opportunities available!

Purposes and Types of Personal Loans:

It is essential to be aware of ‘what purposes a personal loan can be availed’. Without valid reasons, a loan will not be approved. For purposes like house renovation, education, maternity expenditure, vacation, automobile etc. personal loan is the best option. You can choose suitable interest rates and payment plan from the options available in the banks. The main two types of personal loans available in India are secured loans and unsecured loans. The first one is where there is a need for guarantee or security against the sum borrowed like a fixed or movable asset. In case of default of the loan amount, ownership of the security will be taken over by the bank. The latter does not require any security, but the lender will charge a high rate of interest on the money borrowed. In case of default, the lender will seek legal assistance for the loss incurred.

Different Types of Personal Loans You can Get in India

Personal loans can be availed for many purposes. But for all the reasons, you need to know the benefits and the target audience for that loan. These are the different types of personal loans you can get:

Business Start-up Loan:

These loans give funds to meet the cost of raw material, advertising, and sustenance. A great feature for a corporate business is that if the business does not work out, the owner does not have to pay the whole cost. So, the owner does not have to pay the cost of the bankruptcy. It can also fund your marketing projects, hence helping your new brand. A great benefit is that these might not need guarantors.
People who plan to start new businesses are the target audience for a business loan need to provide documents to avail this loan. 
Some of the banks and Financial Institutes who provide this loan are Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) and Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)

Corporate Loan:

This kind of loan is beneficial for people who already have a business, but want to expand this. It is helpful because businesses find it difficult to buy buildings and equipment. Also, it is helpful for people who plan acquisitions. Corporate loan serves this purpose. It is a short term loan. 
People who are doing well and want to expand the horizons of their business are the target audience. Some of the loan providers are ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda and SBI.

Govt. Loans for Small Scale Businesses:

While there are many loans provided by private institutions for small-scale businesses, they come with a hefty interest rate. A loan offered by business is beneficial because it has lower interest rate and they provide funds for every day needs. One can go for a state sponsored scheme or that by the central government. Government loans are also more transparent and risk assured.
People who want loans at affordable rates with security ensured should go for this.
Some institutions that provide this loan are NABARD, MSMEs, SIDBI, etc.

Small Business Loans for Women:

These loans are very important since they uplift the status of women in the society. These loans are given to women who wish to open small businesses like beauty parlours, tuition centers, tailor shops, etc. The benefit is that interest rates are lower. Annapurna Scheme, Mudra Scheme and Cent Kalyani Scheme are two loan categories which can be availed by women who wish to be entrepreneurs. 
Bhartiya Mahila Bank, Union Bank and State Bank of India are some of the banks that provide such loans.

Home Improvement Loan:

These loans are beneficial for people who want to renovate their houses or want to add more floors or storeys to it. You can also use these loans for painting or getting the wood work done for your house. 
Owners and tenants usually avail these loans as though they can be also paid in a longer term (though it depends on age of the applicant, too).
These loans are provided by PNB Housing, DHFL, HDFC, ICICI, etc.

Loans for Unemployed:

Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana is one of the loan schemes in this regard which is very popular. The benefit of the scheme is that the person gets help to start the business. Some subsidy is provided by the government for this.
These loans can be availed by educated (at least 10th) or skilled people between the age of 18-40. There is some leverage to people belonging to lower cast.
Loans are provided by Mudra Bank, Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank, etc.

Marriage Loan:

Marriages are usually a very costly event in India due to so many functions, jewellery purchase and cost of other miscellaneous arrangements involved. In such a scene, the benefit of marriage loan is that it helps one to meet the ends for the wedding day and after events. Also, you might not want to invest all your savings into the wedding but save for any emergency. Also, you can invest the money you saved for wedding for a better apartment after your marriage.
These loans can be availed by salaried professionals. These can also be taken by parents or guardians who might even be retired but are pensioned.
Marriage loans in India are provided by HDFC Bank, SBI, Tata Capital, etc.

Medical Loan:

In case of a surgery, operation, therapy, procedure, etc one can avail a medical loan. The benefit is that it also includes the medical test costs and the cost for medicines. 
These loans can be availed by people who are relatives or close acquaintances of the ill person. 
ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and AXIS Bank are some of the many banks that fund these loans.

Personal Loans for Low CIBIL Score:

A low CIBIL score can mean that you have had a bad credit history. This means that either you have not availed any loan in the past. Or, it can mean that you have not paid your instalments on time. This means that banks and financial institutions will refrain from giving you a loan in future. A person with low CIBIL score must start to repay his loan. Also, the loan should be a mix of secured and unsecured loans. One with low CIBIL score can avail loan on the name of his wife or anyone close. You can also take loans against assets, (Gold or car). A benefit of availing a loan when you have low CIBIL score is that you can manage a loan when you need it urgently.
These loans benefit people who do not have fair chances of getting a loan normally.
There are some banks that still provide loan for people with low CIBIL score, like HDFC Bank, Tata Capital, Kotak Mahindra, Aditya Birla, etc.

Same Day Loans:

As the name suggests, same day loans are the loans provided on urgent basis. These loans can help in cases of immediate or urgent needs like if you need to pay someone in emergency. These loans do not need guarantors. The response time for these loans is very less. These loans are also called payday loans. The benefit is that the documentation process is swift and easy.
These loans are availed by people who need money urgently.
HDFC Bank, Tata capital, Citibank, IndusInd are some of the banks that provide these loans.

Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is simply debt refinancing in which people take a new loan to pay off their other previous loans. Debt Consolidation process result in a lower overall interest rate as compared to the entire previous debt load and provide the ease of paying only for one loan. You may avail a personal loan to end all your other loans and repay just one loan every month thereon. This reduces the total EMI and also helps in saving on the interest that you would have paid towards all other loans combined. Reduced debt burden will help you to ease your monthly budget and worries as now you would be paying just one EMI which will be considerably lower than previous all other EMIs combined, which also means that you highly reduce your chances of defaulting and build a good repayment history over the time.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Your age should be between 21 to 60 years for applying for an debt consolidation loan.
  • Salaried individuals should have a minimum income of ₹ 30,000. Salary bracket would also depend on the city in which you are located and also on the company you work for. E.g. If you live in a Metro city then your salary requirement will be higher than individual living in a non-metro city and similarly if you work for a top MNC  then your salary required will be less than one who is working with a start-up company.
  • Should be living in the current city for more than 1 year.
  • The applicant should be having a total work experience of at least 2 Years.
  • The applicant should be having basic documents such as  address proof, identity proof, bank statements etc.

Debt Consolidation Process

Generally when you owe money to someone whether it is a bank or an individual then it is called as debt. The burden of debt increases when you take one after another many loans like home loan, personal loan, and auto loan and so on at the same time one after other at that time paying the EMIs individually for each loan may cost you more. So to reduce the burden of EMIs and interest rate debt consolidation is the best option for you. In personal loan debt consolidation you have to apply for new personal loan with any lender whom you find best for you with respect of interest rates, principal amount and the tenor period. When you apply for this and if you are eligible for this then the lender will provide you the outstanding amount of your previous loans. In this way you can clear all your debts in an easy way. But always keep in mind that you should only go for debt consolidation when the interest rate of your new low is comparatively lower that your previous interest rates. When you do this you will definitely save a good amount of money every month which you use to pay for your EMIs because of higher interest rates. By opting for this personal loan debt consolidation you can spend more on your lifestyle and needs as the burden of EMIs reduces.

Debt consolidation loans are always unsecured in nature that means you don’t have to worry at all for arranging for collateral or any security. The only thing you need is a good credit history i.e a good CIBIL score.

Potential Pitfalls of Debt Consolidation

There are several pitfalls consumers should consider when consolidating debt.

Extending the Loan Term: As the biggest advantage of the debt consolidation is reduction in monthly EMIs but here you have to be alert as some lenders will reduce your monthly EMI but they will increase the time period in this way unknowingly only you will be paying more than your previous loan and the lenders will get the chance to make a good profit.

Hurting the Credit Score:When you go for a debt consolidation and you pay off your previous loans by taking a new loan in this process your credit score is somewhat hurt that means it gives a negative impact on your CIBIL score and your CIBIL score will be reduced as you are ending a loan term loan by taking a new loan which is unsecured in nature. This increases the risk factor to the lenders as you were not able to pay your previous loans properly and to repay that you availed a new loan.

Debt-to-Credit Ratio: What's more, finishing off the old loan accounts (once they're paid off) and opening a solitary new one may decrease the aggregate sum of credit accessible to you, raising your obligation to-credit usage proportion. This can likewise ding your CIBIL score, as loan specialists may see you with an expanded proportion as less monetarily steady. Be that as it may, in the event that you unite charge card obligation and wind up enhancing your credit use rate – that is, the measure of potential credit you have that you're really utilizing accordingly, your score could rise later on.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Personal Loan Balance Transfer is the process of transferring outstanding amount of an existing personal loan, from one financial institution to other, thereby closing the loan account in the former and starting a new loan account with the latter. Once the balance transfer is complete the customer will need to repay the personal loan as per the terms and conditions of the new lender, be it a bank, NBFC or a marketplace.

Balance Transfer facility is an attempt of banks to increase their personal loan portfolio by taking over another bank’s personal loan account, for which they offer better personal loan interest rates and repayment options to the customers who are already repaying their existing loan regularly on time. Balance Transfer works in favour of both the lender and the borrower, while the lender acquires one more customer, the customer gets better repayment options.

Opting for a personal loan balance transfer will help you reduce your interest rate, lower the EMIs, hence help you save on the interest that you would have paid towards your personal loan. Personal Loan Balance Transfer allows the reassessment of the existing debt, change and modify as per the requirement.

Benefits of Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Some of the benefits that can be availed through Personal Loan Balance Transfer are:

  • Personal Loan Transfer lowers interest rate: All the financial institutions offer lucrative offers on interest rates for personal loan transfer to increase their personal loan portfolio by acquiring more and more customers from the competition.
  • Top-up on existing Loan amount: When applying for balance transfer of personal loan, one can apply for a top-up with the new lender on the existing loan amount at the same interest rates.
  • Lower EMIs, Savings in Interest: With lower interest rate, the EMI also reduces significantly and so does the interest that would have been paid on the outstanding amount.
  • No additional charges: The new lender will apply just the processing fees, and no other fees or charges for the balance transfer.
  •  Safeguard CIBIL Score: There is no need of CIBIL requirements for a balance transfer. This will help you to have the CIBIL scoring intact.
  • Option from 25+ banks: Lot of options is available to choose the best banks that offer good facilities.

When should you go for Personal Loan Balance Transfer?

Personal loans are the best option in times when there is an urgent cash requirement for the time being, but it is not going to last forever. There might be a chance that the offer available is at a very high interest rate, for a variety of reasons, but still that is the only way out. Once, after having availed the personal loan and utilizing it for the purpose intended, it is a big deal to carry on with the heavy monthly repayments, when you could have the same loan at much lower interest rate. And this is the most important driving factor of balance transfer. If there is an offer available at a lower interest rate, it is always advisable to opt for it.

In general, personal loan balance transfer should be availed when:

  • Another bank/NBFC/FI is offering a lower interest rate.
  • There is a history of around 12 to 18 months of regular payments of personal loan EMI’s.
  • Easy and high top-ups available.
  • The savings made are considerable.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer Eligibility Criteria

  • Annual or Monthly income: The applicant should have a certain minimum income, so that there is a regular repayment of the loan.
  • CIBIL Score: The CIBIL Score of the applicant should be above 750.
  • Employment: The applicant should have a stable career record.  
  • Age: for salaried person your age should be 21 to 60 years. Whereas for the self-employed the age limit is up to 65 years.
  • Repayment History: The applicant should have a regular and timely repayment history with the existing lender, and should have repaid a minimum of 12 EMIs with the previous employer.

Documents Required for Personal Loan Balance Transfer:

Documents required by all the financial institutions regarding balance transfer are:

  1. Age proof
  2. Address proof.
  3. Income proof
  4. Identity proof.
  5. Photographs
  6. Application Form

Things to Consider before Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Personal Loan Balance Transfer is a great option to reduce the burden of debt and increase the savings. Here are top points to consider before availing a personal loan balance transfer.

  1. Correct Calculation and Evaluation

The most important consideration of a balance transfer is to save on interest. Hence it is very important to calculate in advance the charges that you would need to pay as foreclosure charges and the new processing fee of the balance transfer along with the new EMIs and interest that you would be paying. Check this against all the offers available and choose the one where the savings are more. 

  1. Check Your Eligibility

Different financial institutions will have different lock-in periods for their personal loan product. Usually it is 12 months, i.e. until you have repaid 12 EMIs on your personal loan you cannot opt for a personal loan prepayment or fore-closure. Before you actually apply for a balance transfer, be sure of your eligibility to prepay the existing loan.

  1. Details & Fine Print

Always read and understand all the terms and conditions, policies and charges before you sign the agreement for the balance transfer. Make sure that there are no hidden charges which would increase the cost involved later on.  

  1. Additional Offerings

To lure a customer to opt for a balance transfer to them, financial institutions implement different tactics and may offer multiple benefits and facilities, should you choose to apply with them. It is very important to go through all the terms and conditions of such offerings before jumping the gun.

  1. Long Term Benefits

Always analyze the long term benefits of going for a personal loan balance transfer. If the benefits turn out to be just temporary, it would be better to not go for the transfer and instead wait for some more time for better offers.

When is it right to finance business with Personal Loans?

Personal loan is a loan for which you don't need to submit any documents showing the purpose for which you are taking the loan because of this personal loan can be use for wide range of things one of them is financing your Business with a personal loan. Here the question arises when it is right to Finance your business with personal loan. The answer is mentioned below for you.

  1. You can use a personal loan for financing your business only when there is a short term cash crunch. Which means if you are facing difficulty in properly running your business because of the shortage of money and that is for a time being i.e. short period of time in that case only it is advisable to take a personal loan and use it for your business.

  2. But many a time many people will go with personal loan for their business because the interest rate. As the interest rate of personal loans is normally lower than the business loan so many people will go for this.

  3. When your requirement is urgent and you need money immediately then personal loan is the best option available. Because for personal loan the processing time for a personal loan is really fast as compared to that of the business loan and same with the disbursal time. Generally when you are in urgency then you can't wait so loan for the business loan process and people go for personal loan instead of that.

  4. The other point for this is, in a personal loan we don't need any collateral  or any guarantor while in a business loan it is a mandatory thing. So when you are having no collateral or no guarantor the go with a personal loan to finance your business.

But always keep in mind that you should go for it when your requirement is short term and onetime thing.

Features of Personal Loans:

  • Self-employed and salaried-individuals, both can avail personal loans.
  • Special loan is offered for Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Company Secretaries, Architects and for ICWAI graduates.
  • Loan amounts vary according to the individual eligibility and bank policy and procedures.
  • Banks offer flexible repayment options, tenure ranging up to 60 months.
  • Hassle-free loans with no collateral, security or guarantor.
  • EMIs repayment option.
  • Repayment track-record of existing personal, home or auto loan is considered.
  • Life insurance policy premium-receipts is considered as a valid proof for processing loans.
  • Minimal documentation, simple procedure and quick approval.

Top Banks for Personal Loans:

  • ICICI Bank: It has attractive scheme at reasonable interest rates.
  • HDFC Bank: Loan at low-interest rates with or without security.
  • IndusInd Bank: Easy processing and quick responsive.
  • Citibank: Attractive loans rates and good scrutinize for genuine requests.
  • Axis Bank: Requires least documentation and fast processing.

How to Select the Right Personal Loan?

Comparing and choosing a best personal loan provider is always a task, it is essential to understand the way they work, banks interest rates, types of loans offered- secured, unsecured, fixed, and variable, overdraft and line of credit, go through the bank’s application checklist and look for Star ratings. There are a lot of online applications to compare what is offered by each bank, choose the top five, bring down your list to top 3 and then narrow it down further to the bank that offers the best personal loan.

Not able to decide on a Personal Loan? Let us Help!

Do’s & Don’ts of Personal Loans:

Here are few do and don’t to be kept in mind before applying for personal loans. It is essential you read this before taking a personal loan, work out how much you need exactly.


  • Borrow Exactly As Per The Requirement: Borrowing more than the requirement can lead you to pay interest for unnecessary debts. It is essential to consider all requirement for a loan, sum up the amount requirement and then start looking for loan option, interest rates, monthly EMI, tenure etc.
  • Borrow What You can Afford to Repay: Taking loan that you will struggle to pay is not a good idea. Before taking a loan, make a thorough calculation of how much you will be able to pay.
  • Use the Money for Necessities: Taking a loan ‘just because it is easy to get one’ is the worst idea. Avoid putting yourself into debt. Be clear why a loan is required and stick to the plan.
  • Compare and Compare, Again and Again: Irrespective of how convincing the managers in the bank is and how flattering their talks are, it is your need and your hard earned money will be used for repaying. So compare as much as different personal loan offers from various banks, before considering and finalizing.
  • Think Ahead: Every penny borrowed will have to be repaid with interest, think if there is really a need for loan. Being tied into long term contract is not a great move; there will be less option for you in case of any other necessities in future.


  • Turn Greedy: Money will always look attractive and we will have wants. But taking personal loan should be for a need instead of for wants.
  • Jump into Payment Protection Insurance: Check if there is a need for PPI and even if there is a requirement; take it from an independent company instead of the loan provider.
  • Ignore The Policy And Procedures: It is worth you spending an hour extra now to read the guidelines provided bank instead of later regretting. Ignorance of terms is not an excuse.
  • Miss Payments: Though it sounds obvious, don’ts list will be incomplete without this point. Missing or delaying one single payment will reflect on all aspects of your financial life. Apart from the extra interest that is required to be paid, you will end up having weak credit rating score.

Top 5 Points to Consider before applying for Personal Loans

  1. Be double sure that you really need a Personal Loan

We have mentioned above also that personal loan is an unsecured loan which means no collateral is required for this loan, because of this point the lender is at more risk. To reduce the risk factor they charge more interest rate for personal loan as compared to that of any other loan.

So paying a big amount of your salary as EMI is never a wise thing until and unless it is very important. It is always advised that opt for personal loan only if it is really needed. Nowadays many people are using personal loan for buying gadgets and other luxuries of life which otherwise are not affordable, this should be avoided. So before going for a personal loan always think twice as it may help at time but it if affect your budget in future.

  1. Compare before applying so that you get the best offer

Personal loan is a product which is now offered by each and every bank at different interest rate and having different terms and conditions. So, before applying with any particular bank it is very important that you should compare different banks for your personal loan. Earlier it was difficult to compare because for knowing a particular bank’s interest rate and terms and conditions one had to go to that bank then only he can get to know all these things and it was not possible was an individual to visit 20-30 banks only for comparing. But now almost every bank is having their website you can compare them simply by visiting their website and now it is even easier than that also as DSA like us offers you information about every bank on our website. The only thing you have to do is visit our portal and check for different banks and their interest rate. In this way you can get the best bank for your personal loan which suits you as well as your pocket.

  1. Check your eligibility in advance to avoid rejection, as it affects CIBIL score

Eligibility is the factor which decides whether you can get a loan or not. Generally eligibility depends on factors like- applicant’s age, income, CIBIL score and applicant's employment stability. Your loan application will get approved only if you satisfy these factors. And also multiple applications and multiple rejections in short time by different banks or even from a single bank affects your CIBIL score negatively. So, it is better that before applying with any particular bank or any NBFC you should first check for your eligibility. Apply only if you satisfy the eligibility criteria of that bank.

  1. Use EMI Calculator to decide your personal loan amount and tenor

EMI is one of the most important things which we should always keep in mind when we are applying for a loan. Your EMI always depends on the loan amount, interest rate and on the tenor period. At the time when we are looking for a personal loan or any kind of loan we only give importance to the loan amount like this much i want and from where we can get it like from which bank. But before applying for any personal loan use EMI Calculator first to know your EMIs in advance. Suppose you apply for a personal loan of ₹ 500,000 with a bank, but you didn’t check for the EMI and they approved your loan, which costs you ₹ 15,000 monthly, which can affect your monthly budget adversely. At that you will be in big trouble because anyhow you have to pay EMIs monthly on time otherwise you will have to give penalties. And it is always said it's better to be safe than being sorry! To avoid a situation like this, always use a Personal Loan EMI Calculator and decide your loan amount and tenor period accordingly.

  1. Make sure you have all the required documentation

Taking any kind of loan whether it is a personal loan or a home loan, lenders always require some documents like documents for your identity proof, document for address proof and documents for your income proof. Without submitting these documents you can never get a loan. So make sure that you are having these documents ready then only apply for any loan otherwise your loan application will be rejected which can also affect your CIBIL score.

How to effectively manage your Personal Loan?

Managing your finances and your personal loan efficiently is a difficult thing. One of the most important thing we should keep in mind while applying for personal loan is you should be always sure that how much you need, don't borrow more than your need. After that the second important thing you need to do is to manage your personal loan efficiently. Here are some points which you should do to manage your personal loan effectively.

  1. Efficient and proper use of the loan amount: If you have taken a personal loan recently the first thing you should do is you should use the loan amount first for the most important thing for which you have taken the loan. Never start spending more than the requirement thinking that you are having so much money. Because it always feels good when you get a loan but you don't feel the same while repaying the loan. So you should always spend your loan amount wisely.

  2. Never use personal loan for investments: As we know that personal loan is an unsecured loan and hence having higher interest rates. So it is never a wise thing to use your personal loans for investments because when you invest for something you may be successful sometimes or you may not be. If you are successful than also will you will be able to get the monthly profit as much as the EMIs. So it is better to avoid using personal loans for investments.

  3. Start saving for pre and part payments: Prepayments and part payments are always considered good for a personal loan. Prepayments and part payments facilitates you to pre close your loan by reducing the tenor period and the loan amount. Suppose you are having a personal loan of ₹ 400,000 and you pay ₹ 8,000 monthly as EMI for 4 years. So, if you pay ₹ 50,000 at a time as a pre payment then it will definitely reduce your tenor period as well as the outstanding loan amount. So try to save and pre pay this will even increases your credit score which will help you for any loan in future.

  4. Make a monthly budget and spend accordingly: Budget is the most important thing which is required if you want to manage your finances or even loan efficiently. Even every country makes a budget in the starting of the financial year so why not you? If will help you surely. If everything will be planned and worked accordingly then repaying your loan will not be a difficult task. If you will not do so you will end up by taking another loan to repay the previous loan.

How and Why is CIBIL Score Important for Personal Loans?

CIBIL score is numeric value which depends on your financial as well as credit history. It is very important as all the Banks and NBFCS check for this score as CIBIL score says everything about your repayments for your previous loan and your financial history. The CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900 out of which score above 700 is considered as a good CIBIL. A good CIBIL score means you are having a good credit and financial history, you were paying the EMIs of your previous loan on time without any penalties. These factors assure a lender that the applicant is loan ready and will be on time with the personal loan repayments. None of the bank would be willing to lend to a person having low credit score as by doing that they will increase their own risk and if some bank lends to such a person they will definitely charge more interest rate to such people who are having low credit score.

At the same time if you are having a good CIBIL score then you can get a personal loan easily from your choice of bank at comparatively lower interest rates.

For having a good CIBIL score you should pay you EMIs timely. Your timely payments will always keep your CIBIL score more than 700 which will help you in future while taking other loan or any kind of personal loan.

How to Apply Online for Personal Loan at Finance Buddha?

Finance Buddha is not just a loan comparison site, but you can directly apply for a loan at the best bank of your choice. Here you just have to update your details such as Current Company, take home salary, existing EMI amount, Salary account bank, loan requirement and tenure, and it will auto-calculate the amount that should be paid per bank interest rates, its processing fees, etc. Once this information helps you to decide the bank you wish to avail loan, click on “Apply Now” and share your contact. After the successful submission of online application, our customer support will contact you directly to make your interest executed.

Along with the above information, keep in mind it is possible to negotiate on the personal loan interest with the details of your income, company status, credit rating, payment history and relationship with the bank. Make every effort to reduce the interest and enjoy the benefits to the fullest!

Finance Buddha Now Offers Online Personal Loans in India!

You can now get instant online loans with Finance Buddha. This online personal loan is a completely online hence paperless. This is not only about saving paper but its best part is reduction in the processing time. The documentation process is online, i.e. the applicant has to upload all the required documents online on the portal itself. This is the simple, quick and effective process which is best suitable in emergency situation because in any kind of emergency every second matters. Online personal loans are unsecured loans in which nothing is required as guarantee or guarantor like any kind of property or any person. Because of this reason only its interest rate is high as compared to the other loans. This online personal loan can be availed in any kind of any emergency. Finance Buddha's team strives hard to deliver personal loans within 24 hours. It is the quickest, effective and simple process for both the lender and borrower.

The additional features which we are providing in the online personal loans are:-

  • Instant e-approval of loan.
  • Application is received and processed online, so you do not need to visit physically even for a single time.
  • No physical documentation required.
  • Loan disbursal within 24 hours of approval.
  • Your information is 100% secured.
  • Cash withdrawal up to 100%.
  • E-signing of loan agreement.

To see more details and to apply online, visit - Insta Loan

In order to avail the benefits of paperless loan, all you need to do is fill the loan application which is available on the Finance Buddha website. Your application will be processed instantly. If you have any doubt then first go through the information mentioned on the website. The page will show you the best loan offer you are eligible for, and other information regarding your loan. If you choose to apply, upload all the required documents as per mentioned and proceed. As soon as you are done with this is, you will get a confirmation Call for the verification of all your details and to understand your loan requirement in detail. If everything goes fine, sign the Loan Agreement. As soon as the signed agreement is received, your loan amount will get disbursed in your account within 24 hours.

For applying for the online personal loans just follow these simple steps:-

  • Visit the Finance Buddha website, then go to the Insta Loan Page.
  • First check for your eligibility and if you find yourself eligible proceed further.
  • Click on the apply button.
  • Fill all the required information.
  • Upload all the required documents.
  • Click on the submit button to successfully complete your application.

Here on your part of work is done and now it's turn of Finance Buddha to process and favour your loan application. If all information and the documents given by you are correct then your loan application will be approved within 4 hours and the loan disbursal will be within 24 hours. It is the best Loan which can help you in any emergency. There are some emergency situations in which online personal loan (Insta loan) can be helpful, those conditions are:-

  • To bear immediate wedding expense.
  • For urgent travel.
  • Quick need of fund for overcoming any arrest or imprisonment.
  • To repay any interest debt and so on.
  • Any kind of medical emergency.

Why should you choose Finance Buddha for Personal Loans?

Personal Loan is a product which is available with all the banks and because of less documentation and fast disbursement it has gained significant popularity too. But when it comes to visiting multiple banks to collect all the information and then apply, you might get confused and take a wrong decision because of all the hassles involved. So before applying with any FI, go through the following points.

The reasons you should choose Finance Buddha for Personal Loan are as follows:-

  • Finance Buddha is the largest DSA for loans in India and is partner with all the top banks and NBFCs in India. Just by providing a few details about you, you can see the best offers for you from these top financial institutions, compare them and then choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • When you go with Finance Buddha you have top banks and NBFCs in India as options to go with for your personal loan. From among the different banks you can choose which ever suits you the best.
  • Finance Buddha will provide you 100% accurate information regarding any kind of loan whether it is for the personal loan or home loan or instant personal loans.
  • Finance Buddha and their team is having proper time management and Loan management skills. With the skills you can get your loan within short duration of time.
  • If you choose finance Buddha for your personal loan then you can relax after you apply because you don’t have to visit the bank even for a single time. It will be the Finance Buddha executives who will be doing all these stuff for you.
  • High Quality of service is provided by Finance Buddha regarding any of their products.
  • The documentation process will be completed at your home only. It might seem unbelievable to you but Finance Buddha executive will come to you and collect all the required documents.
  • Most importantly your Loan disbursement will be done in a short period time which can be 3 to 4 days only.

A Quick Overview of Personal Loan Process

Personal Loans are a very fast and efficient method of getting the required fund in the time of need. And why not, compared to all other loans, personal loans require minimal documentation and are processed faster. The process of personal loan starts as soon as you apply for it. Let us have a look at the steps involved, so that you can get an understanding of the entire process of personal application process at Finance Buddha, right from applying to the time the amount is disbursed into your account.

  1. Application: The application process starts when you choose a particular lender for personal loan and fill up our online application and hit the Submit button. Once you hit Submit button, your application gets registered in our database.

  2. Confirmation and Welcome Call: Once we have received your application, someone from our team will get in touch with you to verify that it was really you who applied for the loan. Once verified, our executive will explain you all the details about the lender and its product that you have applied for. In case if a better offer exists for you, then the same would be suggested to you. After you confirm the application, a schedule will be fixed for the documents collection.

  3. Documents Collection: Our executive will visit the pre-decided place at a time of your choice to collect all the required documents and get your signature on the application form.

  4. Details Verification: After you provide all the required documents and a signed application, our team will verify all the details provided you for the authenticity, and all the details will be checked and crossed-checked and confirmed to you.

  5. Submission to the Lender: All your documents and your application form will be submitted to the lender on your behalf, so that you can carry on with what’s important to you. The lender may or may not call you to confirm the details and then carry out a verification process at their end.

  6. Approval and Disbursal: After the lender has verified all your information, your personal loan processing is completed. The lender will convey the same to you on your preferred mode of communication. Once the loan is approved, the loan amount will be disbursed in your account.

The advantage that you get when you apply with Finance Buddha is that you just need to apply online. Everything else thereon is carried out by our team and you have the loan amount disbursed to your account without any hassles of running around and visiting any offices be it ours or the lender’s. You just apply online and let Finance Buddha take care of everything else until the loan amount gets disbursed to your account.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Personal Loans

Advantages of Personal Loans

  1. Multi-purpose: Personal loans are always multipurpose in nature that means you can take a personal loan and use it according to you for any purpose such as for home renovation, higher education, for your vacation and even for medical expenses. This is possible as if you need a home loan you have to submit your home or land papers, if you are taking an education loan you have to submit many documents related to that also like your admission papers and all but if you are taking a personal loan you don’t have to submit any paper to show the reason of borrowing and hence it can be used according to you.
  2. Quick Disbursal: Now personal loan through Finance Buddha is a complete online process through which you can get the personal loan within 24 hours. It’s fast processing and quick disbursal makes it the best loan for any financial or even sometimes for medical emergencies where money is needed immediately.
  3. Minimal Documentation: personal loan is the loan with minimum documentation as compared to that of other loans such as home loan, car loan or even education loan. Its minimum documentation facilitates borrower an ease in the documentation process and a bit relief from piling up a document file.
  4. No Collateral required: whenever you borrow either from a bank or from a local lender they will also need collateral or a security for lending you any certain amount whether it is a big amount or small amount. Because of this reason those who were having no collateral couldn’t borrow but personal loans are exceptional you don’t have to give any security or collateral.

Disadvantages of Personal Loans

  1. High Interest Rates: One of the biggest disadvantages of personal loan is that it has higher interest rates as compared to other secured loans like home loan. The reason behind this is its unsecured loan. As personal loan don’t require any collateral or security because it comes under the unsecured loans. The lenders of personal loan are always at a high risk so to compensate the risk the interest rate of the personal loan is higher.
  2. It Requires Good Credit Score: As personal loans are unsecured loans and the lenders are at high risk so being at high risk also they want to somehow reduce their risk so they lend to only those who are having a good credit score which denotes a good credit history.
  3. Part-payments and Prepayment: One of the other disadvantages of personal loans are that part payments and pre closures are allowed only by few lenders and for that they will charge some amount as the pre closure charge. So, before going for a personal loan check thoroughly each and every terms and conditions of the lender.

What are the advantages of pre and part payment of Personal Loans?

Prepayments and part payments are always considered good for personal loans. In prepayment you pay the outstanding amount of your loan to the lender before the due date and close your loan before the fixed tenor period. This can be done in two ways. Either you pay the entire outstanding amount in one shot or you can pay the same in equal lump sum parts, instead of paying in EMIs. But it is important to check before taking loan from the lender that whether that lender allows prepayments and part payments or not because if you are planning to do so it is important for you to know all the terms and conditions before going for it. Many banks charge some amount as a pre closure charge for pre closing your loan.

Some of the advantage of pre and part payments are:

Reduction in the loan tenor and in EMI amount: You can pre-close your personal loan when you have enough money in your hand which is more than the outstanding personal loan amount. Pre-paying your personal loan takes away the burden of the EMIs which otherwise would have continued for the tenor of the loan.

Savings in the Interest Paid: When you prepay your loan, you actually save a lot money which you would have paid as interest to the lender throughout the tenor. You can use an EMI Calculator to see for yourself, the amount you would end up saving if you decide to pre-close your personal loan.

Increase in the CIBIL Score: As we all know that CIBIL Score is directly related to our borrowing history. If you are having a good CIBIL Score that means you are a good borrower and you were paying your EMIs on time and if you are having a bad CIBIL that means you were not timely with your EMIs. When you prepay any of your loan it increases your CIBIL with time as you are debt free which a very good thing. It gives a positive feedback about you. So in future, if you apply for a loan with any lender whether it is a bank or an NBFC this will definitely help you and you can get any loan easily.

Freedom from Debt: It is not a good thing to be burdened by loans all the time. If there is an option to come out of it, there should not be a second thought. Debt free life not only gives you access to more of your income (as you no longer need to pay EMIs), but also a relaxed mind, which you can then use to plan your budget for investment or buying an asset or whatever you wish to do.

Is Personal Loan Taxable in India?

Personal loans are the best instruments to meet your financial requirements or to overcome the financial crunch. These are the unsecured loans and they are the ideal instruments when you don’t have security or property to pledge for loan amount. Usually, most of the times, personal loans are not taxable. You can even claim the income tax benefits over personal loans, if you have used the loan amount to construct, reconstruct, repair or acquire a property. The interest charged for the personal loans can be higher being an unsecured loan. It is easy for the salaried people to apply and avail the benefits of the personal loan. The self-employed, entrepreneurs or business-men can provide the income proof with respect to their business in order to avail the loan.

Loans are not being considered as the part of your income, thus the personal loan will not be considered as taxable when you file the income tax returns. Hence, this simply means that you will not have to pay any kind of tax on the personal loans. But, at the same time, it is essential that the personal loan should be from the reliable sources such as Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies or financial institutions or financial lenders etc. The loan availed from the unknown sources will fall under the category of income and that will be taxable.  

You can claim the tax benefits on the personal loan in certain cases. If you can prove that the loan amount has been used for the valid expense (Regardless of the source of loan), then you can use such personal loans for the purpose of tax savings. You can even claim the tax deduction on the paid interest of the loan. There are many lenders available in the market, that are authentic and they provide easy process to follow for the personal loan along with instant approval features.

If you have availed the personal loan for your house, then the proper arrangement for the same can create the wonders in terms of tax deductions. According to Income tax act, section 24(b), the same provides the great relief to the house buyers and provide them tax deductions on the loans, if they have taken a loan to buy a residential property or for the renovation of such properties. If you have used personal loan amount for the down payment to buy a house, then you can opt for tax exemption. At the same time, if the amount is used for renovation, home repairs or reconstruction, then all these expenses will fall under valid expenses for the tax deduction purpose.

If you have availed the personal loan for the education purpose, it also can be helpful while calculating the income tax. You can avail the tax deduction on the interest paid by you.  Here, the important thing is that this benefit can be availed by you if you have availed the personal loan for your education purpose. If the same has been availed for your child or partner’s education, then you will not be able to take the advantages for the same. Now a day, people chose to avail the personal loans for the business purpose as well because the same is easily available. One can get a quick disbursal of the loan amount once the steps to avail the loans are properly taken. But, one should not forget that, here the interest that will be paid, will be considered as a business expense. Hence, the same shall result in the lower taxable income.

In order to claim the tax deduction, you will need all the documents as a proof that the loan amount has been used for the house. You need to preserve all the bills related to repairs, reconstructions, repairs, labours etc. to claim the tax deductions.  If personal loans are used in the appropriate manner, it can become your tax saving tools just like it is the tool to meet your urgent, unexpected financial needs. However, one needs to know how to use the same properly.

Reasons for which Personal Loan Application can be Declined

Personal Loan application being rejected can increase your woes, especially when your requirement is urgent. And to make it worse, most of the financial institutions don’t even disclose the reason(s) for the rejection. Once the loan application is rejected, it is common practice to apply with another lender in the hope of getting approved. It is highly advisable to analyze and understand first, why was your loan application and then work on improving your chances of getting approved.

Personal loan application can be declined for multiple reasons depending on the different eligibility criteria each institution has. Each and every lender will look for certain factors like age, income, debt to income ratio, credit rating, employer and job stability. The applicant needs to satisfy each and every criterion that lender is looking for, to appear as a creditworthy borrower and get approved for the loan. However, there can be some relaxation in some criteria, if the applicant seems worthy, but approval/disapproval is at the discretion of the loan officer and cannot be argued.

Here are some of the factors because of which a personal loan application can get rejected.

  • CIBIL: Your CIBIL report contains a numerical score and remarks from the lender. If in the past you have settled the loan for a smaller amount combining all your EMIs or had your interest rate reduced so as to clear the loan on terms apart from the terms that was agreed upon while applying for the loan, will be considered as a red in your CIBIL report. If your CIBIL report has any comments like loan(s) being "written off” or "settled" or "paid after the due date", a new lender will consider these signs as a warning and reject your loan application.
  • Poor Repayment History: Poor loan repayment history indicates that you are not creditworthy and unable to repay your loans properly or have failed to repay properly. As such a new lender would decline the personal loan application so as to reduce the risk of having a probable NPA account in future.
  • Errors in Your Credit Report: CIBIL Report errors like payments being reported wrongly, closed accounts still being shown as open or false report of late payments can lead to a drop in CIBIL Score. To reduce such risks, one should often check their CIBIL Report and if any such discrepancies are found, should be resolved immediately. This will not only lead to increase in CIBIL Score but also increase the chances of personal loan approval.
  • Too Many Loans and Little Income: While processing a personal loan application, a lender will also check for the ongoing loans and the ration of fixed monthly obligations to the monthly income, this ratio is called FOIR. If FOIR is 50% or more, there are higher chances of personal loan rejection. Higher FOIR indicates that another loan will strain your income and paying for the current loan would get difficult, so the loan will be rejected. The applicant will be considered as a high-risk borrower.
  • Job Stability: The lender gives a lot of importance on this point, certain banks insists that the applicant need to work in the current company for 3 years or more to be considered as eligible. Also, if the company’s future is at stake or seem to be unstable, the lender will back out from providing loan to an applicant from that company.
  • Loan Application been Rejected Previously: Every loan rejection reduces your CIBIL Score and hence if your loan application has been rejected once, it’s not wise to keep applying and getting rejected as this will get recorded in your CIBIL record.
  • Being a Loan Guarantor to Someone: When you are a loan guarantor for someone, the EMI of that loan is considered as your liability. Should that borrower fail to repay, you would have to pay the loan from your income. And if there is a record of you failing as a guarantor in the past, it will reflect in your CIBIL Report and hence you would be denied a fresh loan.
  • Residential Address on Blacklist: Even if somebody else living in your address, defaulted on their loan, banks would blacklist that address, and it would be reported to CIBIL. When a new loan application is received from that address, the lender would look up the address and reject the loan application so as to reduce their risk portfolio.

What happens when borrower does not repay the personal loan?

As we know personal loans are unsecured loans and hence no guarantor or collateral is required. In case if borrower do not repay his/her personal loan the bank can’t recover the outstanding amount from the guarantor as they don’t have this option. The action which can be taken in this situation varies from lender to lender which they have already mentioned on the loan agreement. Some lenders can take legal actions while some will give a chance to settle it by paying amount which would be more than the outstanding principal amount and less than the total outstanding amount including the interest rate.

One of the fact is, the credibility of the borrower will definitely reduce if he/she don’t pay the EMIs which will make their future lending difficult. As any lender before lending will surely check for the CIBIL score and as the applicant was defaulting with the personal loan EMIs it has reduced a lot.

What to do if borrower is unable to repay the personal loan?

Tough time can come in anybody’s life and financial cash crunch may happen. During this time it becomes difficult to repay the personal loan. In this case a borrower has two options-

  1. Go for a Refinance: when you can't repay your personal loan it may lower your CIBIL and even the lenders can go for a legal action. To avoid this situation go for a refinance and take another personal loan to repay the outstanding amount of your previous personal loan. When you go for a refinance try to search for a lender you can provide you a personal loan with low interest rate as compared to that of your first personal loan. In this way you can save a bit and will also come out from out debt and burden.
  2. Debt Settlement: when you are unable to repay your personal loan then debt settlement is an option to you in which you can request your lender to lessen the outstanding payable amount. In this way somewhat your burden will reduce and you can manage to pay off the outstanding negotiated amount.

Personal Loan Settlement

Settling of a loan is also known as loan settlement, credit settlement or debt negotiation. This is done when the borrower is not able to repay the loan to the lender. This process is to reduce the debt so that it could be easy for the borrower to repay the outstanding amount. In this the borrower has to pay more than the outstanding principal amount and less than the outstanding amount including the interest. This makes the repaying somewhat easier for the borrower.

Process of Debt Settlement

For the process of debt settlement the borrower at first had to negotiate and convince the lender to reduce the total outstanding payable amount. Debt settlement is only possible when the lender grants the permission and gets ready to accept a particular amount which is less than the total payable outstanding amount.

For which loans debt settlement can be done?

In most of the cases Debt settlement is done in case of unsecured loan and the reason behind this is they don't have any option to recover from the guarantor or recover the outstanding amount by selling the collateral (mortgage) property. Hence the only thing they can do is do a settlement or take some legal action.

Personal Loan Transfer

If the borrower have co-signers with them for the personal loan then that co-signer is equally responsible for the repayments and everything regarding that very particular loan. But when it comes to transfer of personal loan to someone else it is not possible in any condition.

Indicative Broken Period Interest

When there is a gap between the disbursal of the first instalment of a loan and from when the borrower starts paying the EMI. The interest imposed by the lenders for this particular time period is known as broken period interest.

What are Private Loans?

Private loans are the loans taken from family, friends and local money lenders. They are not taken from any authorized money lender like banks and NBFCs.

Top Rated FAQs

How is my loan eligibility calculated?
Loan eligibility is dependent on primarily the following factors: The company where you work. Every bank has a list of companies running into thousands which they have categorised into segments like A, B, C etc depending on the credentials and financia read more Loan eligibility is dependent on primarily the following factors:
  1. The company where you work. Every bank has a list of companies running into thousands which they have categorised into segments like A, B, C etc depending on the credentials and financials of your employer. The higher the category the higher is the loan eligibility chances.
  2. Quantum of loans and credit card outstanding that you already have. Typically a bank will not give a loan if the total EMI obligation (including the current personal loan that your are trying to apply for) exceeds 50-75% of your total net take home salary.
  3. Your gross/net salary
  4. Your credit score as reflected in your CIBIL or Equifax report. Having a good credit score is a necessary but not a sufficient criteria.
My loan got rejected even though I have a decent salary package?
The final decision to grant a loan lies with the credit department of a bank. Some of the reasons why a loan can be rejected are: Possible Issue Already running several loans and hence a bank may not be comfortable with your existing leverage levels vis read more The final decision to grant a loan lies with the credit department of a bank. Some of the reasons why a loan can be rejected are:

Possible Issue

Already running several loans and hence a bank may not be comfortable with your existing leverage levels vis-a-vis your salary level.

Possible Way Out
  • If you have a spouse who is also working, you can add her as a co-applicant to boost the combined salary levels or
  • Try to pay off some of your debt so that your leverage levels can come down or
  • Do a balance transfer/debt consolidation/re-financing of your existing loans such that the rate of interest on loans can also come down and additional loan can also be provided.

Possible Issue

Issues in your credit history as reflected in your CIBIL, Equifax reports

Possible way out
  • If the issue is a minor one like some delay in payment of credit card due then we can try your application in some other bank who can possibly take a lenient view on the deviation
  • If you think that the credit report is erroneous and you have sufficient documentary proof we will represent the case to the bank and try to convince the credit team
  • If the issue is a major one like write off, settlement of any past dues etc then it might be difficult to obtain a loan. Certain mitigation factor like if you/your spouse/your parents have an own house in India can give comfort to certain banks to give you a loan.

Possible Issue

Most banks have certain internal credit parameters to evaluate a loan which is kept confidential and not shared with us. Several demographic, financial and credit aspects go into these internal evaluation. You might not have met the minimum cut off for obtaining a loan.

Possible way out

We can re-apply for your loan in one of the other 10 plus lenders that we are affiliated to.


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