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Personal Loan in Bangalore Reviews #3

4.8 stars based on 105 reviews

Piyush Keshri(5/5)

I shall like to give a five star rating to these Finance Buddha executives who have helped me when I needed. I got my urgent personal loan through HDFC in Bangalore and the staffs were very supportive.


Yash Vardhan (5/5)

Me and my wife stay in Bangalore and we availed the personal loan through the Capital First. They were quick in the process. Documents were processed through Finance Buddha.


Sudhish Nair (5/5)

All the residents of Bangalore, you must not waste your time going to banks. Go with this website as they provide genuine info about everything.


Prabhu Raj (5/5)

The lowest interest rates and the most minimal processing fees is provided by the Finance Buddha! Go for Tata Capital for personal loan in Bangalore.


Naveen G(5/5)

They will always be my financing partners. Finance Buddha or no one else! I am very clear on this. Go for Axis Bank in Bangalore.


A well in time service provider. I stay in Bangalore and am thankful that these people provide services here.


Abha Verma(5/5)

The best approach indeed. The Finance Buddha website should be your choice if you stay in Bangalore.


Somrita Saha(4/5)

The customer service is too good through the website of Finance Buddha. They did not keep me waiting. My urgent need was met as I was provided a personal loan in Bangalore in just 3 days.


Monalisa Das(5/5)

Whenever you are in need of an urgent loan in Bangalore, you must visit the Finance Buddha website who gives you wide options of banks to choose from.


Rishi Chakraborty (5/5)

Looking for the best quality service? Well then Finance Buddha is the best option, at least I can say that for Bangalore. My loan was processed through the Kotak Mahindra Bank in so less time. I am thankful to these people foe timely guidance.


Snehal Rao(5/5)

If you want the lowest interest rate for your personal loan in Bangalore, Finance Buddha is where you need to route for. They provide you the timely assistance.


Shinto Joseph (5/5)

The support from the Finance Buddha team has been phenomenal. They were there to help me when I needed a personal loan in Bangalore so urgently. Great work guys!


Rishav Jain (5/5)

I always turn to this website whenever someone from my family needs help about any loan type. After my home loan in Bangalore, I decided to go with this website for my personal loan too.


Joseph Jose (5/5)

Thank you to this amazing website for helping me when I needed a true guide. The Finance Buddha executives got me the personal loan in Bangalore in barely two working days!


Alokita Roy(5/5)

Personal loan in Bangalore through this website is like 123. In case you're looking for a good customer service, try HDFC Bank. They serve really well.


Shikha Agrawal (5/5)

I am totally in love with this website. They make everything look so simple. My personal loan in Bangalore got furnished through Axis.


Abhinaye Ramdass(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me get a personal loan in Bangalore when I was actually new to the city. The loan was processed so quickly.


Jahnvi Mishra (5/5)

Why go anywhere else when you can get all the information sitting at one place from the Finance Buddha website. If you live in Bangalore, then ICICI is a good bank - personal experience.


Nazim Nasser (5/5)

My personal loan was processed within a day from the HDFC Bank, Indiranagar branch in Bangalore. The Finance Buddha's executive was so helpful that she guided me through every step. A great experience!


Ajo Joseph (5/5)

I got the personal loan from Citibank in Bangalore. The team of Finance Buddha were quick enough to process the loan. My documents were also submitted online.


Venkat Raman (5/5)

If you want to get a quick personal loan in Bangalore, then your choice should be evident. Finance Buddha connects you to the best banks in town and gets the personal loan application processed very quickly and that too at lowest interest rates.


Rahul Gupta(5/5)

The best services in town! I live in Bangalore and was hopeless going to so many brokers to get an urgent loan. This portal is great!


Ravi Reddy (5/5)

The team at Finance Buddha is doing a wonderful job by helping people in need. I urgently required the personal loan in Bangalore as I had a family problem. It is great that they do not waste your time in asking questions. My personal loan was processed by the HDFC bank.


Mohammed Dulqer(5/5)

I will recommend all my friends and family to consider Finance Buddha for any personal loan banking needs in Bangalore.

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