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IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Reviews

4.7 stars based on 46 reviews

Avinash Singh.(5/5)

I am having my ongoing personal loan credit with IndusInd Bank. It is a good bank whose top most priority is to satisfy their customers. The rate of interest offered by this bank is very nominal unlike other banks. The processing is also very fast. My loan was approved in 4 working days. I will give 5 stars to IndusInd bank for their service.


Aadil Hussain (5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me when I was facing very bad financial condition. I was in need of money urgently and I was having no 1 who can help me. Then from the Facebook page I got to know about Finance Buddha. I went through the portal and applied for a personal loan with IndusInd bank. My loan was approved on the 4th day. Thank you IndusInd and Finance Buddha for helping me when no one was there for me.


Somya Tiwari(5/5)

I managed to get my personal loan with IndusInd bank with the help of Finance Buddha. I went to the Finance Buddha port and applied online for the loan with IndusInd Bank. My loan was approved at an interest rate of 11.50% P.A. The documentation process went smoothly with the Finance Buddha executives. My loan was approved in 5 days. I will recommend IndusInd bank as well as Finance Buddha to others also.


Rajnish Kumar(2/5)

The rates with IndusInd Bank is good. But the time taken by them to approve my personal loan application was more than 12 days. I am not satisfied with the service provided by them. They need to improve their processing time.


Rachael (5/5)

I applied for my personal loan with IndusInd Bank. Though I am already having my home loan with SBI, my personal loan was approved by the IndusInd bank. I found here that the service provided by the bank to their customer is best. The processing is really fast, smooth and stress free here.


Anuj Nayak(4/5)

My personal loan was approved with Indusind Bank. The rate of interest offered was low as compared with the other Banks this was the reason for which I went with this bank. The service provided is also good here. I got my loan approved in only 4 days.



One of the benefit of having personal loan is that it is an unsecured loan so you will not have to put something as security. When I heard about this kind of loan I visited Finance Buddha portal and applied for the personal loan with Indusind bank. The rate of interest offered was 12% p.a. and the processing fees was also reasonable. I am happy for going with the Indusind Bank.


Anahita Dubey(4/5)

I got my personal loan disbursed with IndusInd Bank only in 6 working days. This fast disbursal is the result of their fast processing. The staff of the bank are really very soft spoken and helpful. They were taking regular follow up for my loan disbursal process.


Anamika Mukherjee (5/5)

IndusInd Bank offered me amazing service regarding my personal loan. I applied for the loan on 10th may 2017. And from that very day the processing started. After applying I got a confirmation call from the Finance Buddha executive which was followed by the documentation process from the next day. I got my loan approved on the 4th working day.


Lakshya Sharma(5/5)

Indusind Bank is the best bank I have ever experienced. They are having the smart way to apply for the loan. And they process the application very fast. I applied for my personal loan with them. And my loan was approved only in 5 days. There were regular follow up from the Finance Buddha executives as well as from the bank staffs. I am very happy with their service.


Rajni Raj(4/5)

I applied for my personal loan through Finance Buddha with IndusInd Bank. The executives of Finance Buddha came to me and helped me throughout in completing the documentation process. Their rate of interest and the processing charges all are reasonable and a common man can afford that.


Deepak Gaur (5/5)

I am very happy for going with IndusInd Bank. I applied for my personal loan with them. IndusInd Bank has easy, hassle free and simple documentation process. And as the documentation process is very fast the loan approval takes very less time as compared to the other banks. I will recommend IndusInd Bank to others also.



I was looking for a bank for having a personal credit then one of my friend suggested me about the IndusInd bank. I went to the Finance Buddha portal and applied for the personal credit with the IndusInd Bank. I found that the service provided by the bank is very good they are fast enough in their processing and work. I got my personal loan approved in 4 days and on the 5th day I was having the money.


Pradeep Roy(5/5)

I am having an ongoing personal credit of worth Rs. 3 lakhs with IndusInd Bank. They provide a pretty good service and offers fast service with less interest rates. I am very happy for going with the IndusInd Bank instead of any other Bank.


Rohit (4/5)

I went through the Finance Buddha website for checking my eligibility for the personal loan credit. When I compared many banks for my loan I found that IndusInd Bank was the best suited for me. IndusInd Bank is good in rates, service and in everything a customer needs.


Atharva (5/5)

The rate of interest offered by the IndusInd Bank for the personal loan is very low as compared to the others banks. I am saying this with my personal experience. I am having my personal credit with the IndusInd Bank. The rate of interest is 11.99% which is bearable to me and the processing fees is also low. The documentation process was completely stress free and smooth. It took them only 3 working days to approve my personal loan.


Animesh Singh(5/5)

The service provided by the IndusInd bank is pretty good. I am having my personal loan with them. The rate of interest offered to me is 12%P.A. and the processing fees is 2.5%. The processing was really fast and my loan was approved within 3 working days. Thank you IndusInd bank!!


Sunita Dhimman(5/5)

In the wedding season, it becomes practically impossible to get loans from the bank as it is a season where every second person needs a loan. Through Finance Buddha, applying for loan has been easy and availing the loan also has been instantaneous. The best one can expect is at home service and IndusInd bank sent the employees to the home the next day I applied for loan through Finance Buddha.


Raju Verma(5/5)

If you are someone who has no knowledge about banking and finance, Finance Buddha is the place you should be. The website provides timely assistance and the executives provide 24x7 customer support. Moreover, they do not talk like professional employees who are apathetic to the customer needs. I must say, this portal has made my loan availing experience very easy.


Pratibha Chadha(5/5)

Availing same days loan can be difficult as banks usually follow strict procedure. I applied for same day loan in three banks and my loan got approved the fastest through IndusInd bank. There has been a hassle free system where the services have been exceptional.


Akansha Thakur(5/5)

The rate of interest charged by the bank is as minimum as 11.25%. For applicants whose CIBIL score is very low, the IndusInd bank provides various provisions that increase loan eligibility. I jointly applied for the loan with my husband. My loan got sanctioned in just 4 days.


Sachin Sharma(5/5)

The balance transfer facility offered through the IndusInd bank is by far the best feature. The bank is one of the very few banks who offer the least rates, as evident through the Finance Buddha web portal. After checking information from this website, I also checked manually, and every bit was authentic and the information was updated we well.


Zayra Wasim(5/5)

I availed a home loan from a different bank. To my surprise, the rate of interest for loans from IndusInd bank was really less. I switched my loan and that was the best decision. The Finance Buddha provided me the best advice on why to choose the IndusInd bank. Also, my loan got approved in 7 days with minimal extra charges. I can't thank them more!


Rohit Kashyap(5/5)

The system of the bank is way too easy. The loan interest rates are flexible and the charges are less than many prominent banks. The best part of the overall experience was the support provided by the Finance Buddha employees. They provide a smart way to check everything from scratch. For a person like me who had zero knowledge about finance and loans, the website provided every information from the types of loans, their pros and cons to checking eligibility and applying for the loans, every information is provided in layman language.

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