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Rate of Interest is high ?

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Not getting the desired Loan Amount?

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Have multiple existing loans?

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IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Details

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

One of the best banks for loan, it has good scrutiny and offers loan for genuine applicants. It is the first bank rated for pretty good service and offer great options to its customers. This bank offers fast service with less interest rate.  It has very transparent and flexible in its eligibility criteria. It is possible to get personal loan with just 2 days from this bank if you have all the necessary documentation and if you meet all criteria. It has fast approval processes with minimal and easy documentation.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Details

Institution Type: Bank

Minimum Loan Amount: ₹50,000

Maximum Loan Amount: ₹1,500,000

Minimum Tenure: 12 months

Maximum Tenure: 60 months

Interest Rates: 11% 

Fees & Charges: Up to 2.50% + GST as applicable

Features of IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

  • Competitive interest rates with maximum loan amount approval: IndusInd Bank provides attractive interest rates starting @11.25% on every personal loan.
  • Easy, hassle free and simple documentation. You can get loan with effortless and trouble free documentations, loan process of this bank is very customer friendly.
  • It offers doorstep service, everyone can avail a door step service to enjoy the convenience offered
  • It offers low rate balance transfer option: helps in getting away with high rate of interest from various other lenders, it is also possible to transfer the loan from other banks to IndusInd Bank at lower rate of interest.
  • Securities or collaterals and guarantors are not required: Personal loan is given on the basis of KYC and income of the individual. And documents that represent these are needed.
  • Loan tenor is up to 5 years: The applicant has the choice to choose the period of the loan from 1 to 5 years in order to repay the personal loan.
  • Facility to pre-close the loan is also offered in this bank.

Benefits of IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

  • No guarantor required.
  • Has pre-closure option.
  • No part payment option.
  • KYC-PAN, address & ID proof.
  • Income proof, bank statement and one photograph are the only other documents.
  • Offers Door step service.
  • E-approval option available.
  • Top-up loan available.
  • Balance transfer offered.

Why should you choose IndusInd Bank Personal Loan?

  • This bank offers competitive interest rate along with maximum loan amount approval: IndusInd Bank also provides an attractive interest rate on each Personal loan.
  • Simple, easy and hassle-free documentation, with an effortless and trouble-free documentation, personal loan staffs of this bank are very customer friendly.
  • The applicant can avail door-door service and make the most use of the convenience.
  • Balance Transfer option at a lower rate is offered to each applicant in case of any existing amount of loan.

How to apply online for IndusInd Bank Personal Loan?

If you are looking for a smart way to apply for a loan, use Finance Buddha. This is a one-stop loan solution provider for all types of loans. This site will not just assist you in finding the right bank that can offer you a personal loan at best rate but you can also do a fair amount of comparison with other banks.

Applying through Finance Buddha is pretty simple. All you need to do is give your credentials in the application form which will throw a list of banks that you are eligible for and their amount, tenure and interest rates. Per which decide the bank and click on apply. The rest is totally handled by the bank who will contact you instantly to proceed with the loan.

Eligibility Criteria for IndusInd Personal Loan

Eligibility Criteria


Self Employed Professional

Self Employed Individual

Net Monthly Income


Minimum Annual Net Income post tax should be ₹480,000

Minimum Annual Net Income post tax should be ₹480,000

Age of Applicant

Applicant’s Age should be Min 21 years.

Max 60 years /retirement age whichever is lower at the time of the maturity of the loan.

Applicant’s Age should be 25 years.

Max 65 years at the time of the maturity of the loan.

Applicant’s Age should be 25 years.

Max 65 years at the time of the maturity of the loan.

Current Experience

Applicant should possess minimum 2 years in employment and 1 year in the present organization.

Applicant should possess minimum 4 years of post-qualification experience

Applicant should possess minimum 5 years of post-qualification experience

Minimum Loan Amount




Maximum Loan amount




Processing Fee

Up to 2.5% of loan amount

Up to 2.5% of loan amount

Up to 2.5% of loan amount

Prepayment Charges

4% after 1 year of EMI clearance

4% after clearance of 6 EMIs.

4% after clearance of 6 EMIs.

Turn Around Time for processing

4-7 working days

4-7 working days

4-7 working days

IndusInd Personal Loan Interest Rates, Fees & Charges

Interest Rates Overview

Minimum Interest Rate


Maximum Interest Rate


Other Fees and Charges

Processing Fees

Up to 2.50% + GST as applicable

Prepayment Charges

Salaried: 4% of the outstanding principal after 12 EMI has been repaid.

Self Employed: 4% of the outstanding loan after 6 EMI repayment completed

Payment Dishonor Charges


Duplicate Statement Charge


Cheque / ECS / SI Swapping Charges


Duplicate No Dues Certificate


Duplicate Amortization Schedule Charge


Loan Re-Booking / Rescheduling Charges


Loan Cancellation Charges


Charges for Photocopy of Agreement/ documents


Penal Charge

₹150 Per EMI delayed beyond 5 days

Legal Charges

As per Actuals

Stamp Duty

As applicable

CIBIL Report

₹50/- per case

Documents Required for IndusInd Personal Loan


Salaried Employees

Self-employed Individuals

Financials /Income Documents

1. Salary Slip for last 3 months are needed.

1. Income Tax return for last 2 years with Profit and Loss account along with computation of Income and Balance sheet for last 2 years certified by a CA including schedules and audit reports( Form 3CB &3CD)

2. Latest Form 16 or ITR

2. Latest bank Statements for main account for last 6 months. It could be a CA (Current), SA ( Savings), OD ( Overdraft), CC ( Cash Credit)

3. Appointment letter.

3. Business continuity proof: Trade License, Establishment / Sales Tax Certificate.

4. Latest bank Statements for main account for last 6 months are needed. It could be a CA (Current), SA ( Savings), OD ( Overdraft), CC ( Cash Credit)


Proof of Identity

1. Valid Passport

1. Valid Passport

2. Voter’s Id

2. Voter’s Id

3. Valid Driving License

3. Valid Driving License

4. Aadhaar Card or letter issued by UIDAI

4. Aadhaar Card or letter issued by UIDAI

5. PAN Card

5. PAN Card

Proof of Address

1. Utility bill not more than 3 months old.

1. Utility bill not more than 3 months old.

2. Valid Passport with the same address as mentioned in the application form.

2. Valid Passport with the same address as mentioned in the application form.

3. Ration card

3. Ration card

4. Leave and license Agreement.

4. Leave and license Agreement.


5. Trade License


6. Sales tax Certificate

Additional Mandatory documents


1. Sole Proprietorship Declaration

2. Certified copy of Partnership Deed.

3. Certified copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association & Board Resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is IndusInd bank able to offer improved customer engagement services?

IndusInd Bank has been tied-up with IBM to use its cloud-commerce solutions to convert customer arrangements and boost its cross-sell platforms. In an agreement of three years, IBM will provide a cloud and predictive analytics based multi-channel campaign managing solution that enables IndusInd Bank to build up its online banking presence while improving the product holding per customer.

How do I check my loan status?

Checking your loan status is a very simple task. All you need to do is log-into the bank website with the net banking account (if any). If you don’t have an account with the bank, then email or call the respective branch for detailed documents. Alternatively, you can visit the website and direct to bank’s dedicated personal-loan page. You will find all related resources and information in this section.

Can I check IndusInd personal loan statement online?

IndusInd personal loan statements are available by logging into loan or bank account in website. To get detailed loan statements, the applicant should send a request to bank with all personal details via email or through phone calls.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan ReviewsView All

Avinash Singh.

5 / 5

I am having my ongoing personal loan credit with IndusInd Bank. It is a good bank whose top most priority is to satisfy their customers. The rate of interest offered by this bank is very nominal unlike other banks. The processing is also very fast. My loan was approved in 4 working days. I will give 5 stars to IndusInd bank for their service.
Aadil Hussain

5 / 5

Finance Buddha helped me when I was facing very bad financial condition. I was in need of money urgently and I was having no 1 who can help me. Then from the Facebook page I got to know about Finance Buddha. I went through the portal and applied for a personal loan with IndusInd bank. My loan was approved on the 4th day. Thank you IndusInd and Finance Buddha for helping me when no one was there for me.
Somya Tiwari

5 / 5

I managed to get my personal loan with IndusInd bank with the help of Finance Buddha. I went to the Finance Buddha port and applied online for the loan with IndusInd Bank. My loan was approved at an interest rate of 11.50% P.A. The documentation process went smoothly with the Finance Buddha executives. My loan was approved in 5 days. I will recommend IndusInd bank as well as Finance Buddha to others also.
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