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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews #6

4.7 stars based on 164 reviews


This is the first time am applying for a personal loan with ICICI bank and am very happy with service. They took very less time for processing loan and loan was disbursed quickly. Am expecting same extent of service on future dealings as well.


Harsh Vardhan(5/5)

I received ultimately best services from ICICI bank with my personal loan application. The interest rate is low as compared to what other private banks are offering. Here customers and respected and are offered with good services.


Karthik Kumar(5/5)

If you want to smartly apply for a personal loan, then apply loan at ICICI bank. They value every penny you earn and will give loan at low rate of interest. They will give proper feedback about the loan and there is no need for follow ups.


Melwyn C(5/5)

Personal loan at ICICI bank was approved within 6 days. Am happy with the rate of interest and other charges, these charges are low as compared to what is offered by competitors.


Neha Kashi(5/5)

It was an easy loan application process for personal loan from ICICI bank. Depending on the company you work in, your rate of interest and loan amount will be determined. As the company I work with is well reputed, I was able to enjoy personal loan benefits at low charges.


Ainu Abraham(5/5)

ICICI bank has always helped me every time I was in financial need. This time, the personal loan application was processed within 3 days and money was in my account on the 5th day. Extremely fast and reliable service is offered ICICI bank.


Arpitha Raj(5/5)

Superb service on personal loan request by ICICI bank. The documentation part was simple and tension free. And the bank representative was ready to assist me throughout the process.


Tabrees Mohammed(5/5)

I had got a recent pportunity to deal with ICICI Bank when I applied for a personal loan from them. They completed the entire process within 10 days, though I submitted documents only on day 4. The rate of interest was around 17%. It looked normal to me, when compared with other banks as my CIBIL score was low.


Sachin Wilfred(5/5)

The way this ICICI Bank functions is very interesting. They have completed my personal loan process within three days after the collection of documents. The rate of interest was of 13%.


Subin Samuel(5/5)

I have faced the good experience with the ICICI bank and the rate of interest is also good with them for the personal loan while compare with other bankers.


Reshma Swaraj(5/5)

Initially I faced some issues with the ICICI bank for the personal loan , everything was executed in a very good manner. Interest rate with the ICICI bank was around 12.5%, which is nominal one.


Charissa D’cunha(5/5)

ICICI Bank took around seven days of time to complete the personal loan process and the delay was due to the delay from my end to submit the list of documents.


Vishaka Arora(5/5)

ICICI Bank has made the personal loan process dead easy. The Bank was fast enough to give the approval without delaying.


Victor Sam(5/5)

I got apt response from ICICI after my request was submitted. If they negotiate and provide the best rate for my referrals too it would be great, waiting for a response from them.


David John(5/5)

Superb service offered to the customer. They go an extra mile to help customers. I am completely happy with what they offered. Within a week is got money from personal loan request


Rajatha Prabhakar(4/5)

I have taken a personal loan from ICICI Bank and this is my first experience with the bank. The services were good for personal loan. They were very much open and quick from the start to the end. I expected the rate of interest to be close to 12% - 13%. But I was offered 11.95%.


Hari Krishnan(5/5)

ICICI Bank was very approachable throughout the process for personal loan. The services were good. They contacted me directly and collected all my documents within a day. The loan amount was also disbursed by 5 days.


Akhil Prasad(5/5)

Truly, ICICI Bank has provided a very good service to personal loan application request. The service was excellent and mid-blowing. The process was also quick. It was finished on time and the personal loan amount was per my requirements.


Priyanka D(5/5)

Totally, it was a very great experience with ICICI Bank. It was a fast and cool process, where my papers were collected on-time and personal loan was processed within 72 hours.


Swathi Dineshan(5/5)

I find it is very easy to get the loan from ICICI Bank. The interest rate applied was as per promise and there was no change in later stages. They are very clear in explaining the process

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