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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews #5

4.7 stars based on 164 reviews

Hansh Dutta(5/5)

I had a very good experience with ICICI Bank based on the personal loan. The interest rate applied was around 11.5% which is really good. The loan process took around 3 days to process the application and the documents required were minimal as well. I will surely recommend about this bank to others for getting a personal loan at lowest rates.


Lakshit Das(5/5)

I was searching for some sources of short term finance. I went to Financebuddha website where I read tremendous features of ICICI personal loan. The Financebuddha site redirected me to ICICI bank personal loan. ICICI Bank offered me personal loan at 12.25% interest rate as my CIBIL score is bit low as of now, I got this offer basis on my employer. The executive contacted me and explained the details of the loan offer. In case in future if I have any requirement I would like again to apply in ICICI bank.


Ayan Bhatt(3/5)

I had taken the loan amount of 2.7 Lakhs with the tenure of 2 years in ICICI Bank. Their personal loan process was very simple and easy. Totally ICICI taken ten days to disbursed the amount. Documentation was also good,. ICICI offered the personal loan at interest rate of 12.59% and with the processing fee of Rs.1100 it was nominal fee.


Diya Varma(5/5)

Process was very smooth and good with the ICICI bank for the personal loan and the rate of interest is good for me. Loan amount got disbursed to my account within two to three days of time from the day I have applied. Processing charges were nominal one with ICICI bank for the personal loan and I have not faced any drawbacks with them till now.


Mitul Modi(5/5)

Financebuddha website suggested me ICICI bank when I was looking for personal loan. ICICI Bank personal loan process was very smooth because I was out of station they managed to take the loan around 10 days however I would have availed the loan within 5 days. The personal loan interest rate offered by ICICI bank is slightly better I was bothered much about the rate of interest because I needed the loan urgently.


Juhi Doshi(5/5)

It was a very nice experience with ICICI Bank for the personal loan. I got the loan within one week after me submitting all the documents and the executive came to my place and collected the same. I did not have to visit the bank. I got a rate of 14.75%. The best part of the loan was that the interest rate remains constant throughout the loan tenure which is very rare.


Aman Bafna(5/5)

Interest rate in ICICI bank for a personal loan is very less as they gave 12% but in market others are offering like 15%. In respect to service charge, ICICI bank did not charge anything. Loan was disbursed in one to two weeks. I have taken most of the banking products from ICICI bank, so no dislike. Specifically ICICI bank is respecting the customers.


Ishan Tak(4/5)

I had applied for my personal loan with ICICI Bank. Finance Buddha did documentation process in simple manner; they had my personal loan disbursed within 5 days. Interest rate was quite competitive. Finance Buddha directed me to their personal loan when I was looking for the loan.


Sara Tata(5/5)

After my inquiry was done, I started to go ahead with the ICICI bank for the personal loan; also I can say it‰Ûªs my second personal loan with them. Since the previous experience was good and the longtime relationship made me to be held up with them. I can say ICICI bank is the best one and the interest rate is really good.


G. Sriram(5/5)

I had a very good experience with ICICI Bank based on the personal loan. I was not having the required address proof regarding the personal loan application but they have processed the application by asking some official letter instead of documents. They have processed the application within the weeks time.



I have transferred my personal loan from the Axis bank to the ICICI bank. There are no charges from the axis bank for transferring the loan. The documentation process is good with them. There is no agreement with them. The rate of interest is around 11.5% and is happy for that. The services are good with them. The reason why I transferred my personal loan was that I have read at Financebuddha that the interest rate throughout the loan remains constant at ICICI bank & a friend of mine have taken personal loan from ICICI bank & she was very satisfied.


Subash Vijay(5/5)

GREAT bank for Personal loan in India- ICICI bank. I totally have 4 personal loans but the experience from ICICI bank was the best as compared to the other 3 banks that offered me personal loan previously. They value customer’s time and money. Complete details of the loan were shared well in advance. Documents were collected on time and real-time updates were given on the loan. If am taking another loan, I will definitely choose ICICI bank over other banks and financial institutions. Akhil was the bank executive at ICICI who helped me with the complete loan processing.


Chandra Rani(5/5)

I took a personal loan with ICICI bank for 5 years tenure with floating rate of interest. Due to market volatility when the rate of interest fell for personal loans, the bank contacted me directly to let me know about the offer. I decided to consider the offer and now am saving Rs.5000 from my monthly EMI payment due to low interest rates. Thank you ICICI bank for valuing customer!


Bharath Yadav(5/5)

I applied for a personal loan with ICICI bank with fixed rate of interest. Am happy with the low interest rates and other services offered by the bank. I have recommended this bank to two of my friends who are also looking for a good bank that will offer personal loan.



I have had a very nice experience with ICICI bank on my personal loan application. My sister has also applied for a personal loan now and am expecting best service and low rate of interest will be offered to her as well. Consider ICICI bank for all type of banking requirements.


Sajjan Jha(5/5)

I was in need of urgent money for my daughter’s wedding. Due to demonetization some amount of money was blocked with my friends and there was shortage during wedding. I decided to apply for a personal loan with ICICI bank and informed them about the emergency. As all documents were accurate and I had good CIBIL score- loan was disbursed within 2 days. Thank you ICICI bank for understanding the urgency and taking immediate action! ICICI bank is customer’s bank.



I got very quick and responsive executive to work on my personal loan request with ICICI bank. Shiva Kumar – the ICICI bank executive helped me throughout the process with excellent service and I am happy with the overall experience with this bank.


Niranjan Singh(5/5)

I had applied for a personal loan with ICICI bank for 2 lakhs and the bank was ready to process the loan within 3 days. Later due to some other requirement, I had to increase the loan amount. I contacted the bank and informed the executive. The bank checked my eligibility and edited the request without any issues. ICICI bank is very flexible and they didn’t charge me extra for the re-work the bank had to do for processing my loan request.


Rita Lawrence(5/5)

I got personal loan for 12% rate of interest within 3 days. Very quick service was offered and most of the transactions were through online. I did not visit ICICI bank even once to get my personal loan approved. Money was credited on the 3rd day by evening in my personal account.


Aarti Surya(5/5)

I was additionally benefited on my personal loan application as I have a salary account with ICICI bank. Those who have salary account should apply here to get best offers on personal loan.


Sheryl Mathew(5/5)

I had a personal loan with ICICI bank from past two year and decided to pre-close the loan. As soon as I approached the bank, they took the request and shared the terms and conditions regarding the same. Very minimal amount was charged as pre-closure charges and loan was completely closed. Am very happy with ICICI bank’s personal loan service.


Manish Vishwa(5/5)

ICICI bank is known for offering great customer support. I experienced this personally by taking a personal loan from this bank. The bank executive spent time to clearly explain to me the process and also gave all details about the charges of this bank. There are no hidden charges and door-step service is offered by this bank.



Finance Buddha is the best platform for comparing rates and details between different banks. Through Finance Buddha I was introduced to ICICI bank. Excellent service and customer support is being offered by the bank officials.



I already had a home loan with ICICI bank. As the service experience was really good, I decided to take a personal loan from the same bank. ICICI bank amused me with services and the experience was awesome. I love ICICI bank service and will suggest to my colleagues.

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