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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews #4

4.7 stars based on 164 reviews

Jayesh Acharya (4/5)

ICICI Bank personal loan is good everything is fine, I did not get the call from ICICI Bank on time it was a bit late. They were willing to provide the loan and that is why I had chosen them. Interest rate is on the higher side and they had also added some 15k for insurance. People over there were helpful and they had provided the information about the complete procedure too.


Vijay Chokshi (4/5)

ICICI Bank personal loan process is fine. My only concern was the insurance. At the time of applying for the personal loan I was not informed about insurance in the first place. Later at the time of disbursement I got to know about insurance. Customer service offered by them was good. The interest rate was quite great compare to other private banks. The documents required were explained quite briefly & the process was quite quick.


Jagdish Mathur(4/5)

ICICI was very supportive; The Representative collected the documents within 4 day and started working on it. Totally within a week they disbursed the amount. I was updated with every process they were undertaking for the approval of loan. ICICI offered the interest of 15.5% as per my requirement and with the processing fee of Rs.4400. I have taken the loan amount of Rs.2.5 Lakhs with the tenure of 5 years.


Sameer Mittal (5/5)

There was an immediate response from ICICI bank when I approached them for the personal loan. The only reason my loan application was closed with the bank because i was not able to submit the documents on time due to some personal reason. Other than that overall the bank is good.


Kabir Tripathi(5/5)

I am very much happy about ICICI; I am an existing customer ICICI for past 14 years. So I have taken personal loan from them, they offered best interest rate as per corporate norms but they charged processing fee. ICICI documents part was less there were no hassles on it. There are many friends & colleagues whom I have referred ICICI bank personal loan when they were in need of quick finance.


Gurkiran Ahuja(4/5)

ICICI Bank disbursed my personal loan within 2 days. Documentation process was done in very simple manner; the executive has come and collected the documents. Rate of interest was nominal also I was charged around 2500rs for processing fees. I wish ICICI have to improve service for customers convenient. Financebuddha executive assisted me for going with ICIC bank when I was looking forward for personal loan.


Harsh Agrawal (4/5)

Nothing special when it comes to ICICI Personal loan its very good rate of interest is very much competitive when compared with others. They had provided the loan within 2 days. Processing fees and charges is very much nominal. Financebuddha led me to ICICI Personal bank loan site when I was searching for personal loan.


Faiyaz Khatri (5/5)

I have taken my personal loan with ICICI Bank; it was totally stress free service. Their service & cooperation has made me go gaga about the ICICI bank.


Rohit Banerjee(5/5)

ICICI bank is very good as they are taking initiative to help customers and moreover they understand customer‰Ûªs issues. I have applied for a loan like in date of 25 and I received the amount in 28th as they are very fast in processing. Interest rate was nominal 11.7% and was lower than what other banks were offering me for a personal loan. Processing charge is also quite low.


Sarthak Saneja(5/5)

I applied online for personal loan to ICICI Bank and I got a call from the sales team soon after my application was sent. The executive gave me clarification about the amount that I can avail and at what interest rate. The rate of interest offered was low when compared to other banks. I do recommend others to apply loan in ICICI Bank


Riya Bhandari(5/5)

Personal loan rate of interest is less with the ICICI bank and that made me to choose and go ahead for the personal loan with them, also the services are really good. Services rendered by them were really good and I got the personal loan with the interest rate as 12.75% and the EMI is around 2800 Rupees, also it‰Ûªs up to my extent. I really felt happy with the ICICI bank.


Krishna Arora(5/5)

Have taken personal loan form ICICI bank in past directed by Financebuddha. ICIC bank offered me personal loan at lowest interest rate and the loan was disbursed in 3 days. ICICI bank functions very well. I have recommended ICICI bank personal loan to 2 to 3 people already.


Nirav Mahadev(5/5)

Process wise, ICICI bank is easy, smooth and faster while compare with other banks for financial products. Rate of interest dint play a major role for my personal loan, also I can say it‰Ûªs the least one in the market. The loan amount got disbursed to my account within a week of time.


Megha Chauhan(5/5)

This is the second time I have approached ICICI Bank for the personal loan. They took hardly 4 to 5 days of time to provide the loan. I had a very good experience with them. The most interesting part is the verification. Once, they have visited my place for address verification. Second time they have visited my site. Interest rate offered by them was good.


Vandana Dalal(5/5)

ICICI bank gave my personal loan in a short period of time as I appreciate their turnaround time. An executive told clearly about required documents and the documents were collected in one goal rather than dragging it. Fee structure is good than other banks. The feature that can directly credit the loan amount in your account is amazing.


Madhup Mittal(5/5)

My personal loan got approved in 3 days & I was having money in my account on the 5th day of the application. I am really happy with the service provided by ICICI Bank was really good. The customer service provided was really good. The interest rate offered was really good and the charges applied were also best. I will surely recommend about ICICI Bank to others regarding the loan.


Aarohi Sinha(3/5)

It was a very nice experience with ICICI Bank for the personal loan. I got the loan within one week after me submitting all the documents and the executive came to my place and collected the same. I did not have to visit the bank. I got a rate of 14.99%which is a bit higher rest all good. The service is excellent & the cooperation one gets from the executives made me spell bound.


Darsh Mehta (4/5)

I read the features of ICICI personal loan features at ICICI Bank has been pretty good in the process for the personal loan. It was a timely process and it was also disbursed as needed. The rate of interest was on higher side, I got a rate of 16.75%. The processing charges were also high.


Arjun Rajpal(3/5)

I had good experience with ICICI Bank. FinBud executives came and collected the documents on time. Then ICICI started working on it and they were completed the process within 15 days of time. Everything was fine in ICICI. I was referred the ICICI bank for personal loan by a friend who has account with ICICI bank since last 10 years.


Seema Chawla(5/5)

I feel ICICI Bank has been the best compared to other bank and it was a good experience based on the personal loan. They are taking quite long time to process the application because it took around 8-9days to process. The interest rate offered was low at 12%.


Umesh Parmar(5/5)

I had a very good experience with ICICI Bank based on the personal loan application. I didn‰Ûªt face any issue with the bank. They have processed the application within a weeks time. They explained about the document process very clearly and the interest rate offered was quite competitive. The process went well & smooth and the loan was disbursed to my account in 1 day.


Anil Bavisi(3/5)

It was a nice experience with ICICI Bank for the personal loan. The process was smooth and the rate of interest was around 16.75% which was pretty high. The processing was also high, it was of 2300. The disbursement time was also done swiftly.


Chirag Goel(5/5)

My opinion about ICICI Bank personal loan process was good. Interest rate offered @11.49% by them was lowest when compared with others. The service offered by them was very good and the response was fine. The most interesting part is they are providing faster response within 5 days of time they provided the loan and I kept their promise as well. The staff of the bank is very supportive & one can feel very warm & comfortable while interacting with them.


Bhavin Dani(5/5)

I was looking for a personal loan as I was stuck with lot of uncertain expenses around. I went to Financebuddha website. The executive of finance Buddha guided to me to opt for ICIC bank personal loan. Customer service was very nice and good in ICICI bank. Infact they are very prompt in responsiveness as in next two days they called me and amount was settled in a same day. Documentation was completed in one shot. Follow up was not required as they kept following me regularly. I would appreciate the coordination of ICICI bank and satisfied with the personal loan services.

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