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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews #3

4.7 stars based on 164 reviews


My experience with ICICI bank is not very charming. A friend of mine suggested me to go ahead with ICICI bank as he is having an ongoing personal loan from ICICI bank but my experience was not as good as him as there was delay in disbursing the loan & I was in need of quick money.



The services are good from ICICI bank was charming, rapid and stress-free. They made my process convenient by coming over and taking my documents and paying my personal loan on time. I got the best deal on the rate of interest and the processing charges too.



It was a very easy and convenient process for the personal loan. I got it in less than a week. The executive came over to my place and collected the documents. The rate of interest and processing charges was also normal with ICICI bank. I am happy with the services overall.



It was a fast process with ICICI Bank for the personal loan application. They sanctioned me the exact amount I was in need of. Documents required are very easy & the process is not At all complicated. The interest rate and the processing charges were normal when compared to other banks. Their customer care services are also very amazing.



Overall the process was good at ICICI bank for the personal loan. They completed my process in four days. The papers were collected and the disbursement was done. They approved the loan amount I applied for. The rate of interest they charged was very nominal.



I applied for ICICI personal loan through Finance Buddha. The executive of the portal helped me with the documentation for the loan application. The process was so smooth. Finance Buddha executive collected my documents & my loan was in my account within 4 days.



I had taken a personal loan from ICICI bank and the process followed by them was very simple and easy. The documentation process was very minimal for me, as I already banked with them, the disbursement was done on time and it was as per my need. The interest rate and charges levied by them was also good.



I applied for personal loan from ICICI bank online as I am their existing customer. The loan application process & documentation is very easy & simple. The process for the loan application went swift. The loan was in my account within 48 hours which is awesome.



My earlier experience with ICICI Bank for the personal loan was not satisfactory too. The process was not on time and they were high on the rate of interest and charges. They were not consistent with the insurance though I informed the bank not to deduct the same.



I was comparing various personal bank loan offers at Finance & their executive advised me to apply for ICICI bank as it was fitting into my criteria. I applied for the loan online & I must admit that their prompt response did surprise me. I did not have to visit the bank branch even once as their executive collected my documents from my office & loan was there in my account in 4 days.



I was looking for some good source for personal loan. I found information about ICICI personal loan through Finance Buddha. I applied for personal loan online on Finance Buddha portal itself. I got quick response from the banks & the process went very well. I am very happy that I choose ICICI bank over many other available options.



I am not satisfied with the policy of ICICI bank as they asked me to open a saving account with 5000 Rupees for taking a personal loan. As, I already have two savings account with the same bank. Apart from this the process was overall hassle free, thanks to Finance Buddha and the interest is also low.



Finance Buddha helped me all in getting personal loan from ICICI Bank. The process was quick and hassle free and the personal interest rate was also low. Thanks!



I applied for ICICI Bank Personal Loan online through the Finance Buddha website. Within few minutes of applying I got a call from Finance Buddha for confirmation and within 1 hour their executive was at my place to collect the documents. The application was submitted to bank next day and got approved same day itself and the loan amount got disbursed to my account the next day. Thanks!



It was good to Bank with ICICI bank. Couple of weeks back, I had applied for a personal loan with them. The documentation process was simple and easy. The rate of interest offered to me was as low as 12%. The loan was in my account on third day of application which is amazing.



My personal loan is from ICICI Bank and the process to get my loan through was so simple & hassle free. Everything was on time as promised and the disbursement was also satisfactory. The interest rate and processing charges was in par with the market and overall it was an excellent process.



ICICI is a very good bank. I got a very good response for my personal loan application. They were very quick in responding to my application. The document requirements were very simple. The executives were very keen in handling customers. Interest rate was normal but only concern with ICICI is, this is my 3rd loan from ICICI so they have to provide more benefits to the people who always prefer the same bank.



I was surprise to see the rate interest they charged on my personal loan offer. I was not expecting them to charge so low inters rate. I am really amazed with their quick response to my online personal loan application. My loan was disbursed on their day of my application which is wonderful.



Applying for personal loan from ICICI bank is hassle free process. Recently, I got a personal loan from ICICI bank. The interest rate was normal. But there were no time delays in terms of collecting the documents. I got a call from the Finance Buddha stating that they will send an executive to collect the documents, and within 1 hour the executive was at my place. The loan was approved after 1 day of application submission and the amount was disbursed next day itself.



The personal loan experience that I had with ICICI bank has been excellent. They came over to my place as promised and collected my documents and the disbursement happened within three days. It served my purpose. The rate of interest and processing charges were nominal



The response was good from ICICI Bank for the personal loan. I recommend ICICI personal loan to everyone in need. The process was quick and hassle free and the interest was also low.


Aman Shah(5/5)

ICICI bank made it so simple to avail personal loan. The loan got disbursed in four days, which is incredible. The documentation process was very easy, they had sent an executive to my home, that too on Sunday and collected the documents. They really made my work simple and easy. Interest rate was very nominal with them. I am so happy with ICICI bank.



Banking with ICICI was very modest and easy. Recently, I had received my personal loan from ICICI. For documents collection, Finance Buddha executive came to my office and collected all the required documents. I am very satisfied with their services & prompt response.


Amit Trivedi(5/5)

Finance Buddha contacted me soon after I applied for a ICICI personal loan. They informed me about list of documents, everything they asked me to be ready with the documents, they will send the executive, One day after the application was submitted, the loan was disbursed to my account. So it was an overall hassle free process for me.

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