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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews #1

4.7 stars based on 164 reviews

R. Venkata(5/5)

This is R. Venkata writing a review for ICICI bank. ICICI Bank and its services are best. I am a customer of ICICI bank for the last 10 years and I am totally satisfied with its services. Recently i took a personal loan from here and i am totally satisfied with its services regarding my ICICI Personal Loan as well.


Naveen Shankara(5/5)

ICICI bank is a renowned and well-known bank and many of you must have availed its services. I am also a customer of ICICI bank and have a personal loan with them, the service regarding my personal loan was good and up to the mark.


Pratap V(5/5)

I took me no time to apply for the loan and amazingly same was with the approval process as my application for the personal loan was disbursed in just 3 days from ICICI bank.


Md. Farooq Hussain(5/5)

ICICI did very well regarding my personal loan. The process went very smoothly and i got the loan in no time.


Prabhat Prakash (5/5)

If you are looking for a personal loan in Bengaluru then you should go with ICICI Bank. It’s the bank which offers you loan at a reasonable interest rate and low processing fees. My loan with ICICI bank was approved within 3 working days and I got the money on the 5th day.


Surbhi Seth(5/5)

One of my friend suggested me to go through the Finance Buddha portal. I went through the portal and found that the information provided on the portal was 100% accurate and reliable and is enough for anyone to clear all the doubts regarding the loans or finance. I used the information and went with ICICI bank for the personal loan.



Thank you Finance Buddha and ICICI Bank for helping me with my personal loan. Only with the help of the Finance Buddha executives I was able to complete the documentation process they guided me whenever it was required. My loan was approved by the ICICI Bank. And the approval took only 3 working days.


Bharti Patel(4/5)

The services at ICICI Bank is good enough. The complete process from documentation to the approval to loan is completely smooth and stress free. The interest rate offered to me is 14% P.A and the processing fees was 2.5%. I got the money in my account on the 5th day. I will give 4 stars to ICICI Bank.


Nitin (5/5)

I visited finance Buddha website for a personal loan. There I compared many banks regarding the interest rate, the time period and the processing charges and after comparing I found that ICICI bank is best among all. I applied the loan with the ICICI bank. My loan was processed in only 2 days. The documentation process was also quick.


Priya Vishwash(5/5)

I am satisfied with the service provided by the ICICI Bank. My personal loan was approved by them in only 4 working days. The interest rate offered was reasonable and the processing fees was also low. I will suggest if you are in a need of loan then go with ICICI Bank. They will not let you down.


Pooja Verma(5/5)

ICICI Bank is best among all. Its top priority is to satisfy their customer. I can say this as I am having a currently ongoing loan with bank. The bank staff helped me throughout the process and provided me the correct information regarding the charges, documents etc. I am very happy with their service.


Mahesh Hegde(4/5)

I applied my personal loan with ICICI bank. And my loan was approved in a short period of time. The interest rate offered was also affordable to me and the processing charges were also so. I will recommend ICICI to others also.


Lata Subramanayam (5/5)

I have transferred my personal loan from AXIS Bank to ICICI Bank by a debt consolidation loan. I have done this because of the low interest rates as compared to the other bank. And I am satisfied with my decision. There was no charge for the transferring of the loan. The Finance Buddha executives helped me in the documentation process. With the transfer of the loan I am able to save some amount of money.


Jaya Panday (5/5)

My personal loan was approved by ICICI Bank. The approval took 4 days and on the 5th day I was having the money in my account. This happened because the documentation process was very fast even though it was fast it was very smooth. The executives of Finance Buddha were very soft spoken and helpful. I am thankful to Finance Buddha for their help.


Ranjit Kumar(5/5)

I am thankful to Finance Buddha for helping me in the documentation process with ICICI bank. With the help of ICICI and Finance Buddha I was able to get my personal loan on time. The amount came in my account in 4 days after I applied for the loan. I will give 5 starts to Finance Buddha as well as to ICICI.


Richa (5/5)

I am having my personal loan with ICICI Bank. One of the benefit of taking personal loan is that no security and collateral is required. My loan with ICICI was approved in 5 working days. The entire process of documentation was smooth and hassle free.


Anu Rao(5/5)

I am fully satisfied with the service provided by the ICICI Bank. I am having my personal loan with ICICI. After I applied for the loan the documentation process started quickly and the executives of finance Buddha helped me a lot in this. My loan was approved in 6 working days.


Ashish Ranjan (5/5)

I went to the Finance Buddha website and compared all the banks for the personal loan. I found ICICI best among the other banks. The reason behind this is its low and fixed interest rates. I have applied my personal loan with ICICI only. And there was quick processing and fast disbursal.


Mrs. Kamana Shah(5/5)

I thank Finance Buddha and ICICI for helping me when no was there for me. I need money for the marriage of my daughter and ICICI helped me in getting the money on time. I applied for a personal loan with the ICICI bank and they approved it very fast. I will recommend ICICI to others also who are in need of money.


Rajendar Singh (4/5)

Personal loan is one of the easy and genuine way of getting desired money. And with the help of ICICI I was able to get the money in time of need. I applied for the personal loan with ICICI Bank. And I am very happy as my loan approval took only 6 working days.


Rohnit (4/5)

I applied for my loan with Finance Buddha. My loan was approved by the ICICI Bank. The interest rate offered by them to me is 15% P.A. and the processing fees is 2.5% which is affordable by me.


Kaushik (5/5)

I am having my personal loan with ICICI Bank. The bank facilitates quick personal loan approval and fast disbursal of the loan amount. I applied my loan on 1st May 2017 and my loan was approved on 4th May. There was very quick process. I am thankful to ICICI for this.



Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me with my personal loan application with ICICI bank.



I am glad to choose ICICI bank for personal loan over many other available options.

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