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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews

4.7 stars based on 153 reviews

Mahesh Hegde(4/5)

I applied my personal loan with ICICI bank. And my loan was approved in a short period of time. The interest rate offered was also affordable to me and the processing charges were also so. I will recommend ICICI to others also.


Lata Subramanayam (5/5)

I have transferred my personal loan from AXIS Bank to ICICI Bank by a debt consolidation loan. I have done this because of the low interest rates as compared to the other bank. And I am satisfied with my decision. There was no charge for the transferring of the loan. The Finance Buddha executives helped me in the documentation process. With the transfer of the loan I am able to save some amount of money.


Jaya Panday (5/5)

My personal loan was approved by ICICI Bank. The approval took 4 days and on the 5th day I was having the money in my account. This happened because the documentation process was very fast even though it was fast it was very smooth. The executives of Finance Buddha were very soft spoken and helpful. I am thankful to Finance Buddha for their help.


Ranjit Kumar(5/5)

I am thankful to Finance Buddha for helping me in the documentation process with ICICI bank. With the help of ICICI and Finance Buddha I was able to get my personal loan on time. The amount came in my account in 4 days after I applied for the loan. I will give 5 starts to Finance Buddha as well as to ICICI.


Richa (5/5)

I am having my personal loan with ICICI Bank. One of the benefit of taking personal loan is that no security and collateral is required. My loan with ICICI was approved in 5 working days. The entire process of documentation was smooth and hassle free.


Anu Rao(5/5)

I am fully satisfied with the service provided by the ICICI Bank. I am having my personal loan with ICICI. After I applied for the loan the documentation process started quickly and the executives of finance Buddha helped me a lot in this. My loan was approved in 6 working days.


Ashish Ranjan (5/5)

I went to the Finance Buddha website and compared all the banks for the personal loan. I found ICICI best among the other banks. The reason behind this is its low and fixed interest rates. I have applied my personal loan with ICICI only. And there was quick processing and fast disbursal.


Mrs. Kamana Shah(5/5)

I thank Finance Buddha and ICICI for helping me when no was there for me. I need money for the marriage of my daughter and ICICI helped me in getting the money on time. I applied for a personal loan with the ICICI bank and they approved it very fast. I will recommend ICICI to others also who are in need of money.


Rajendar Singh (4/5)

Personal loan is one of the easy and genuine way of getting desired money. And with the help of ICICI I was able to get the money in time of need. I applied for the personal loan with ICICI Bank. And I am very happy as my loan approval took only 6 working days.


Rohnit (4/5)

I applied for my loan with Finance Buddha. My loan was approved by the ICICI Bank. The interest rate offered by them to me is 15% P.A. and the processing fees is 2.5% which is affordable by me.


Kaushik (5/5)

I am having my personal loan with ICICI Bank. The bank facilitates quick personal loan approval and fast disbursal of the loan amount. I applied my loan on 1st May 2017 and my loan was approved on 4th May. There was very quick process. I am thankful to ICICI for this.



Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me with my personal loan application with ICICI bank.



I am glad to choose ICICI bank for personal loan over many other available options.



I am recommending ICICI bank personal loan to everyone due to their quick response & reasonable rate of interest.



Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me with the documentation and everything when I was applying for ICICI bank personal loan.



There was an instant response from ICICI bank when I approached them for the personal loan. My loan application was closed with the bank soon after I submitted all the required documents. The interest rate of personal loan is also nominal.



I was searching for some sources of short term finance. I went to Finance Buddha website where I read tremendous features of ICICI personal loan. The Finance Buddha site redirected me to ICICI bank personal loan. ICICI Bank offered me personal loan at 11.25% interest rate, I got this offer on the basis of my employer. The executive contacted me and explained the details of the loan offer. I could actually arrange for funds from different source so I did not take the loan. In case in future I have any requirement I would like to apply in ICICI bank.



My personal loan got approved in 3 days & I was having money in my account on the 5th day of the application. I am really happy with the service provided by ICICI Bank was really good. The customer service provided was really good. The interest rate offered was really good and the charges applied were also best. I will surely recommend about ICICI Bank to others regarding the loan. I am really thankful to Finance Buddha team for advising me to apply for ICICI personal loan instead of anywhere else.



I was looking for a personal loan as I was trapped with lot of undefined expenses around. I went to Finance Buddha website for collecting some information about personal loan. The executive of finance Buddha guided to me to opt for ICICI bank personal loan. Customer service was very nice and good in ICICI bank. Infect they are very prompt in responsiveness as in next two days they called me and amount was settled on same day. Documentation was completed in one shot. Follow up was not required as they kept following me regularly. I would appreciate the coordination of ICICI bank and satisfied with the personal loan services.



ICICI bank provided me with personal loan in a very short period of time and I appreciate their turnaround time. An executive clearly described me the list of required documents. Processing charges are very transparent unlike other financial institutes & banks. The feature that can directly credit the loan amount in your account is amazing.


Sameer Mittal(5/5)

I have transferred my personal loan from the Axis bank to the ICICI bank. There are no charges from the ICICI bank for transferring the loan. The documentation process is easy with them. There is no agreement with them. The rate of interest is around 12% and I am really happy about it. The services are good with them. The reason why I transferred my personal loan was that I have read at Finance Buddha that the interest rate throughout the loan remains constant at ICICI bank & a friend of mine have taken personal loan from ICICI bank & she was very pleased.



It was a very wonderful experience with ICICI Bank for the personal loan. I got the loan within one week after submission of all the documents and the executive came to my place and collected the same. I did not have to visit the bank even single time. I got a rate of 12.75%. The best part of the loan was that the interest rate remains constant throughout the loan tenure which is very unusual.



It was a pleasant experience with ICICI Bank for the personal loan. I was recommended ICICI bank by Finance Buddha team. I captured the personal loan information from Finance Buddha portal. The process was smooth and the rate of interest was around 12.75% which was pretty competitive. The processing charges were also very low which was surprising to me.



ICICI bank staff was very supportive; The Representative collected the documents within 4 days and started working on it. The loan was disburse in my account within 4 days.i did not have to bother about chasing the bank executive to tell me the progress of my loan as they were informing me about every process step. ICICI offered the interest of 12.5% as per my requirement and with the processing fee of Rs.4400. I have taken the loan amount of Rs.2.5 lakhs with the tenure of 5 years.

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