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ICICI Bank Personal Loan Reviews

4.7 stars based on 164 reviews

Nijanthan Sultana(5/5)

I have a personal loan with ICICI Bank. I went with ICICI as I heard that there is very fast processing. I applied for it through finance buddha online website. the process of applying was very easy and i was done with in just few minutes. My loan was approved on the 3rd day. and i am quite happy with it.


Arulkumar Bhaveshkumar(5/5)

I used Finance Buddha portal for applying for a personal loan. I applied my loan with ICICI Bank after checking all the rates and charges with other banks. Finance Buddha executives came to my home and collected all the required documents. They helped me throughout the process. Thanks Finance Buddha !


Navin Soni(5/5)

I have my personal loan from the ICICI Bank. I am happy as the processing of my personal loan was very fast and. The loan was approved within 3 working days and on the 5th day from which i applied the amount was in my personal account.


Ravi Sharma(5/5)

Fast service! Efficient management skills. Affordable rates and good service.



The interest rate offered by ICICI to me for my personal loan is 15%P.A. and the processing fees was 1.50% + service taxes. My loan was approved in very less time.



I went with ICICI Bank for my personal loan. I found it really good as one of my friend has also told. My loan application was approved within 2 days and on the third day the money was with me.


Kapil Parshuram(5/5)

Checked my eligibility for the personal loan on their website. I found ICICI bank as best suited for me. I applied for a personal loan. the process started on the same day itself. Finance Buddha executives visited my place next day and they collected the documents which were required.


Biter (5/5)

I am happy with the service provided by the ICICI Bank and Fin Bud both. The processing was really fast and Hassle free. my personal loan got approved in just 4 days. The rate of interest and processing fees charged were bearable.


Jeetesh Naykawala(5/5)

My experience at ICICI Bank is good only. Fast process for the approval of the loan. It took them only 4 working days to approve my personal loan application.


Jenifer Nisha(5/5)

Personal loans being unsecured loans the rate of interest offered is somehow high than the others loan. I applied for my personal loan with ICICI Bank. And the interest rate at which my loan was approved is 20% P.A. quite high but on the same time the processing charges were low.


Pradeep (5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me when I was in need of financial help. I took a personal loan with ICICI Bank. The rate of interest at which the loan was offered is16%P.A. and the processing charge is only 1.50%. I am happy with the processing of my loan.


Ashish Narain(2/5)

Nothing much to say but not a good experience. My loan application was getting processed first for a week, when asked they replied that there was some issue. After 12 days i got the approval mail and the amount was disbursed on the 15th day.


Pratap N. Reddy(4/5)

Indeed a great service! though the rate of interest was a bit higher but i am satisfied with the service.


Uttam Mahapatara(4/5)

It was a great work from the finance buddha. I applied for a personal loan through their portal with ICICI bank. The process was online and my loan was disbursed within 10 days.


Upendra Solanki(4/5)

The process regarding my personal loan with ICICI went very smoothly without any hassle. The loan got approved on the next day from which i applied and the personal loan amount was disbursed on the 8th day.


Sam Farnandis(1/5)

The process was delayed and my loan was disbursed in 12 days. Not happy and there were even no response when i inquired in middle.


Pratap Mathur (4/5)

Ok service!


Ravi Sharma(4/5)

No extra charges, just 2% was the processing fees and my loan was approved at an interest rate of 11.6%. The disbursal process took 5 days.


Pragathi R. Wasu(5/5)

The customer support and the response is good and there are no hassles in the loan process. The rate of interest is also good and the processing fees are nominal too.


N. Ramesh (4/5)

Opted for a top-up loan from icici. Earlier i was having a personal loan but was in need of more money so opted for a top-up loan. Totally hassle free and smooth process it was.


Mohith Athiban(1/5)

Service was not good at all! The interest rate was 16% for my personal loan but the response from them was not on time, i had to wait for long for their response for my process to move. In total it took 2 weeks to get the loan in my account.


Shyam Patel(5/5)

The interest rate at which my personal loan got approved was much lower than what others were offering. The customer support was good and helpful to me. I got loan in 5 days after applying without any kind of hassle.


Rishi Agrawal (5/5)

ICICI bank is amazing for personal loans. My application for a personal loan got approved with ICICI through finance buddha in just 1 day and I got the loan in 3 days.


Tanmay Anand(5/5)

I chose ICICI for my personal loan as i was already having an account with them. The executives were polite to and gave importance to me as a customer. My personal loan application was approved in 1 day and I got the loan disbursed in 3 days after that.

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