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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Reviews #9

4.8 stars based on 271 reviews

Rahul Mishra(5/5)

I was unable to get a loan from any other bank due to demand of collateral against the personal loan. During such times Finance Buddha helped me to get a personal loan from HDFC bank without any collateral and along with the benefit of the low-interest rate at 12.5%.


Darshil Shah(5/5)

LOWEST PERSONAL LOAN INTEREST EVER! Finance Buddha helped me to avail a personal loan of 25 lakhs from HDFC bank at the lowest interest rate of 11.49% and processing fees in the market which helped me secure the home of my dream with other benefits such as the best customer service.


Haresh Samnani(5/5)

Finance Buddha has got a charismatic approach towards the customer that they feel comfortable. The representative of Finance Buddha was very courteous and did all the procedures on my behalf. This resulted in getting me a 5 lac personal loan from HDFC bank along with other incentives


Taksh Patel(5/5)

Finance Buddha hassle free loan addition is the best feature I found as the procedures were carried out so quick and the disbursement of the loan just made me happier than ever before. The HDFC bank personal loan at 12.5% interest was a boon disbursed to me. BEST TEAM!!


Zain Khan(5/5)

If you are unknown about the procedures you can easily get fooled by the bank representatives. Such was not a scenario with me as I had Finance Buddha to back me up as a big brother by their services and get personal loan with the HDFC Bank


Harsh Lalwani(5/5)

They just don’t let you worry even a bit. The Finance Buddha team comprises of the best representatives of the department. Such was encountered by me and I was able to gain a personal loan with HDFC Bank, a premium in class with the best incentives and offers.


Kevin Macwan(5/5)

The service provided to me was unexpected and I thank them with my whole heart to help me gain a personal loan with HDFC Bank that was very much hassle free as the documentation and the KYC procedure was handled by the Finance Buddha representative with dexterity


Nishil Pandey(5/5)

The aberrant support team and the representatives never leave your hand until they fulfil your need fully. Such was a situation with me and Finance Buddha representative showed extreme patience and co-operation to get me a personal loan with HDFC Bank along with the other amusing incentives


Arpit Doshi(5/5)

The surprising interest rate and hassle-free service provided to me by Finance Buddha were as equivalent as getting a loan. It is hard for me to thank them in words for availing me a personal loan with HDFC bank with such incentives and such hassle free process.


Vishakh Ahuja(5/5)

The benchmark of service amused me that was provided by Finance Buddha a game changer in the market who helped me avail a loan with HDFC bank of Rs. 15, 00, 000 at the interest rate of just 11.5% which I had never imagined. Best in service!


Hitesh Arya(5/5)

HDFC bank becomes a lifesaver at the time of need and helped me to get a personal loan within 2 days and the best part is the lowest interest rate and processing fee I could gain with the help of Finance Buddha with gave me an additional benefit.


Hiten Golani(5/5)

Bad CIBIL score affects your borrowing a lot. At such times Finance Buddha was a second hand and helped me getting the personal loan from HDFC Bank. The whole process was hassle free and provided me with the lowest interest rate I could expect of i.e. 14.75%.


Rushikesh Nene(5/5)

Finance Buddha gave me the opportunity to fulfill my needs by its representative who was a constant companion from counselling to the disbursal of the HDFC bank's personal loan into my bank account within 2 days at the best interest rate in the market and other incentives


Dhaval Panchal(5/5)

This gives me pleasure to share with you how Finance Buddha and HDFC bank’s service helped me to get a loan with HDFC Bank’s quick loan disbursal service and getting the lowest rates and processing fees with the help of Finance Buddha to meet up my needs.


Hari Pillai(5/5)

Finance Buddha’s hassle free service helped me to opt for the personal loan by HDFC bank at 12.25% interest and I was able to meet up the need within 2 days of the application and the amount was deposited into my account along with other additional incentives.


Varun Pandey(5/5)

I had opted for a loan from the premium loan provider HDFC bank who never disappoints its customers and provides them with the best service. Not only was this but the finance Buddha representative a second hand in the whole disbursal process of the loan for me.


Karan Taneja(5/5)

It was my daughter’s wedding and I was running short of funds and HDFC personal loan helped me along with the supportive team of Finance Buddha to overcome the problem. The process is very hassle free and extra edge is they carry out the procedures for you.


Nisarg Markand(5/5)

I was an amateur to apply for a loan and didn’t know the procedure. But, Finance Buddha it was very much easy and I was able to get a personal loan of Rs. 10, 00,000 from HDFC @11.49% with the feature of easy EMI’s and without any hassle


Vishnu Jadeja(5/5)

HDFC bank personal loan the solution to my needs and Finance Buddha with its peculiar services that helped me get the loan disbursed within 2 days of applying for the loan with finance Buddha. The team too is very cooperative and supports from starting to the end


Deepan Parikh(5/5)

Finance Buddha was my one stop shop for the HDFC bank personal loan. Along with the assistance of Finance Buddha I was able to change the situation and uplift my financial situation with the best interest rates and EMI provided by Finance Buddha. The peculiar services gave an edge too.


Ali Ishaan(5/5)

I feel proud to let everyone know that I took a personal loan from HDFC bank and they are very supportive and co-operative to all customers. Everything including their customer support and post loan service is excellent. I have referred my friends and family to this bank for all types of loans.


Velayudhan K(5/5)

I have felt getting personal loan from HDFC bank is an easy and hassle free process. Thank you HDFC bank for always extending support and assistance during all times of needs. I love banking with HDFC.


Shiva Kumar(5/5)

With less documentations and quick verification process, HDFC bank stands best in the financial service providers. Not just for personal loans but for all other type of services, I will recommend this bank to my friends and family. My all-time favorite bank is HDFC bank.


Shirly Sebastine(5/5)

My personal loan from HDFC bank was a pleasant experience. The whole process was completed in a smooth manner without any confusion. Rate of interest and other charges were as per pre-agreed terms and conditions. Anytime I have had any financial issues, this bank has always helped.

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