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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Reviews #8

4.8 stars based on 271 reviews

Neha Khinchi(5/5)

It is not an easy task to maintain the family budget all the times. You need a finance planner or a loan sometimes. Finance Buddha, the ultimate finance guide to help me avail a loan of 3 lakhs at 11.25% interest the lowest in the market. SATISFIED!!


Hitakshi Shah(5/5)

They make the loan procedure a piece of cake for them. Such was a scenario with me when I applied for a personal loan and within 48 hours the Finance Buddha team transferred the personal loan amount of 12 lakhs from HDFC bank into my account. BESTEST!!!


Kiran Lalwani(5/5)

Getting funds to cover the ups and downs in business is not easy. But, with a few clicks at the Finance Buddha website and the easy documentation process carried out without any hassle the HDFC bank personal loan was just a normal outcome with low-interest benefits.


Dhruti Patel(5/5)

The best loan service delivered at your doorstep just like the domino’s pizza and you don’t have to worry much because peculiar players such as Finance Buddha are taking care of your loan needs. I got a personal loan from HDFC bank without any hassle and benefit. ABERRANT!!


Shifa Siddique(5/5)

Finance Buddha, the few clicks loan process which is better than the documentation you find at the banks. These guys helped me secure a personal loan with HDFC bank and without any issue of documentation and the KYC procedure of the banks. Also, no collateral was demanded.


Shakshi Shah(5/5)

Finance Buddha took care of my loan as I take care of my baby. They handled the every meticulous process in the loan disbursal and provided me with the personal loan by HDFC bank and gave me the disbursal and along with the interest rate of 11.5%. INCOMPARABLE!!


Pankti Shah(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team holds a unique position in the market as they convert the impossible into the possible by providing me with a personal loan from HDFC bank at my doorstep. The executives guide you and help you in getting the loan hassle free. Finance Buddha definitely is the best online marketplace for personal loans!!


Khushboo Patel(5/5)

This was a roller coaster turn in my life after Finance Buddha helped me avail personal loan with HDFC bank and also helped me gain the lowest interest rates in the market. I now recommend the HDFC personal loan and Finance Buddha assistance as most peculiar service.


Reeya Chauhan(5/5)

It was nearly impossible to gain such an amazing loan without Finance Buddha as they helped me in getting a personal loan with HDFC bank within the quick disbursal time of just 2 days. They indeed are the best loan providers and I recommend HDFC to all!


Harsh Goswami(5/5)

They help you to get a loan just like you stalk the girl you like to give her a gift. Finance Buddha helped me avail personal loan from HDFC bank at the lowest rate. I got the loan disbursed for 3 years at 11.25% rate of interest. Truly AMAZING!!!


Rishi Shah(5/5)

The lost hope was again lightened by Finance Buddha in my life with just a few clicks and disbursal of a personal loan from the HDFC bank. The service executive carries out the documentation process to the disbursal of the loan in your account. Truly the best people for help!


Vikas Kumawat(5/5)

It was a just 8th wonder when I got the loan disbursed within 2 days from HDFC bank with the help of Finance Buddha. The amount was high and I was expecting high-interest rates but to my surprise, it was very low. Best rate in finance market!


Yash Pathai(5/5)

Finance Buddha, the next thing I recommend to all my friends whenever in need of finance. Finance Buddha helped me gain personal loan with HDFC bank at a quick disbursal period along with the low-interest rates. The best finance providers in the market with the perks.


Adarsh Vyas(5/5)

After listening to many rejections from the bank due to my bad reputation in the market it was hard to get a loan. But, the light of finance was lit by Finance Buddha by availing me with a personal loan by the premium financial institution HDFC bank with benefits.


Aman Purohit(5/5)

People don’t fund an idea where risk is high. But, Finance Buddha helped me to get a personal loan of 12 lakhs from HDFC bank at best interest rates and the all-time support of the Finance Buddha executives along with the easy EMIs available by the HDFC bank. BEST TEAM!!


Dhaval Rathod(5/5)

In such times, it’s hard to get the loan disbursed quick and within a short span. But, Finance Buddha makes it possible to get for you the best loan at your doorstep. I too got a personal loan from HDFC bank along with the quick disbursal incentive.


.Meet Trivedi(5/5)

In such a tedious life the loan procedure is very much complex. Finance Buddha just didn’t make it easier but also made it beneficial. I was able to gain a personal loan from HDFC bank at the best interest rates and along with the best service quality.


Jaydeep Haryani(5/5)

With the assistance of the Finance Buddha representative and guidance, I was able to gain the personal loan from HDFC bank without any issue in documentation and the best interest rate and processing fee. The assistants guide you through the whole process and make the loan procedure easy. BEST TEAM!!!


Tridal Upadhyay(5/5)

Finance Buddha has helped me getting a loan of 10 lakhs personal loan with HDFC bank in a hassle-free manner. The documentation and the KYC procedures took less than a day with these people and the loan was sanctioned within 2 days along with other incentives.


Akash Aggarwal(5/5)

Finance Buddha representatives helped me avail a high loan amount with lower interest rates just like a paradox! HDFC bank personal loan is the loan you should too opt for as the EMIs too are very low and you can repay the loan easily. BEST Marketplace for Personal Loans!!!


Anshul Parikh(5/5)

I wanted a 1.5 million loan, Finance Buddha helped me secured the loan with a personal loan from HDFC bank for 5 years at the attractive rate of 11.25% which was not believable and a life changer for me as the Finance Buddha representative were engaged 24/7. BEST TEAM WITH TOP CLASS INDIVIDUALS!!!


Shubham Saxena(5/5)

Finance Buddha and HDFC bank the two big brothers that helped me with getting a personal loan along with the best incentives in the finance market such as the lowest interest rates was quite the unusual thing for a common man like me. BEST LOAN SERVICE PROVIDERS!


Anand Patel(5/5)

There was an upside down in my life and lowest interest rate loan provided to me by Finance Buddha was a total game changer for me. I was first time experiencing this service and was sanctioned a personal loan by the premium bank HDFC with other services.


Suraj Singh(5/5)

I wanted a shift and Finance Buddha was there to help me with just some clicks and a hassle free process to get a loan and I was sanctioned a personal loan within 2 days from HDFC bank with lowest interest rates and excellent client servicing representative.

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