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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Reviews #7

4.8 stars based on 271 reviews

Manpreet Arora(5/5)

I have always been worried about the extra charges that banks ask for after the loan approval. But with HDFC, this is not the case. There are no hidden charges and there is a lot of transparency in all the processes. Finance Buddha helped me to choose this bank and I know this is one of the best choices made by me.


Simran Kaur(5/5)

I was worried about my CIBIL score as that was below 750. Never imagined that I will be able to get such decent loan amount even with a low CIBIL score. I just want to thank Finance Buddha and HDFC for this. Finance Buddha guided me for all the procedures and HDFC services and customer support executives were decent as well as well-aware about the terms.


Nancy Dhanota(5/5)

I have always trusted HDFC bank. They have amazing schemes and discounts. Thus, when I had to think of getting a personal loan, I did not think much. I just referred to Finance Buddha and they were also on the same page. I can trust both of them and their services at any time. I hope you keep working in the same way.


Komal Saini(5/5)

Finance Buddha is really helpful and I cannot even think of using any other website to get help. They help you with each and every step, be it calculating EMIs or opting the best bank. I got my personal loan sanctioned from HDFC at very low interest rates. I also like that HDFC covers personal accident and provides 24x7 customer help.


Chandan Mehta(5/5)

To be true, HDFC is one of the best banks when it comes to home loans. I tried comparing different banks with the help of Finance Buddha and agreed on going for HDFC. Their 24x7 customer service is really helpful. I just want you to get help from Finance Buddha whenever you feel dubious as they will help you with each and every query of yours.


Hardika Narula(5/5)

I just want to thank my friend who made me consult Finance Buddha for getting my loan approved. They made the whole process so quick and easy. I got my personal loan approved from HDFC and at low interest rates. I did not know that this was this simple and quick.


Manav Kumar(5/5)

I had really bad experiences with personal loans as I had a few rejections and I thought that I should try some other kind of loan. However, I came across Finance Buddha and that helped me a lot. They introduced me to various ways of choosing the best. I ended up landing on HDFC and I never thought that the whole process will be so easy. HDFC interest rates are low and representatives were really kind.


Aarush Goyal(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me to go for HDFC and I must say, the bank representatives were quite helpful and friendly. They told me about each and every step and everything after that was smooth. I was really happy about the interest rates as that was lowest in the market. All I can do is just thank Finance Buddha and HDFC for this pain-free process.


Vikas Lakha(5/5)

If you are looking for a quick approval and an immediate sanction of loan, then HDFC is made for you. I consulted Finance Buddha representatives and they provided me with the best advice. They helped me compare different banks and their interest rates and eventually helped me make my mind for opting HDFC. The whole process was quick and hassle free.


Kiran Jain(5/5)

When you do not have time to spend going in and out of the bank, then I must advise you to refer Finance Buddha. They have solutions to many problems. I wanted a personal loan and they helped to get in touch with HDFC representatives. They were so friendly and helpful. The whole process did not bother me in any way.


Mehek Mahajan(5/5)

I feel that I have got the best services. Finance Buddha representatives are the best to be true. They made me opt for HDFC's personal loan and I am really happy with that. The whole process was quick and hassle free. Interest rate is low and I even decided about the repayments. Best!


Shubham Tyagi(5/5)

I never thought the process of getting a personal loan can be this quick. Documentation and KYC procedures just took a day and the loan was sanctioned in two days. I really want to give all the credits to Finance Buddha. They made me get in a touch with this premium bank HDFC and provided me with all the insights. Everything seemed quite easy.


Kiran Sood(5/5)

THE BEST IN THE MARKET! I just want to thank Finance Buddha and HDFC for providing me with all the best services. Really, I never thought that the whole process will be this quick and hassle free. I was unaware about so many places, but these people guided me nicely. All I can do is refer the same to every friend of mine.


Sameer Malik(5/5)

Finance Buddha is truly best in helping you reach the best available. They are quite aware about the current scenarios. I was looking for a huge loan with lower EMIs and Finance Buddha helped me to make my mind for the best. HDFC provided me the desired loan with the lowest interest rates available in the market. I am really thankful to both.


Karan Sikka(5/5)

I was looking for a huge personal loan due to some urgency. It was really difficult to choose the best suitable bank and especially rate of interest and services were making me confused. Thus, on the referral of a friend, I decided to consult Finance Buddha. They got my loan approved from HDFC at a really low interest rate. They guided me with all the possible aspects and we mutually landed on choosing the best, HDFC. A big thanks to both.


Rohit Dudeja(5/5)

I must say Finance Buddha and HDFC together have solved my big time problem. They are indeed the best in the market. I got the personal loan with lowest interest rates available in the market. I was really not expecting the same, but Finance Buddha managers were really helpful throughout the process.


Nitin Malhotra(5/5)

I want to thank Finance Buddha for the help they provided me to get my personal loan sanctioned. I was new to all the processes and everything seemed very hectic. Finance Buddha helped me to get the personal loan from premium bank HDFC and that too with low interest rest. They guided me and helped me know all the processes. Loan was approved quickly and the process was quite simple.


Suresh Rajawat(5/5)

Getting a loan sanctioned seems tricky and the long process is scary. I tried various banks and the processes really scared me to be true. Eventually. I got my loan sanctioned in three days from HDFC and I was really happy with all the hassle free processes. Also, Finance Buddha was there to help through the process and guided me with the best. Thanks!


Naina Rajput(5/5)

Finance Buddha really helped me a lot with getting my loan approved without collateral. I was not able to get it done and I tried different banks as well. In the end, I consulted Finance Buddha and they helped me to get a personal loan in HDFC. Everything seemed really easy and smooth afterward. Few formalities were done, which are necessary and I got my loan approved.


Mehak Punjabi(5/5)

In adverse situations getting a loan is tough. But when Finance Buddha is at your back the toughest loan also becomes easy. I too applied for a loan and got one from HDFC bank within 24 hours of the application due to the Finance Buddha team and at the best interest rates without any hassle.


Dharti Patel(5/5)

Finance Buddha has been the one team with the different approach to disbursing the loan to the individuals. I too was sanctioned a loan with finance Buddha. It was a personal loan of 10 lakhs from HDFC bank and I got the lowest interest of 11.25% in the market. Also, the documentation process was hassle free. Best loan marketplace!!!


Sakshi Singh(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team takes the procedure of the loan disbursal to the next level by carrying out all the process for you and maintain the spirit. I too was disbursed a loan through finance Buddha by HDFC bank with the help of the team along with the lowest interest rates and no hassle. BEST TEAM!!


Bhavna Chaudhary(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me in getting a personal loan with HDFC bank amounted at 4.6 lakhs with the lowest interest rate and processing fees. Also, the process was carried out in a day without any hassle and quick disbursal of the loan amount into my account. Also, the interest rate was 11.5%


Shagun Parmar(5/5)

I recently applied for a personal loan with Finance Buddha and within 24 hours they replied me back with the approval of the loan with HDFC bank at the lowest available interest of 12% in the market. The team strives towards the success of each loan with dexterity. BEST TEAM!!

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