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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Reviews #6

4.8 stars based on 271 reviews

Sorabh Shah(5/5)

In hard times, you need to get monetary help from some other sources and personal loan seems to be the best of all. It is crucial to get that approved from the best bank in the market. In my case, I just told all the requirements to Finance Buddha and they told me about all the best options. I chose HDFC due to their low interest rates and services. One of the best decisions made indeed.


Lalit Malhotra(5/5)

Finance Buddha team is the best to be true. They are so helpful and well aware about all the things related to finance. They guided me very well about all the banks and their requirements. As per the need, they guided me to choose HDFC, which is now my favorite bank due to their service and transparency of the process. Great Job!


Sayyed Khan(5/5)

I was planning to move to a different city last month and buying a lost of stuff for the new place is not easy. I ended up looking for different banks for personal loan and got in touch with Finance Buddha. They assisted me so well about each and every bank and their pros and cons. After analysing each and everything, I ended up meeting HDFC representatives. They all were so welcoming and helpful. Each and every step was done with an ease and the whole process was really smooth.


Harun Sood(5/5)

I was planning to take the personal loan to pay off for my wedding. I did not have much time to go to banks again and again. In order to avoid all the hassles, I consulted Finance Buddha representatives. They guided me through all the steps and helped me choose HDFC for the personal loan. And, I cannot thank much for the same. HDFC is truly the best when it comes to service and their process time.


Nirmala Negi(5/5)

Finance Buddha made the whole process really easy for me. I was not well-aware about a lot of stuff and their representatives guided me with all. I compared different banks and their interest rates and chose HDFC in the end. I got my loan at the lowest interest rate of 11.49%. It feels good when you choose the best.


Nia Jha(5/5)

I was looking for a personal loan, but it is so difficult and tedious to get loans these days. Different banks ask for a lot of paperwork and take a lot of time as well. But then I got in touch with Finance Buddha and they guided me to go for HDFC. They really helped me a lot to get a loan. I got my loan approved in few days and it is truly amazing.


Gagan Sond(5/5)

No hidden charges is what I love about HDFC. The whole process was transparent and processing fee was quite less. Lowest interest rate as compared to other banks is another attraction. I just want to thank Finance Buddha for making me opt for HDFC for a personal loan. The whole process was quite easy.


Kuldeep Singh(5/5)

I wanted to change the whole look of my place and was waiting for the funds since long. Thus, I thought of taking a personal loan and started looking for the same. I compared some banks on Finance Buddha and ended my search on HDFC. I must say I was impressed by the services and all the schemes they provide. Processing fee was low as well as compared to many banks.


Abhishek Malhotra(4/5)

I needed to pay off huge credit card bills and they were bothering from a long time. Thus, I decided to pay them off by taking a personal loan. I decided to compare few banks before taking the loan and found Finance Buddha. It was really helpful as they help in complete analysis and you can compare many banks by thinking of so many assets. I found HDFC the best out of all due to the quick service and their low interest rates.


Jasmine Khanna(5/5)

I loved the whole loan process with HDFC as I never thought that it will be this easy and quick. I used to be scared thinking about the banks and the number of times you have to go to them and ask for the same thing. Finance Buddha was really helpful in finding the best bank, HDFC. They guide you with each and everything and you can ask as much as questions you want to.


Dimple Dua(5/5)

I needed a personal loan for debt consolidation and was not able to find the perfect bank which can provide the same in lowest interest rates. Thus, I referred Finance Buddha and decided to go for HDFC. Initially, I thought that it might be a bad idea to think of a personal loan to pay other debts, but I can see it is beneficial as the interest rates of HDFC are low and services are amazing. Thanks a lot guys!


Sachin Marwaha(5/5)

If you are looking for a bank which can provide you the personal loan in no time along with low interest rates then HDFC is the correct choice for you. I got a lot of information about the bank and their service through Finance Buddha and loved all the aspects. This is definitely one of those banks where customers are treated well and a lot of support is provided to them.


Rohit Kalia(5/5)

After a lot of research, I agreed on Finance Buddha's decision of going for HDFC for personal loan. They provide the best services and lowest interest rates. Their quick service is another attraction if you are looking for something quick and relaxing.


Rahul Rampal(5/5)

I did not have a good CIBIL score as per many banks. I did not want my another loan request to be declined. Thus, I referred Finance Buddha this time and got HDFC on my list. I must say they did not create any fuss and provided the best service and that too in very less span of time. Everything was really quick. Thank you!


Misha Tandon(5/5)

I know how long banks take to sanction the loan amount. But HDFC was really quick. One day they are doing all the documentation work and the second day I was able to get my loan approved. Never imagined that these processes can be this quick. Finance Buddha helped me go through the details and I ended up choosing HDFC with lowest of the interest rates in the market.


Lavanya Kapoor(5/5)

I was looking for a personal loan without collateral and HDFC provided me with that. I searched for so many banks and understood their terms as well. Eventually, I landed on Finance Buddha and selected HDFC. I must say, this was the right decision. They helped me know all the terms of HDFC and helped me understand that how it meets my requirements.


Kanika Malhotra(5/5)

BEST OF ALL! Finance Buddha is really helpful. They helped me to get in touch with HDFC, where I got the best deal. High amount of the loan and the lowest interest rates. I did not have to wait for long for the disbursal of the loan as well. Everything was quite easy and speedy.


Rishi Thakur(5/5)

I needed my personal loan to be sanctioned quickly due to urgency and Finance Buddha helped me to get the best bank for that. HDFC employees helped me to go through all the processes really quickly and they even provided all the information about the loan. I got best in very short of time.


Akshit Sharma(5/5)

Low interest rates and easy repayments were the two things that I wanted and got them from this premium bank, HDFC. Thanks to Finance Buddha for helping me with all the things. I did not have any idea about the processes and related requirements and Finance Buddha helped me to understand all. HDFC representatives are really helpful and friendly. They answered every question of mine.


Kriti Verma(5/5)

Generally, banks ask for a lot of formalities and take a lot of time in documentation. But I must say HDFC is quite quick in all. I literally searched about many banks and ended up agreeing to Finance Buddha's suggestion of selecting HDFC. Best choice made indeed!


Anupam Lohia(5/5)

I hate going in banks and doing rounds for the work to be done. I compared different banks on Finance Buddha, especially as per their services and found HDFC the best. HDFC people are really helpful as they even provided door-step services and did not make me wait for any process. The whole process was quick and relaxing.


Manisha Shorey(5/5)

HDFC has so many branches and I always prefer HDFC due their services and availability. I wanted a personal loan and I knew that HDFC will be the most suitable. They guided me well through the whole process. I tried Finance Buddha as well for calculating repayments and giving my choice a second opinion and landed up choosing HDFC only. Now, I know that I can trust both Finance Buddha and HDFC blindly. Best!


Arun Arora (4/5)

Finance Buddha has always been helpful for me. Be it calculating repayments or finding the best bank for the loan. When I decided to take a personal loan, I just consulted Finance Buddha and landed up opting for HDFC. HDFC sanctioned my loan with low interest rates, which is appreciable. However, while checking their list of companies and spotting the company where I work seemed like an issue for them. But nevertheless, they provided me with the best and it was an easy process later.


Rita Jha(5/5)

The best thing about HDFC is the help and information provided by their executives for each and every step. They guided me through every step and made me really comfortable and I asked as many questions as I wanted to for better clarity. They always had a solution for the problems. The best bank for personal loan indeed! Thanks a lot Finance Buddha for making me know about their practices.

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