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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Reviews #5

4.8 stars based on 271 reviews

Sunny Singhal(5/5)

Getting a personal loan without knowing much about that can seem like a difficult task. When I applied for the personal loan for the first time, it got rejected. Therefore, the second time I was quite careful about all the requirements. Finance Buddha helped me to get my loan approved from HDFC and that too within a few days.


Hriday Jaswal(5/5)

I got my personal loan approved by HDFC at interest rate of 11.5%. I am really happy with the same. They offer quite impressive services and their representatives guide you through all the steps. I got my loan sanctioned in 2 days after the formalities. I also compared all the banks through Finance Buddha. I would strongly recommend you to do the same.


Sushant Sood(5/5)

I was not able to get personal loan due to income issues. I consulted Finance Buddha and got my loan approved from HDFC. It did not even take much time. Few formalities were done and I got my loan within 3 days. The experience as a whole was really nice.


Jay Rajput(5/5)

If you are looking for a personal loan, then I would suggest HDFC. They have clear procedures and process is quite simple. They do not have any hidden charges as many other banks. Also, the process is quick and processing fee is low. Interest rates are low as compared to other banks in the market.


Sonal Grover (4/5)

It was a good experience getting in touch with Finance Buddha. They helped me to get my loan approved from HDFC. HDFC has a good team, which is helpful and they tell you all the required things. Their 24x7 customer support is another attraction to me. Having said that, it was a nice experience overall.


Damini Arora(5/5)

I really liked that Finance Buddha team is so customer oriented. They are always up for any advice. They helped me to get my loan approved from HDFC and everything is as per y requirement. I was able to decide the EMIs and loan term as per my suitability. Also, the process was quite fast and the loan was sanctioned within two days of formalities.


Priya Roy(5/5)

HDFC is the perfect bank for the personal loan. After looking at all the options, Finance Buddha advised me to go for HDFC as that seemed most suitable. Finance Buddha's team is really helpful and they guided me for all the available options. HDFC's schemes are really nice and their interest rates are low as well. I will surely advise you to contact Finance Buddha to get the best of all.


Shalini Mittal(5/5)

I wanted a personal loan at lowest possible charges. I contacted Finance Buddha and they introduced me to HDFC bank's process. I got to know that they have customized offers for women professionals. Isn't this amazing? Also, my loan was sanctioned in a few days. I really liked the whole process.


Amit Kathuria(5/5)

I got my personal loan approved last month from HDFC at low interest rates and processing fee. There were no extra charges. I decided to select HDFC after comparing different banks on Finance Buddha. So, if you are looking to find the best option for you, just go for Finance Buddha and select the best suited one. Also, you get to know so many other aspects as well.


Muneeb Shaik (4/5)

Nice job! Finance Buddha team is quite helpful. They guide you very well about all the things you want to know. Their representatives guided me about different banks and helped me to go for HDFC for the personal loan. HDFC is indeed one of the best banks when it comes to personal loan.


Rahul Singla(5/5)

Good service and a nice experience! Unlike other banks, HDFC was quite open about all the processes and requirements for a personal loan. There were no extra expenses and the processing fee was quite less. Also, Finance Buddha guided me about all the things and steps. They compared different banks for me as per the need to get me the best option.


Prosenjit Mondal(5/5)

I wanted a personal loan because of the medical emergency in the family. I wanted that on an urgent basis and I got that from HDFC under the guidance of Finance Buddha. They all were understanding and provided me with the best. From low interest rates to problem free processes, everything was done quickly. I just want to thank HDFC and Finance Buddha team for this.


Aayushi Paul(5/5)

I wanted the personal loan of 2000000 INR and it seemed difficult by looking at the terms and conditions of various banks. In the end, I talked to Finance Buddha people and they helped me to get the loan from HDFC at low interest rates. It was really amazing as I never knew that I could get the loan approved and sanctioned in just a couple of days. Thank you, Guys!


Suraj Panthi(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me to get my first loan. I was not at all aware about the terms and processes. Their representatives are really helpful and understanding. They asked me about the requirements and helped me choose HDFC, which approved my personal loan at lowest interest rates. I can rely on the team anytime.


Neha Rajput (4/5)

Overall, it was a good experience. I was guided by an advisor throughout the process. Finance Buddha team helped me to get in touch with HDFC bank and the whole process was smooth enough. Even the comparing of banks was nice and provided me with all the insights.


Stuti Sharma(5/5)

My personal loan was disbursed within two days of the whole process. I was so happy as I needed the same on urgent basis. Finance Buddha is an amazing team as they were there at every step and helped me to get the best. Choosing HDFC for the personal loan was the best decision made!


Jaspreet Singh(5/5)

No collateral, no security or guarantor! I wanted a personal loan, but without any security deposit and that too at low interest rates. Finance Buddha helped me to get the same by helping me select HDFC. Their services are really good. I am very happy because of the help provided.


Rajveer Malhotra(5/5)

When you know that you cannot take more risks, then it is hard to believe anyone in one go. I wanted a personal loan and all I could do is consult Finance Buddha team to provide the best to me. I got my loan approved without any massive paperwork. Everything was so quick and the interest rate was the lowest of all the banks available in the market.


Love Kapoor(5/5)

I just go for Finance Buddha, whenever I have to make any financial decision. They help me to get the best of all the available options. Last month, I applied for a personal loan in HDFC after comparing it with many banks under the guidance of Finance Buddha. And, I know that was a really good decision.


Mohit Kukreja (5/5)

Finance Buddha is a good platform if you want to know everything without spending a lot of time. They guided me to get my personal loan approved by HDFC. Everything seems to be good and the service is really nice. I have not explored platforms other than Finance Buddha till now. Thus, can't say compare them with other teams.


Karan Kaushal(5/5)

If you are looking for a platform where you do not have to brainstorm for hours to get the best, then Finance Buddha is for you. They guide you about everything that you want to know. They guided me about the personal loan and its process. I got the loan from HDFC and I do not have any reason to think twice about that decision. BEST ONE!


Janvi Gupta(5/5)

I was scared of applying for the personal loan due to bad CIBIL score. Many agents told me about the rejections as well. While going through different banks and their processes, I got in touch with Finance Buddha. It was a great deal as I got all the information from their side. They also took care of my CIBIL score and ensured me that I can get the required loan. They were right and I got the loan from HDFC with their great help.


Savita Aggarwal(5/5)

I wanted a personal loan so that I could go on a dream vacation with my husband. We planned it long ago but were not able to manage the funds. Finance Buddha took care of all the difficulties and just told me the favourable banks, which I compared with their help and selected HDFC at last. I could not believe how fast their services were. In a couple of days of documentation, the loan was sanctioned. I am really happy with the help provided.


Sandip Patel(5/5)

I wanted a personal loan due to some debts and wanted that to be without any collateral. I consulted many agents who listed down different options. But, I contacted Finance Buddha in the end due to my friend's suggestion. They told me the whole process and showed me that how HDFC was the perfect bank as per my requirements. Their customer service is another add-on.

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