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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Reviews #10

4.8 stars based on 271 reviews

Venna Prakash(5/5)

I was blown away by the level of service offered by HDFC bank. In my personal experience, there has been no other bank who understands clearly customer’s need and will act accordingly. Best bank for any type of loans. Am lucky to be a customer of HDFC bank.



Am extremely happy with the service offered by HDFC bank on the personal loan application. The bank is very responsive to all queries and concerns and was available at all times whenever I had any issues or concern. Thank you HDFC for being a very supportive bank.


Louis Mathew(5/5)

The documentations and KYC procedure was pretty simple and hassle free. Smooth process and there was no need for me to worry about the loan as they kept me regularly updated. Great offers are granted by this bank to its customers.


Soumya Kuriakose(5/5)

I opted to take personal loan from HDFC bank. Completed the whole loan process within 2 days and by 4th day I had money in my account. HDFC bank understands the emergencies and will accordingly prioritize the request. Even the Finance Buddha loan representative was very helpful throughout the loan process.


Julie (5/5)

I got my personal loan approved from HDFC bank with just 12.5% rate of interest. The service was extremely good and satisfying. Anyone who is trying for personal loan should try with HDFC bank for quick service and low charges.



I have an existing savings bank account with HDFC bank. When I applied for personal, the bank officials were very co-operative and helped me to get the loan sanctioned within 6 days. Thank you HDFC bank for quick turnaround time.


Johanna Paul(5/5)

Got my personal loan from HDFC bank processed within 4 days. Rate of interest is just 11.75% and there was no processing fee due to festive season special offer. Am very happy with the loan and rate of interest. Other charges are also as per market standards. This is ideal bank for personal loans in India.


Akshay Raja(5/5)

The perfect bank for personal loan is HDFC bank. I am thankful to Finance Buddha for introducing me to HDFC bank. The details given in Finance Buddha are very accurate. When I applied for a loan through this website, the whole process was hassle free.


Abhilaash Raghu(5/5)

The best way to explain my HDFC bank personal loan experience is, it is- “The Quickest Loan approval” bank. I have savings bank account with HDFC bank, this helped me to get a personal loan approved on the same day of applying for the loan and money was disbursed to my account the very next day. I haven’t seen such quick processing before. Their service is very impressive.


Archana Deshpande(5/5)

I applied for a personal loan with HDFC bank through Finance Buddha. This website helped me to easily compare personal loan details of different banks. The rate of interest and other charges are low at HDFC bank as compared to other banks.


Amit Prabhu(5/5)

I have taken personal loan twice from HDFC bank, the level of service keeps bettering. The rate of interest is low, bank staffs are very co-operative and overall a very professional experience was felt while transacting with HDFC bank.


Anto Kocherry(5/5)

If you are looking for a bank to get personal loan, I would suggest HDFC bank. The loan process is very transparent and the bank officials are also ready to explain the status of the loan application. Every single detail about the loan was clearly informed before proceeding with the loan approval.



As I hold an employee account with HDFC bank, getting a personal loan was very easy. There were no additional documents required apart from signing the application form. Bank directly checked my salary details through bank account statements and approved the loan within 2 days. Rate of interest is also very low as compared to what other banks were ready to offer.



HDFC is the best bank for personal loan. I received loan for 11. 5% rate of interest and 3 lakhs was credited to my bank account within 5 days.


Maria Ashwini(5/5)

Personal loan application was quickly processed by HDFC bank. As soon as I applied for loan through Finance Buddha, I got a call and bank representative came to my office to collect all necessary documents. All conversations were through telephone and there was no need for me to visit the bank. Loan was sanctioned within 8 working days.


Geetha Priya(5/5)

I was trying for a personal loan from past 3 months but due to low income many banks were not willing to offer loan. HDFC bank checked my income and employer details and was ready to offer loan. The rate of interest was low and loan was processed within 5 days.


Abhishek Venkateshwara.(5/5)

Great bank for personal loan service, I have referred two of my friends to HDFC bank.


Megha Zaveri(5/5)

Had a very great and sharable experience with HDFC bank. This is my first transaction with this bank and the service was so impressive and welcoming. I have never before worked with a banking instruction that offers such a great service.



This is one of the very nice service providers. In the service industry such services are offered by only few institutions. Thanks HDFC bank for the excellent service offered till date!


Abel Prince(5/5)

I my previous experience of personal loan I had a very bad mindset, but this time with Finance Buddha my impression is changed and I love taking service from this website again and again. There is no doubt they are here to service needs of each and every one who is yearning for that extra information about personal loan.


Anjali Mehta(5/5)

As all my documents were accurate and I was meeting the eligibility criteria, I was offered loan for 11.5% interest rate within 3 days.


Preeti Malik(5/5)

Very user friendly process of availing a loan. I never thought getting a personal loan would be this easy. Thanks to Finance Buddha and HDFC bank


Sheela Gopalan(5/5)

Very fast and good service offered at limited period. Next time for any needs I will reach to Finance Buddha and HDFC bank.


Senthil Suresh(5/5)

The whole experience was wonderful of getting a personal loan from HDFC bank. Thanks to Priya for the guidance.

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