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Axis Bank Personal Loan Reviews #4

4.8 stars based on 154 reviews

Nirmala Negi(5/5)

My father decided o get me married and fixed the wedding. However, we were little short of funds, that was the time when I surfed online to find brokers who give easy loans but found this website. Finance Buddha had written about same day loans. On comparison I discovered that it was a great option for us to get the loan applied through the website in the Axis Bank. I am happy I made that choice instead of partnering with some other bank.


Preeti Sabharwaal(5/5)

Axis bank employees are always committed to working and providing the best quality of user experience. I talked to the bank employees on call after they rejected my application. Though I was really irritated, they listened to me patiently and provided me another way to apply the loan. It did take some time given that my credit rating was not very good. However, it has been worth the wait. You find great things on internet sometimes! I got the info through Finance Buddha and the journey of taking the loan has been great.


Nilesh Mathur(5/5)

My loan was sanctioned like a fairy tale. The executives got the online application through Finance Buddha and came to my house to process the documentation. A lot of information I had already seen through this web portal, Finance Buddha, the rest was made available by the team of Axis bank who came home to provide the doorstep services. Thanks to them, I was able to get the loan without any hassle.


Bharat Garg(5/5)

My loan was approved within 3 days of applying for the loan. Axis bank is a good bank when it comes to customer service. For travelling abroad, I needed a loan amount which did not have high rate of interest. I was already done with paying the sky rocketing price of travelling abroad.


Jahnvi Mehra(5/5)

Availing loan through Axis bank means partnering with a bank that you can trust. The documentation process is easy to understand. If you are looking for a bank where you can get the loan without any undue trouble, you have your choice.


Dhruv Dant(5/5)

EMI payments through Axis Bank are easy to pay since the bank has many provisions to pay the EMIs. Finance Buddha provided timely assistance at the time when it was needed. I am obliged to the website assistants who provided every information about the personal loan.


Ashok Mittal(5/5)

The approval of your loan through Axis bank depends on how strong application you make. The Finance Buddha does that task for you. They check your loan eligibility through an online form and give you a call to discuss how to improve the form. They recommended the best features to apply.


Rajat Goniya(5/5)

The benefits of partnering with Axis bank has been that they have given me loyalty points which have helped me in shopping also. It seems like the bank treats all the loan availers and the account holders equally and passes on the benefits to them both; that has been my personal experience. It has been good so far and I am hoping that in the coming two months the bank will probably announce a rate cut.


Sahiba Khurana(5/5)

Axis bank personal loan is a good option if you have any personal needs for which you don't want to spend long time in banks. Finance Buddha is a helpful portal which makes the loan processing easier by providing all the necessary information that you require. The best thing about this web portal is that their English is so easy to understand.


Ruchi Arora(5/5)

My loan was sanctioned at a rate percent of 10.25%. The bank charges were lower than all other banks as I compared through the Finance Buddha comparison of different banks. Also, it has been easy to coordinate with the bank employees about the processing of the loan. This is the customer service you expect from a private bank and Axis bank delivers the best to you.


Sandeep Sethi(5/5)

I was looking for a reliable bank where I could move my loan as from my parent bank, I was tired of paying such exorbitant rates of interests. The loan rates at Axis bank are good provided the services they provide.


Raj Mehta(5/5)

Axis Bank provides the best customer support I have ever seen. They provide you the right solutions and that too on the right time. What else is the use of a loan which is not sanctioned at the right time. The bank executives coordinated with me from the very beginning to the end.


Sushmita Irani(5/5)

I did not have to visit the bank even a single time. This decreased my burden to a lot of extent. I processed my application through the website of Finance Buddha. Moreover, they require minimum documentation. I liked that they were not like other telecom executives who put your calls on hold for long hours. They were good enough to understand my urgency and suggest me the best possible loan.


Samarath Sen(5/5)

All I had to do was go on Axis Bank's website and click 'Apply Now'. Filling basic requirements and just the procedure where you sign up for any website or portal. It has been really as easy to avail the loan as ABC.


Nidhi Singh(5/5)

My loan eligibility was reduced because of my past low credit score. The website provided great information and alternate methods to maximise the same. My wife has been able to avail the loan on my behalf and I can't thank enough to the company employees for always picking our calls and providing valuable information.


Garima Chowdhary(5/5)

Getting a home loan can be really exhausting, especially when you are taking the loan for first time. Finance Buddha is such a good portal where you can get reliable and updated information at one click. The best part about the web portal is that they update the information as soon as any new rate cut is announced; I have personally verified this thing. Another good thing about the portal is their comparison analysis report. Overall, the portal is clean and easy to understand. Made by experts for laymen.


Gracy Srivastava(5/5)

I needed a personal loan to go abroad. Axis bank was my first choice as we knew the bank employees through the time of my elder sister's marriage. They had been very supportive at that time and I knew they would process my request as well, quickly enough. I am happy to say that the bank has lived up to the expectations this time also.


Dishant Sood(5/5)

Great customer experience. Hats off to their supportive team. Good work Finance Buddha, always look up to you for financial assistance.


Ravleen Kaur(5/5)

I filled the application form through Finance Buddha on 16th December and got a call from the representatives on 16th itself. I got the full loan amount on 21st December. That should speak enough of my customer experience. Apart from this quick processing and great service, Finance Buddha also got me the lowest interest rate of 11.49% on Axis Bank Personal Loan. So, nothing could not have been any better!


Nitin Gupta(5/5)

Door step service by Finance Buddha is helpful for every working person. I negotiated the charges for the extra things and the employees were humble to answer every question and reply on time.


Milind Thapa(5/5)

Quick approval by Axis bank is the best feature. They do not waste time in redundant visits. The loan eligibility was already checked through the application I passed through Finance Buddha employees. Overall, the experience has been very satisfying. Taking the loan can be very painful if you have to take day offs every day. But Finance Buddha made it really easy to understand the procedures.


Varun Singh(5/5)

Axis bank is one of the most reliable banks in the private sector. I already had my bank account in the bank and was aware of their good customer support. The bank was very helpful and the comparison provision by Finance Buddha helped me to make the final choice.


Sonal Pruthi(5/5)

As I am a salaried employee, my loan tenure was extended to 5 years. The loan process is easy where minimum documentation is required. Even for that you do not have to visit the bank. Loan conditions are different from people from different cities. Finance Buddha helped me knowing this thing and so I applied the home loan on behalf of my brother who lives in a different city and saved on recurring costs.


Pramod Misra(5/5)

The best thing about partnering with Axis bank is that they provide the home loans for every customer based on their personal needs. The bank is run by employees who are empathetic and understand the personal requirements. Thanks to Finance Buddha, I could apply for personal loan from Axis bank without having to visit the bank manually.

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