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Axis Bank Personal Loan Reviews #3

4.8 stars based on 154 reviews

Seema Kaladia(5/5)

I had never imagined that getting a loan so quick was possible because in our days it used to take much longer time. Finance Buddha just changed my perspective towards the loan as they provided me one with Axis Bank with the best possible interest rates in the market.


Shrey Masani(5/5)

Quality work is less seen in the market these days! But with the Finance Buddha’s meticulous as well as flexible loan process from the Axis Bank my opinion was completely changed. They are just at a click and the few players who actually do your tedious work! BESTEST!!


Jaydeep Arora(5/5)

Finance Buddha after utilising the services I recommend to everyone who is need of a loan. A month ago they helped me getting a flexible personal loan from Axis Bank at the disbursal time span of just 4 days into my account. I say they are unbeatable winners!


Bhargav Shah(5/5)

With Finance Buddha at your back, it just becomes as similar to having a family member in the bank. They helped me get a flexible personal loan from Axis Bank without any hassle and the best services i.e. the lowest interest rate on personal loan and quick disbursal of loan.


Dhruvil Patel(5/5)

What is Bank? I don’t know. I never visited because of the excellence in the service by Finance Buddha team and their constant support. Along with it the flexible personal loan from the Axis Bank just made me feel like Diwali bonus came early this year. MUCH THANKS!!


Ritu Shah(5/5)

I’m obliged to offer my thanks to the Finance Buddha team for availing me the personal loan from the Axis bank which also added incentives like the flexible loan payment and the lowest processing fee in the market. This added a new spark in my life. THANK YOU!


Yogesh Sharma(4/5)

I salute the Finance Buddha team for taking so much trouble on my behalf for availing me with a loan from Axis Bank which provides excellent service along with a hassle free process and the lowest processing fee as well the interest rate i.e. 13.5% in the market.


Lakhwindar Pal(5/5)

Axis Bank’s personal loan helped my status from not to fall in my daughter’s wedding at the very flexible rate of 14.5% in the market all because of the Finance Buddha team and their constant support in availing me with the loan along with hassle free services. FLAWLESS!


Gurpreet Singh(4/5)

Axis Bank personal loan of Rs. 15,00,000 was provided to me at the flexible interest of just 13.5% i.e. just a next level job by the Finance Buddha executive and the strong support they hold towards their customers is also very much appreciated. My sincere thanks!


Manisha Singh(5/5)

The bank's hassle process gets on your nerve but with Finance Buddha and the Axis Bank the personal loan was just like a slice of cake and opened a new dimension in my mind about loans after the hassle-free service provided to me. BEST TEAM EVER!!


Ramiya Sen(5/5)

All you need to do is fill up details on the Finance Buddha website and your loan gets processed with the simplest processing fee and EMI. I recommend to all my friends the Axis Bank’s flexible personal loan for all your small or large needs BEST SERVICE EVER!!


Soniya Rao(5/5)

Axis bank personal loan solved my need for the uplift of my house through the flexible loan and the EMI was made more flexible through Finance Buddha as the executives look into your needs and provide you with a hassle free process and a low processing fee too.


Shreya Bajaj(5/5)

You just need to relax to your seat if you have applied for a loan through Finance Buddha and if you select the option of Axis Bank from the list of personal loans they process is so hassle free that you’re personal needs get fulfilled quick. BEST SERVICES!


Trikanta Iyer(5/5)

My loan of INR 1,500,000 was approved within 5 days. I don't think this would have been possible had I gone to the bank officials and asked them to process my loan in any other bank. Though Axis bank employees are very helpful, yet I did not have to go to them even once as everything was done by the team of this website. They master in everything and every information they provide is absolutely correct.


Shruti Zayra(5/5)

Not even once did I have to go to the bank for applying for the loan for my personal needs. It was all happening through the online application that the Finance Buddha team did on my behalf. They are always ready to help you and are clear with their objectives. A very good example of quality in least time has been displayed by them.


Deepak Sohal(5/5)

Applying for a loan was never so easy. Can you even imagine the number of forms and documents you have to attach while submitting one single application! I could practically imagine myself getting exhausted standing in long queues and asking my boss for leaves every day. However, the e-application mode of Axis bank has made things so easy that anyone can apply for a loan without unnecessary trouble.


Kajal Verma(5/5)

For travel loans, you must go with a bank that understands the purpose. My elder brother faced many hardships to get a loan from a government operated bank three years ago. Now it was my turn and I was really anxious as going to banks every day is certainly not my way. Neither do I have such patience. Online medium has made things very reliable from now on. Finance Buddha and online application mode of Axis bank worked for me. It has been great!


Priyadarshani Kumari(5/5)

I am a complete lay man when it comes to loans and banking. However, thanks to my computer, I am able to partner with the best bank when it comes to loans and customer satisfaction. I found the personal loan by Axis bank through this excellent website Finance Buddha. Here, one can easily find good information about everything related to loans and all. They have explained all the terms and the meaning of every feature also.


Manuka Gupta(5/5)

Best customer support and great user experience. Partnering with Axis bank means saying hello to a customer friendly bank!


Hemant Sharma(5/5)

A very good thing about Axis bank is that they sanction the loan based on your current income. I had to avail loan of small denomination. However, most of the banks I approached were not ready to give me a loan with good rate of interest for such a small value. But then, I stumbled upon the website of Finance Buddha where I came to know about this feature of Axis bank where they give easy loans. Much appreciated help by Finance Buddha in providing genuine info.


Ramesh Rastogi(5/5)

The loan provisions from Axis bank are smooth and easy to understand. There is an easy process to foreclose your loan. I have recently ended my loan which was for a tenure of two years. I remember how my dad had taken a home loan which was initially of INR 150,000 and after two years was still just marginally less than the principal because of the exorbitant rate of interests. I have not faced any such problem with Axis bank. Their system is transparent and easy. It was easy for me to know the foreclosure process through Finance Buddha.


Parvati Mehta(5/5)

Based on my income, I easily got the loan that I wanted to avail. The bank employees were very warm when I visited the bank. They give you a proper description of the trends in the market and also let you know which loan is better to avail depending on the interest changes in the nearest future. I was interested in fixed rate of interest but they told me the benefits in the coming months of going for floating rate charge option. The loan journey has been good. Highly recommended to anyone seeking a personal loan with a reliable bank.


Pragati Sinha(5/5)

All the queries one has about the loans are already answered on the FAQs section of Finance Buddha. To be surer about the information posted, I manually checked it on the website of the bank. It was precise and handy. I chose the Axis bank loan because I have a personal account in the bank and have known their office employees since two years. They are helpful and know my family problems as well. I feel honored to associate with a bank who is always ready to listen to customer woes.


Prerna Das(5/5)

It is so easy to apply for the loan eligibility through the website of Finance Buddha. They have options to get the personalized loan application where there are pre-defined questions. It helps them to gather info about the applicant and find the precise judgement about how the loan will be sanctioned and what are the pros and cons.

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