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Axis Bank Personal Loan Reviews #2

4.8 stars based on 154 reviews

Cajetan Mascarenhas(5/5)

Finance Buddha, your way of removing the queue ahead of you. When you apply for the loan in a bank there is a long queue and you need to wait. Finance Buddha removes the hassle. I too got loan easily with Axis Bank with Finance Buddha as agent.


Ali Shaikh(5/5)

Finance Buddha does not let you visit the bank and submits all the documents on your behalf as a trusted source. They also support you to get the loan at the best criteria for you. I got a loan from Finance Buddha with Axis Bank with best incentives.


Aakash Chandwani(5/5)

They just were the most humble representatives while handling you for the loan process. Not, many bank representatives handle their clients like that. I was able to gain a loan from Axis Bank with the help of Finance Buddha because of support of Finance Buddha representatives to gain loan.


Aditya Shah(5/5)

Finance Buddha, a next level service provider that helped me gain the service of the loan with Axis Bank without any KYC process and without any demand for collateral. The loan was very flexible and provided me with the incentive of low-interest rate and also a hassle-free process.


Kartik Khatri(5/5)

Finance Buddha, a period’s piece in the finance market. They helped me get a loan with Axis Bank which was so flexible and according to my low income it was able to fulfil my EMI needs at the lowest interest and lowest EMI of Rs. 2500 per month.


Ronak Singh(5/5)

This proved to be a turning point in my life when Finance Buddha helped me getting a personal loan with Axis Bank at my ease with low EMI as well as low-interest rates and processing fees for the loan. The loan was flexible and offered other incentives too,


Nisha Kaur(4/5)

I was in need of a loan and a friend suggested Finance Buddha to me. With their help, I was able to secure a quick loan with quick processing and quick disbursal of the loan into my account within 5 days of the application for the loan. UNMATCHED!!


Ashok Mishra(5/5)

You will be able to secure a quick processing and quick disbursement of the loan if you apply with Finance Buddha? Firstly, I too did not believe but when I tried out they turned out to be more than helpful, they proved to be the second hand actually.


Ujjwal Naagar(4/5)

My firm is running all because of the seed capital provided by Axis Bank. I had applied for a personal loan with Axis Bank and I was able to secure it easily with the help of Finance Buddha’s team due to their extreme carefulness and sincerity in work.


Rohit Joshi(5/5)

This process couldn’t become a success without the contribution of the Finance Buddha team. They helped me draw a personal loan with Axis bank which was not only dynamic but also had other benefits such as getting the lowest processing fee and lowest interest rate in the market.


Lavanya Iyer(5/5)

Fighting for the process of the loan with the banks is gone now all because of Finance Buddha. I applied for a loan and it was extremely hassling free just with few clicks the loan was disbursed to me quickly and smoothly in my bank account. AMAZING TEAM WORK!!


Deep Das(5/5)

Finance Buddha team was extremely helpful to me in gaining a personal loan of Rs.10,00,000 with Axis bank within 5 days of applying for the loan and not without any hassle. They proved to be a turning point in my life with their tremendous dynamic efforts!


Kavya Thakkar(5/5)

This turned to be a rare and a beautiful process with me when it came into the picture that my loan has been sanctioned. I applied for a personal loan through Finance Buddha and got one flexible loan with Axis bank all because of Finance Buddha. BEST TEAM EVER!!


Rohit Varma(5/5)

A phenomenal work by the Finance Buddha team and the Axis bank for granting me a personal loan with their cooperated and flexible efforts! I was able to overcome my financial weakness through flexible loan and hassle free process. Also, the interest rates provided to me were lowest. EXCELLENT!!!


Subroto Chakraborty(5/5)

I was unable to find loan due to my low credit ability. But, with Finance Buddha I managed to get a personal loan from Axis Bank at 20% rate of interest to fulfil my need. I thank Finance Buddha team for their peculiar cooperation and quick disbursal of loan.


Mohit Singh(5/5)

Finance Buddha took me through a process of loan which was unheard of i.e. lowest interest rates. But, when I got a loan from Axis Bank at 13.5% I was amazed and the feeling was extraordinary. I would love to apply for a loan again with Finance Buddha soon!


Devanshi Soni(4/5)

There is something special about Finance Buddha that reminds you of it every time when you think of loan. I too got a loan with their help without any hassle and few clicks from the Axis Bank that offered me with a variety of incentives.


Rohan Parikh(5/5)

They blew my minds with such amazing service offered. The Finance Buddha team recommended to everyone who wants to apply for a loan. Their bizarre service just creates respect for them. I got a personal loan from Axis Bank with the help of Finance Buddha executive. JUST UNPARALLED!!


Murad Pandya(5/5)

I would thank Finance Buddha to provide me with a loan opportunity of a personal loan without any hassle with Axis bank which offered me loan just at the EMI as low as Rs. 2400/-. That is an unbeatable execution of some amazing minds on the desk of the firm.


Gulzarilal Ranjini(4/5)

Finance Buddha helped me with getting a personal loan with the lowest interest I could expect of i.e. 13.5% with Axis bank which gave me a flexible loan with easy EMI’s to repay. I sincerely thank Finance Buddha team from the bottom of my heart. Great work guys!!!


Ronald Booker(5/5)

I was lacking short of funds while travelling and applied for a quick loan with Finance Buddha. They helped me getting a personal loan with Axis Bank with 4 days and I was good to go. A quick and efficient team to fulfill your needs on the go!


Rohan Mehra(5/5)

I just had to upload my documents with a few clicks and 4 days later the loan is disbursed to me in my account. The process would have gone any faster I would have come personally and thanked them. Thank you for providing me loan with Axis Bank.


Rishi Malhotra(5/5)

This feels pleasure to present before you how beautifully the Finance Buddha team executes the process of the disbursement of the loan into your bank account quick and efficiently. I too applied for a personal loan from Axis Bank and was very much pleased to receive it with incentives.


Twisha Mehta(5/5)

I was just into a surprise when within 5 days the loan was disbursed to me after I applied for a loan with Finance Buddha. I got one from the premium bank, Axis Bank with the flexibility I wanted and the other incentives too to fulfil my need.

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