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Axis Bank Personal Loan Reviews #1

4.8 stars based on 154 reviews

Soni (5/5)

I am having my personal loan with AXIS Bank. The interest rate offered by them to me is 15%P.A. and the processing fees was 1.50% + service taxes. My loan was approved within 4 working days. And am very happy with the fast service and efficient management skills, although I would have loved it a lower interest rate.



Earlier I applied for my personal loan with different bank. but they were taking much time in the processing and later they rejected my application. Sometime later I applied for my loan with AXIS Bank and my experience here was totally different. The complete processing took only 4 working days and the process was completely smooth and stress free.


Prakash (3/5)

I am having my personal loan with AXIS Bank. From everywhere I heard that there is very fast processing. But in my case they took more than 8 working days for the processing. The documentation process took more time that’s the main reason for the delay in the approval of my personal loan. I will give 3 stars to AXIS bank and their team.


Anurag (5/5)

One of my friend suggested me to go with AXIS Bank for my personal loan. And I found it really good as my friend has told. My application was processed fast and I was having the loan money in my account on the 5th day.


Bandana Awasthi(5/5)

I went to Finance Buddha portal and checked for my eligibility for the personal loan. I found Axis bank was best suited for me. I applied for the loan. I was surprised within an hour I got the confirmation call and the process started from there itself. Finance Buddha executives visited my place next day and they completed the documentation process. My loan was approved on the 4th day.


Mohammad Salman(5/5)

I am satisfied with the service provided by the AXIS Bank. The processing was really fast and stress free. I got my personal loan approved in 4 working days. The interest rate and processing fees charged were bearable.



My experience at AXIS Bank was present. There was a very fast process for the approval of the loan. It took them only 4 working days to approve my loan. The process was completely smooth and hassle free.



I used Finance Buddha portal for applying my loan. I applied my loan with AXIS Bank. The finance Buddha executive came to my place and collected all the documents which were required, they helped me throughout the process. Thanks Finance Buddha team for the help. Without you it would have tough for me.


Umang Jain (3/5)

As personal loan is an unsecured loan the rate of interest offered is somehow high than the others loan. I applied for my personal loan with AXIS Bank. And the interest rate at which my loan was approved is 16% P.A. and the processing charges were low.


Lavanaya (5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me that time when I was in need. I took a personal loan with AXIS Bank. The rate of interest offered to me was 16%P.A. and the processing charge was only 1.50%. I am happy only with the interest rate offered because I was in urgent need of a personal loan. Timely availability matters in urgency more than any other thing.


Deepak Kumar(5/5)

I am having my personal loan from the AXIS Bank and I found that the processing of my personal loan was very fast and efficient. My loan was approved within 3 working days and on the 4th day the amount was in my account. I will give 5 stars to their work.


Chintan Pathak(5/5)

Personal Loan at lowest interest? Yes! Axis bank provides lowest interest personal loan which is dynamic too. I got 13.5% interest rate on personal loan with the help of Finance Buddha without the process of KYC documentation and any other process of documentation. The process was also without any hassle and quick processing.


Harsh Goswami(5/5)

Finance Buddha, an institute where loans become cheap. I too got a loan from Axis Bank of Rs. 10 lakhs at the interest rate of 13.5% which is lowest as according to the axis bank statistics along with the processing fee of 1% which to is the lowest rate.


Harshal Sapre(5/5)

Finance Buddha, they create the loan for you just like a limited edition car. I got a personal loan from the Axis Bank through Finance Buddha at the cheapest available interest rate and processing fee along with no hassle and quick disbursal of the loan through the team.


Dhvani Mehta(5/5)

The loan just increased my joy and fulfilled my need. I got the personal loan from Axis bank which was so captivating through Finance Buddha which played a major role in the acquiring of the loan from the bank at the quickest rate and without any hassle possible.


Diksha Sood(1/5)

The team never lets you down. Yes! The finance Buddha team members helped me a lot through my journey of getting a loan sanctioned from Axis bank with the best features. They guided me in the whole journey without giving me any hassle process to go through.


Hansie Kristi(5/5)

In no matter of time, the loan gets disbursed to you in your bank account. The service made me special and Finance Buddha helped me gain the service of a personal loan from Axis Bank with the quick disposal of the money as the well quick processing of money too.


Gaurav Devpura(5/5)

When you get the loan with the lowest additional expense it becomes a good thing. Small wins actually matter for us. I got a loan with the help of Finance Buddha from Axis Bank which was of low interest and included only KYC documentation so it felt like a personal loan without documents.


Harsh Chauhan(5/5)

When I got the loan from Axis Bank without any much trouble I was so happy that my need would be fulfilled easily without any further roaming to the bank. All, this was because of the Finance Buddha team’s support which is not only peculiar but makes you feel special.


Arbaz Shaikh(5/5)

They tell you getting a loan needs submission of lots of documents. But, Finance Buddha not only makes it easier but also it makes it hassle-free for you. I got a personal loan from Axis Bank through Finance Buddha without any issues and the best interest rates available.


Sunny Yadav(5/5)

Personal loans are hard to get. But, Finance Buddha turned the tables around by offering me with a personal loan from the premium bank Axis bank with many features that just eased my life. I recommend this service to every other friend of mine as I got the lowest interest on the personal loan.


Dhruv Tank(5/5)

The loan just increased my level of anticipation when I got a loan sanctioned from Axis Bank through Finance Buddha within 5 days of applying for the loan without any much hassle of the documentation. They just elevated my trust towards the banks and gave me a belief.


Biraj Rai(5/5)

I was extremely happy when I received the loan from Axis Bank with the help of Finance Buddha which just changed my belief towards the loans. They provided me with the best loan for me at the cheapest rates on interest and also with quick processing of the loan.


Victor Falaco(5/5)

Quick processing? I was laughing when I heard it. But, when I applied for a loan with finance Buddha the loan got processed in 24 hours and within 4 days the amount was a credit to my bank account. The loan was available at the best dynamic incentives. GREAT WORK!!

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