Apply for Axis Bank Personal Loan Online

Interest Rate EMI
13.50% - 24.00%


2,301 - 2,877

(per Lakh)

Details Details

Documents Required

PAN Card, Address Proof, Govt ID Proof (Not required if already given as an address proof), 3 month payslip (with DOJ mentioned), 3 month bank statement, photograph. Additional documents on case to case basis.

Preclosure Charges

  • 0% after the 1st EMI

Part-Payment Option

Possible after 1st EMI. Minimum part payment to be 1 EMI's. Part payment allowed 6 times in a year.

Max Eligibility: 40,00,000


Increase tenure to reduce EMI/maximize Eligibility.

Interest Rate EMI Processing Fees
13.50% - 24.00%


2,301 - 2,877

(per Lakh)

Axis Bank Personal Loan

Whether it’s a financial need for an international holiday, a wedding a face lift of your home or the need for a quick payment, a Personal Loan is the best option available. But the biggest question which always remains in mind is who are the best lender and how much time would it take to process the loan. Here is the Axis Bank Personal Loan which offers you the most flexible personal loans which would suit all your personal needs when you need it the most.

Features of the Axis Bank Personal Loan

Axis Bank offers Personal Loans to salaried employees with repayment tenures of 1 year to 5 years (12 -60 months).The loan is featured by simple and minimal documentation process and hassle free loan application. A loan amount of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15, 00,000 can be availed. The loan features a quick approval so that you can enjoy the money when you need to and not wait for it to come when the need is over.

Benefits of Axis Bank Personal Loan

Axis Bank Personal Loan offers some great benefits. The loan offers no charges on foreclosure or part payment of loan. Also when you repay the loan earlier than stated you earn the eDGE loyalty points which can be redeemed on for shopping on the internet and with Axis Bank Shopping Partners. Earn 150 Points if your disbursal is less than or equal to 3 Lacs, earn 300 points if it is greater than 3 lacs or up to 5 lacs and 450 points if it is above 5 Lacs. Loans are granted to customers depending upon their city and the tier in which the city belongs to. Also if the loan is pre-approved low interest rates an no KYC documentation is required and the loan is granted immediately.

Why should you choose Axis Bank Personal Loan?

Personal Loan needs are varied and depend from customer to customer. Axis Bank understands this and thus its personal loan is designed specifically for your needs. With The interest rates and the charges are extremely competitive and make the loan affordable for salaried employees. You should choose the loan because it has the trust and test of thousands of people. The loan allows you no charge pre-payment options which help you get unburdened whenever you feel like. The customer support is always there to guide you with your queries.

How to apply online for Axis Bank Personal Loan?

To apply online for an Axis Bank Personal Loan you can log on to Finance Buddha and fill in your query on the home page by selecting the Personal Loan Option under ‘what do I want’. Enter the amount of loan you desire and click search. You would be directed to comparison window. Here you need to first fill in your details regarding your company or organization, your loan requirement and any existing EMI`s. After which you shall have the lenders options. Click on Axis Bank and choose Apply Now. Type in your phone number and an OTP would be generated. Fill in the OTP and you shall be directed to the application page fill in the details and complete the form and submit. The bank officials would contact you soon.

Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank Personal Loan

Axis Bank Personal Loan is available to all salaried employees. All salaried employees belonging to public and private sector including Doctors, public prosecutors, employees of multinational corporations, employees of regular private companies and limited companies, private banks, employees of public sector undertakings, state sponsored companies, Central government departmental employees, state governmental employees, police officers, defense personnel or any person withdrawing salary is eligible to avail the personal loan.

The other conditions that shall apply are follows:

  1. The minimum age limit for applying for the loan is 21 years.
  2. Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity is 60 years
  3. The minimum net monthly income should be Rs. 30,000
  4. The maximum loan amount available is Rs. 500,000

Documents Required for Applying for Axis Bank Personal Loan

The following documents are needed to apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan (Pre Sanction documentation)
1. The Application Form
2. Your Photograph
3. An Age proof document
4. An Identity Proof Document
5. An Income Proof(for all kinds of salaried employees)
6. A Bank Statement of personal Bank account
7. A Residence proof document 
8. A Signature Verification Proof

Post Sanction or Pre Disbursement Documentation
1. A copy of the Duly Signed Loan Agreement
2. Standing Instruction(SI) Request or ECS form or Post Date Cheque(PDC`s) or Security Cheque required for SI an ECS
3. Along with this the qualification or registration proof documents are required for architects, Chartered Accountants, Consultant, Engineers, Doctors.
4. Please note that document requirements may differ from customer to customer

Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates, Fees & Charges

Axis Bank Personal Loans are available with excellent interest rates which never let you feel burdened. Rate of interest is something which is a concern for all borrowers. Axis Bank Personal Loans offers loan amounts @ 15.50% to 24%. Loan processing charges 1.50% to 2.00% +Service Taxes are applicable on processing the loan amount to customers. Along with this cheque bouncing charges apply at the rate of Rs. 500 per cheque along with service tax as applicable. Cheque swap charges would apply at the rate of Rs, 500 per instance along with Service Tax as applicable. The prepayment or foreclosure charges would be negated as the bank intends to serve you and ease your repayment problems. However installment default interest rate would apply @ 24.00% per annum which means 2%permonth for each over installment. The duplicate statement issuance charges shall be applicable at the rate of Rs. 250 per instance along with service tax as applicable. The charges for issuing duplicate Amortization Schedule would also be at the rate of 250 per instance along with service tax as applicable. The issuance of duplicate Interest Certificate whether Provisional or Actual would be charged @ 250 per instance plus service tax as applicable The CIBIL Report issuance certificate shall be issued at a charge of Rs. 50 per instance along with the applicable service tax. Along with this the Stamp Duty Charges would be as per the State Stamp Act. The charges on issuance of Photocopy of Loan Agreement or related Documents shall be @ Rs. 250 per Instance plus service tax as applicable. 

However it is advised that the customer verifies all details with the bank in person and also update the information regularly from time to time in order avoid any surprises.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates, Fees & Charges
Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate15.50% - 24%
Processing Fee1.50% - 2.00% + Service Tax as applicable
Axis Bank Personal Loan Charges
Cheque BounceINR 500 per cheque bounce + Service Tax as applicable
Cheque/ Instrument SwapINR 500 per instance + Service Tax as applicable
Prepayment/ ForclosureNil
Interest Rate on Default Payment@24.00% per annum i.e 2% per month on the overdue installment
Duplicate Statement IssuanceINR 250 per instance + Service Tax as applicable
Duplicate Amortization ScheduleINR 250 per instance + Service Tax as applicable
Duplicate Interest Certificate (Provisional/ Actual) IssuanceINR 250 per instance + Service Tax as applicable
Cibil Report Issuance Charges INR 50/- per instance per set+ service tax as applicable
Stamp DutyAs per State Stamp Act
Issuance of Photocopy of Loan Agreement/ DocumentsINR 250 per instance + Service Tax as applicable

*Interest Rates, Fees & Charges are subject to change as per Bank's discretion from time to time.

*Service Tax as applicable will be levied

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to what amount of loan can I avail?

You can avail a loan from INR 15,000 to INR 1,500,000 but this would be based on your income status.

What can be my loan duration option?

Again depending upon your income and experience the duration would be decided which ranges from 12 to 60 months.

Do I have an option of part pre-payment of loan and is there any charge for the same?

Yes you can repay a part of the loan prior to the actual date> Axis Bank does not charge any prepayment penalty on Personal Loans.

Is foreclosure of the loan permitted? Are there any charges on the same?

Foreclosure is only possible if all outstanding payments and charges have been paid in full. Foreclosure would only be allowed post this. Axis Bank does not charge on foreclosure of loan amount.

What options do I have to pay my EMI`s.?

You can use any of the following to pay your EMI a. Standing Instructions: Automatic Debit from your Axis bank accounts. b. Post dated Cheques c. Electronic Clearing system: Automatic Debit at the end of monthly cycle from your bank accounts other than Axis Bank.

Where can I apply for the loan offline?

You are free to contact Axis Bank customer care at any time and ask for a client visit. You can also step into any Axis Bank branch near you which offers personal loans. You can also request a visit through SMS.

If I change my company or job will it affect my loan or EMI?

Not necessarily only if you continue to pay the EMI`s on time. Kindly update your loan manager about any such change so that the manager can manage your loan better.

What is the response time for the personal loan

Normally the bank would process the application within 30 days from the date of submission of all documents in full.

Does CIBIL play a role in the loan approval?

Certainly as it is a measure of your financial status and your loan histories. Maintaining a healthy CIBIL score would ultimately help your application and also the amount of loan you get and also the duration.

Does Axis Bank levy any charges on loan processing

Yes there would be charges for loan processing ranging from 1.5 to 2% plus service tax.

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