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Personal Loan Reviews #8

4.7 stars based on 1226 reviews

Abhimanyu H(5/5)

The process was completed smoothly without any stress or difficulty. And i am satisfied with the work done by finance buddha and Axis bank team.



The process went a bit lengthy, i don't know the reason but still. It was 10th day from which i applied when i got the approval confirmation. The disbursal was done on the 15th day.



I was very confused to choose a bank for my personal loan. Different people had different suggestions. While searching online i got finance Buddha. There were comparisons among different banks and their rates. After going through all i decided to go with Axis bank and now i have my personal loan with Axis bank.



I opted for a personal loan from Axis bank. The interest rate charged is 15% with a very less amount as the processing fees. Happy overall.


Sachith HS(5/5)

There are many options for a personal loan in a city like Bangalore. But, i went with Axis bank as i have seen they maintain a very good relationship with their customers and know their value.


Tanvi K(5/5)

The process was completed in no time, and i got the money disbursed in just 5 working days.


Shandhya M(5/5)

The rate seemed to me quite higher but when i compared more banks for the personal loan i found it is equivalent to others. The processing charge was negligible and apart from that there were no hidden charges.


Vivek Hegde(5/5)

A nice experience. Axis Bank's personal loan is the one solution to all your personal financial problems. The process was very simple and easy moreover, the disbursal was very fast.


Ankit Prabhash(5/5)

I applied for a personal loan with Axis Bank. The process started on the same day and i got an approval on the 3rd day. The interest rate charged was 15.5%.


Gautaman Hegde (5/5)

Good place to go for personal loans. I got personal loan with Bajaj Finserv and I am totally satisfied with their service and charges.


Anant Kulkarni (1/5)

The process took time and i got approval for my personal loan in 17 days. The disbursal happened on the 17th day from which applied for the loan.


S. Swastik(5/5)

I am glad to tell you experience with Bajaj Finserv regarding my personal loan. I am satisfied with the service of Bajaj Finserv. The response was timely, the interest rate was good, and there was no delay in the processing. I would like to recommend using the services when required.


Pradeep M. N(4/5)

Got nice offer with an affordable interest rate. The processing fee was low. The loan was disbursed in just 5 days. .


M. Murali(5/5)

Good service with timely disbursal.


Rajashwari M. Suresh(5/5)

Reasonable interest rate with low processing fees. Happy with it!


Yogesha S.N. Reddy(5/5)

I am happy with the service which i got through bajaj for my personal loan application. The calls were responsive and executives of finance buddha were so polite. The process ended in just 5 days and the loan was approved in just 1 day and got disbursed on the 5th working day.


Vikash Bhatt(5/5)

My personal loan was approved with Bajaj at an interest rate of 14% per annum. The processing fees was 2.5 %. The process went smoothly and was completed in very less time.


Mayank Singh(1/5)

Process was slow and executives unavailable for response almost all the time. Would not recommend.


Soumya Rawat(5/5)

Good experience. The process was fast which made me happy as a customer. Disbursal was also on time.


Murgesh R. (3/5)

Need to reduce the interest rate to make it affordable for the common people. Other than the interest rate everything was fine and the process went smooth.


Kamlesh Katariya(5/5)

I took a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv, the interest rate was a bit high but that is ok with me. I got the loan instantly without any difficulty or problem.


Ashish Narain(2/5)

Nothing much to say but not a good experience. My loan application was getting processed first for a week, when asked they replied that there was some issue. After 12 days i got the approval mail and the amount was disbursed on the 15th day.


Pratap N. Reddy(4/5)

Indeed a great service! though the rate of interest was a bit higher but i am satisfied with the service.


Uttam Mahapatara(4/5)

It was a great work from the finance buddha. I applied for a personal loan through their portal with ICICI bank. The process was online and my loan was disbursed within 10 days.

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