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Personal Loan Reviews #8

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Akshara Tyagi(5/5)

I was in dire need of money as I needed money for medical emergency. A friend of mine recommended Finance Buddha. The website provided me the best loan offers. I could easily apply for the loan online personal loan. Considering my urgent need for personal loan, they got the loan amount disbursed in just one day. Thanks!


Mehreen Munro(5/5)

I would recommend ICICI bank to every person who is in urgent need of a medical loan and can't visit bank that often for the same. Loan by ICICI bank was processed within a matter of a week and that too without more than 3 bank visits. They provide timely customer service.


Aditya Sharma(5/5)

Surfing the internet to find the best available loan can be a baffling thing. Well, at least it was for me. Thank god, I found this web portal. I filled in my details and they contacted me within 24 hours. They replied with the details of the best personal loan that I sought. Upon my confirmation, they assisted me with the documentation and application submission to the bank. Since everything was done right the bank disbursed the loan amount within two days to my account. Overall the process took 4 days from applying for personal loan online to the disbursal in my account.


Sorabh Shukla(5/5)

Availing a loan that you can't repay is such a burdening task. The best option is to go for a personal loan from a bank that has the lowest interest rates, least charges and long repayment time. HDFC bank fulfilled both these conditions and that made my choice evident.


Hemant Dudeja(5/5)

Fast loan disbursal and easy repayment options: You can expect the best from Axis Bank.


Aditya Sharma(5/5)

My father had a business of motor vehicles spare parts. However, I was determined to expand our operations to exporting. Corporate loan by ICICI has been a great help. Since I go to our factory, frequent visits to bank were not possible. Finance Buddha took the onus of documentation.


Shruti Sinha(5/5)

Repaying the loan can mean high charges through many banks. I consulted Finance Buddha team who provided excellent consultation at every step. I would also like to suggest Axis Bank to every person who is looking for personal loan at affordable rates.


Pooja Sharma(5/5)

I was really annoyed by paying exorbitant amounts of loan EMI whereas my colleagues were paying relatively lesser amounts for the similar type of loan. I contacted this finance portal Finance Buddha and they were so understanding. I moved my loan to different bank at the lowest interest rates.


Nitin Teotia(5/5)

Support and assistance provided by Finance Buddha team are just impeccable. They suggest you ways to improve your CIBIL score, find the best loans for your need, and provide fast application. Their employees are so soft spoken that you do not feel like you are talking to a company.


Sunil Pathak(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me get a personal loan from HDFC Bank at lowest interest rates. I wanted to open a small shop with the few savings my father had done for me. I surfed online and found this web portal Finance Buddha. It has truly helped me to open my business in just two months from scratch to a full grown sweet shop.


Sahiba Arora(5/5)

Finance Buddha is a one stop destination for every loan seeker. You just have to be on their web portal and apply the loan from here itself. They give you the best assistance from recommending the loan applicable for your situation to the best time to apply. They are cordial and quick.


Shruti Mehta(5/5)

I availed my loan through HDFC Bank at the lowest rates. Finance Buddha assisted me in documentation and application submission to the bank. Hence making the personal loan process quick and hassle free for me. The bank disbursed the loan amount in 3 days to my account. Thanks Finance Buddha for all the help and assistance! Best!


Arti Narayan(5/5)

Finance Buddha recommended me the HDFC bank since everyone looks for a bank that provides easy and flexible repayment option. The bank provides the same. I wanted a medical loan for treatment of my father. The bank staff has been equally supportive and provided emotional and financial assistance. 24x7 assistance and dedicated customer support system are why this private bank is the most recommended by me.


Sameer Goyal(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me to get the lowest personal loan rates. Also all thanks to their documentation assistance and application submission, the entire experience of availing personal loan was quick and hassle free. Since my documentation was done right, I got the personal loan disbursed to my account in two days of submission. Also personal loan at interest rate of 11.49% for two years is something I had never expected. So thanks to Finance Buddha and HDFC Bank for lowest rate personal loan. Thanks!


Nirmala Kaur(5/5)

I need a personal loan and I already know where to go for. My last experience with HDFC for house loan has been great. Easy online repayment options only provoke you to recommend them to everyone you meet. Thanks to Finance Buddha for providing every minute detail for personal loans by HDFC bank. Applying for the loan through their website has been like ABC.


Bharti Arora(5/5)

Easy loans, faster repayment and the best conditions to fore close the loan. Without any second thought, go with HDFC bank for ultimate banking experience.


Jyoti Kumari(5/5)

After my father's untimely death, my mother and I have been managing on our own. I needed a personal education loan for my higher education. With no finance knowledge, I landed on this portal. I must say, that was the best decision as the Finance Buddha executives were more than willing to help at every step.


Vikram Anand(5/5)

I had applied for my home renovation and for that, needed an urgent short term loan. I was looking for money lenders, as I was not sure if there was some bank to provide me a short term loan. Thanks to Finance Buddha, a great financial portal, I availed a loan which I can repay in a year!


Rahul Sipani(5/5)

If you want a quick disbursal of loan, you must go for HDFC bank. The bank sticks to its tagline, We understand your world". They understand your problems and provide solutions that are doable. My loan got processed in a matter of 3 days and I could not thank them more. If you want a quick disbursal of loan you must go for HDFC Bank Personal Loan.


Prerna Gusai(5/5)

I would recommend HDFC Bank personal loan to all those who are looking for the cheapest personal loan interest rates. The reviews about SBI staff are not too good, but then Finance Buddha cut short my bank visits to nil. Their team provides timely assistance and clarity. 


Anita Yadav(5/5)

I stumbled upon many finance websites to apply online for my personal loan. Some did not provide security in details and some others charged exorbitant rates. Finance Buddha is my tried and tested best. They fast forwarded my application to HDFC and got me my personal loan disbursed in just 3 days.


Bharat Garg(5/5)

If you are looking for a personal loan but do not have a collateral to offer, IndusInd Bank should be your first preference. The bank offers a hassle free process and timely assistance for every loan type.


Manoj Kumar(5/5)

I wanted to avail a personal loan. There was an issue with my CIBIL rating due to which I faced loan denial through 2 banks. Finance Buddha suggested us the loan through which all my requirements were met and the loan got approved as well.


Jyoti Gupta(5/5)

It is pleasantly surprising that in today's world there are people like the employees of Finance Buddha. I contacted them during the year end when it is festive season. They were really helpful and cooperative in giving me timely assistance even on the last working day of the year.

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