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Personal Loan Reviews #8

4.7 stars based on 305 reviews

Vivek Sahu (5/5)

Well if you are looking for a genuine review, then I can say that you can trust this website as I can 100% guarantee of their work. They provided me a business start up loan. The rate of interest was the lowest. 


Mohit Patwa (5/5)

I am happy that I chose the best website to process my loan. Instead of falling in trap of the bogus websites who just trace the information of the people and sell them.


Dilip Patel (5/5)

I would specially want to thank the executive who helped me all through my application process. She was telling me about all the financial terms and explaining how they would affect my application.


Santanu Mishra(5/5)

A very good experience with this website. Before them, I was in tension how the loan would be processed and how much time would be taken since I needed a loan urgently. The Finance Buddha website employees just remove all these concerns by connecting me with the best banks in just two days.


Ankit Singh Rathore(5/5)

I had so many doubts in mind while applying for the personal loan through this website. At the end, I can say that I am relieved. It was a pleasant experience for me.


Mradul Saxena (5/5)

The best business start up loans are provided through the Finance Buddha website. They connected me to the banks with the lowest rates of interest. It was a very economical choice for me.


Vikram Vishwakarma (5/5)

When I tried for the low amount for personal loan, I was charged more rate of interest. The Finance Buddha suggested me to apply for little higher amount that changed the rate of interest slab. They are actually well aware of the financial news around.


Shishir Chandra(5/5)

I got my personal loan in Bangalore from the NBFC Capital First. They are really very nice people to talk to and provide you the best in class service.


Amit Kumar (5/5)

When you are staying in Bangalore, the city life will make your budget go here and there. There was a time last month where I needed an urgent loan for some personal problem. The Finance Buddha team immediately connected me to the best loan provider in town and gave me the loan in the same day.


Vijay Kumar Lokhande (5/5)

Very satisfied with the services. Thank you. 5 star rating for you!


Yateendra Agrawal(5/5)

I needed a business loan as I needed some investment to remarket my cloth shop in Bangalore. The Finance Buddha team guided me well in which banks charged the lowest rate of interest. 


Vishal Kumar Mahato(5/5)

They are the best people I would say! Because of them, I actually got the chance to go to my U.S. trip finally. A family vacation is needed after all! I got my loan furnished from Axis Bangalore.


Vinay Yadav (5/5)

I needed a personal loan as my child needed to go for higher studies in Bangalore. They provided me with a personal loan without asking for security and all. The documentation was also simple. I was really tensed and they actually helped me in relieving all the stress!


Badal Teotia (5/5)

I needed an urgent personal loan for the wedding of my son. While I was hopeless, my daughter recommended me this website which she had found while stumbling on the internet. Their partner banks are good and provide optimum service. I got my personal loan through Axis in Bangalore.


Anusha Srivastava (5/5)

No less than five stars for these people. Thanks to you guys!


Nitee Singh Chauhan (4/5)

I will say that you guys must apply clearly as per your requirement. Just tell your needs and these people will connect you with the best banks.


Surabhi Rahul Saini(5/5)

I am thankful to these people for helping me when I was in urgent need. Guys, you can actually trust them when you are in need. They are really reliable.


Pari Saxena (5/5)

I strongly recommend the Finance Buddha website to anyone in the urgent need of personal loan in Bangalore. They are actually very quick in response.


Deepika Verma (5/5)

I wanted to redesign my house as it was long pending. I contacted the Finance Buddha executives and they suggested me three banks basis my loan period and time. I chose the ICICI Bank in Bangalore as its conditions were more suitable.


Karishma Ahuja (5/5)

Finance Buddha is a genuine website where you can easily understand all the financial matters. They guided me when I needed a personal loan. I stay in Bangalore and needed a loan for my studies. They helped me at the right time.


Sabila Khan(5/5)

This website is 100% reliable. I am thankful to them for providing the quickest personal loans in Bangalore.


Lio Varghese(5/5)

I had a low CIBIL rating. Still, the Finance Buddha team suggested me a few things though which I was ultimately able to get a loan for my business in Bangalore. They are really experienced in their job.


Khushboo Parashar(5/5)

I absolutely love this loan type since there were not much restrictions. I did not have to give any collateral or security. And the best part was that the website made the loan process quick. HDFC Bank in Bangalore is a good bank to partner with for the personal loan.



After my inquiry was done, I went ahead with the ICICI bank for the personal loan; also I can say it’s my second personal loan with them. Since the previous experience was good and the longtime relationship made me to be held up with them. I can say ICICI bank is the best one and the interest rate is really good and it

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