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Personal Loan Reviews #7

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Rajeev Pathak(5/5)

Finance Buddha holds the best deal for you at the end of the bargain. No service provider offers such premium services. Finance Buddha, a service provider that offers people with the best loan services available in the market is not only doing the same by word but also by the actions as well. It gives me immense of joy to write such a small feedback for you guys but what you did is way bigger than anyone could have done. Finance Buddha helped me getting a loan with one of the premium banks in the country i.e. Axis Bank I was not holding much of the funds when it was time to uplift the financial condition of the family to fulfil the needs of the members. I decided to opt for a small personal loan to fulfil them. I opted for a loan of 5 lakhs from Finance Buddha and was sanctioned one by Axis Bank at 15.5% of interest which is the lower offered by them. Also, the other charges were also low and the customer experience was way more satisfying than I can describe in words. In summary, I would recommend everyone to opt for a loan with finance Buddha and narrate your own unique experience.


Meet Kansara(5/5)

After a series of misfortunate financial events in my life, the hope was again lightened by speaking with the Finance Buddha executive who was sure of getting me a personal loan with a reputed bank or an NBFC (Non- Banking Financial Company). It turned out to be a bad CIBIL score and it was not working for the common banks by the manual process to grant me a loan. Then, I got an advice from a friend who gave me the contact of this peculiar service provider who helped people in getting loans without much impact of their past borrowings. I got a loan from Bajaj Finance of Rs. 15, 00, 000 lakh to clear all my debts for 5 years with the help of Finance Buddha at 16.75% rate of interest which was lower than what banks used to offer me. Along with it, I paid the processing fee of 3% which was higher. I was not worried about the money but the way these guys helped me out in getting the loan processed out quick and without any meticulous processes of documentation. That just won my heart in the end! Best team to make even the impossible possible!


Purvi Kedia(5/5)

The one stop shop for removing all your conundrums for the loan process and the queries related to it. This turned to believe me that in taking a loan for your necessity am not always bad if you take it to the amount you will be able to return back. The Finance Buddha executive guided me from how to apply for a personal loan to how to get the personal loan. I was in a state of confusion that which bank I should opt for and in the meanwhile a friend suggested me, Finance Buddha. These guys are just truly amazing as they are for your service 24/7 by their available phone number i.e. 080-60120505. I just dropped my number where they had left a space for dropping it on their website. I immediately got a call from them and through their help; I was able to secure a loan from the HDFC bank at the minimum issues that are no hassle in the uploading of the documents and the KYC process. Also, they negotiated the best interest rates and other charges for me as they came to know it was my first time i.e. 12% interest rate on the personal loan.


Aman Singh(5/5)

The cheapest loan interest rates and processing fees in the market! It sounded again like a scheme given by a bank through an agency but when again I tested it myself. It just blew my mind and I was left speechless. When I compared the loans they offered the loans available in the market, I was happy to look at the amount I got at such cheap rates. This just proved to be a turning point in my business. They provide you with a period‰Ûªs piece i.e. a unique loan of your choice/ something antique. When I applied for the loan the process was a hassle free one as the loan documentation process was carried out by the Finance Buddha executive. Also, they quickly processed my loan as well as disbursed the loan. The loan was granted by the ICICI bank at 13.5% rate of interest with just 0.75% processing fee and the minimum additional charges proved out to be a big saver for me. They handle your loan like a babysitter handles your baby with utmost care. I suggest Finance Buddha‰Ûªs service to everyone who is looking for a personal loan and is in an enigma state.


Richa Pandey(5/5)

The whole customer experience is at a different level when you apply for a loan with Finance Buddha. The level of service they maintain with their customers makes the process of the loan so engaging as well as interesting. You just need to visit the website then open the personal loan page. Fill all the required amount that are mandatory to get your desired loan with your requirements i.e. the disposal income, the EMI amount and the loan amount along with the secondary requirements and just click on apply. The amount is calculated on your behalf and you get your desired loan. They fulfil all your requirements and even negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest interest rate. The personal loan which was sanctioned to me by HDFC bank with was priced at Rs. 10, 00, 000 and it was only at the interest rate of 11.49% by the bank all due to HDFC bank flexible loan. Also, the documentation process carried out by the Finance Buddha representative that approved the loan within 24 hours from applying and within the next 3 days the loan was disbursed which was exceptional and truly respecting work less seen!


Vaidya Iyer(5/5)

The process couldn‰Ûªt get any better with Finance Buddha handling it. The support team is so dextrous when it handles an account for the loan process that just changes the perspective of taking a loan. They handle your account with extreme care and take into consideration your every small requirement like of low-interest rates and processing fees or charges, or easy EMI‰Ûªs or no collateral or flexible loan it is. Each of your choices would be taken into account and an opinion would be given by the experts that this is the best for you. I too had applied for a personal loan with finance Buddha and I got it without any trouble of documentation or KYC procedure. I actually don‰Ûªt know what it is. They handled it all on my behalf without any hassle and provided me with a personal loan from the premium player in the industry i.e. HDFC bank with the lowest interest and the processing fees i.e. 11.49% annual interest which is why their respect in my mind is elevated more than it was before. Best team executives to remove your queries and grant you the best loan of your life.


Vidhi Sharma(5/5)

The process turned out to be so engaging that it was not expected off. I was so anticipated when the news came to me that my loan has been passed and it would be delivered to me by the Finance Buddha representative. It was a time when I had no option left and a friend of mine told me about Finance Buddha, I went onto the website and went onto the personal loan section. They were asking about some of my income details in which they were asking about my net disposable income, the loan amount and the bank and my EMI payment amount. I filled them up and they calculated for me the amount instantly. I was surprised to know that how technology brought a change in such loan process. I got a personal loan with an NBFC Bajaj Finance of Rs. 500,000 as no bank was putting their hand on my loan because of my low credit score. Still, the minimum interest rate was maintained as the representative told me and it was tagged at 14.25% giving me a sign of relief. The best part was the disbursement of the loan within 4 days of the application. I thank the whole Finance Buddha team for being there as a support!


Hitesh Bhatia(5/5)

Finance Buddha, a peculiar service provider of personal loans, Home loans and any other type of loan you wish to apply for. They remove all your tension and take all the responsibility on their head. The best part about them is that they constantly support you and give you the status of the loan every day by staying in contact with you. I was in need of a personal loan and Finance Buddha just not turned out to be easier but also created an edge over the other service providers by providing me with the best loan. I got a loan of Rs. 9, 50, 000 from Axis bank at the interest rate of 13.5% which was the lowest they offered. The process took a turn on my side when the loan was disbursed within 4 days of the application for the loan. Lastly, the documentation process was carried out with such an ease that just removed my notion of standing in the queue for applying for a loan in a bank. The best online banking service provider till date! I recommend it to who-so-ever comes to me for the need of a loan with the best plan idea with them.


Jahnvi Sola(5/5)

The unparalleled team for the Personal loans and the Home loans! I was so surprised by the phenomenal performance and the service they provided me in getting a personal loan. It was my first time and I was not sure what I was doing. I just filled the details which they had mentioned on the website and the loan amount was calculated. When I verified with my dad he was surprised that I got a loan with ICICI bank of Rs. 25, 00, 000 at the interest rate of 11.49% interest which is lower than for the other banks I applied. The processing fee was also 0.5% and with the minimum charges. The main highlight of the loan process was the process was without any hassle and they proved to be a second hand for me for my marriage. The Finance Buddha team was extremely cooperative and the loan was disbursed within 5 days from the application of the loan. The last highlight they maintained was that I applied for the loan on 21st and the wedding was on 26th and I was able to meet my needs on time. The quick disbursal process just won my heart.


Akansha Kumari Gupta(5/5)

Finance Buddha is the best site for bank loans as they provide good assistance through online mode. You can check all your loan details through their web portal. ICICI is a truly advanced bank as they pass on the benefits of rate cuts immediately and so was the case with my personal loan.


Sandeep Chaudhary(5/5)

I wanted to buy a big tv as my I recently shifted to a bigger apartment. Looking for a personal loan through Finance Buddha became a hassle free task. One click and I had the entire list of banks with the loans they could offer. You find a comprehensive analysis of loans by different banks. What more, they also forward your application on their own.


Gaurav Sabharwaal(5/5)

If you are worried that your loan application might get rejected, get in touch with Finance Budha. Their team suggests the best measures to make the loan application strong. For my loan, they suggested that I used the cumulative income of mine and my wife. We got our loan easily with that.


Priya Srivastava(5/5)

I applied for a personal loan for travel as me and my husband wanted to holiday abroad. The process was quick and hassle free. The personal loan interest rate was 11.49% which is the lowest interest rate on personal loan, if I am not mistaken. The process took only 2 days, so I am very happy with the experience that I had of applying for a personal loan online through Finance Buddha.


Sanya Sajjanhar(5/5)

With HDFC, I was able to process my home improvement loan within a week. Finance Buddha team helped with the loan processing as they fast forwarded the application. The home looks better now - we went for complete woodwork.


Niranajan Gupta(5/5)

I would recommend this website to every lay man guy who wants to avail a loan without any troublesome conditions that he does not even understand. For all your needs, Finance Buddha is the right portal. What more do you need than a website who provides you information about every loan type from different banks and on the same time also provides you an easy option to apply the loans! All this without any extra cost. Finance Buddha team is great. Wish them good luck :)


Gurpreet Singh(5/5)

Three words describe personal loans by HDFC Bank: Swift, Affordable and Easy. The bank's terms and conditions are pretty much understandable and you won't have to struggle much with anything. Applying through Finance Buddha makes the things even easier.


Shubham Mallik(5/5)

In India, marriages are the costliest affairs. I was looking for a portal through which I could compare all the loans for marriage. I was happy to come across this website Finance Buddha where I submitted my requirement and found the cheapest loan by TATA Capital.


Naveen Prakash(5/5)

Finance Buddha team takes instant follow up for services. They do not ask for any of your secure and personal information. Just the one required. I got the best loan after comparison as their website features updated rates of interests.


Praveen Mishra(5/5)

Being the father of a daughter, I was very concerned about her marriage. Wanted to invest the best in her wedding. Through Finance Buddha, I got to know about marriage loans offered by HDFC. My loan got approved swiftly through their portal and I was able to arrange the best wedding function for my daughter. Thanks!


Sandeep Sadana(5/5)

IndusInd Bank is known for its responsiveness. I needed a quick loan and I trusted the employees of Finance Buddha when they said the best was to go for this bank. I have not regretted my decision. Fast loan disbursal and fairly good rate of interest is what I got.


Beenu Polumuti(5/5)

When your credit score is low, availing a personal loan becomes so tricky; I can say that from my personal experience. People at Finance Buddha were like magicians to me. I got such strong file tips that my personal loan got disbursed from Axis bank very soon.


Ullekh Niraula(5/5)

Applying for a personal loan through Finance Buddha was a great decision. I had zero experience about loans and they have provided clear and concise information at every step. I needed an urgent personal loan for private issue which I do not want to disclose in the review section. I must say, Finance Buddha kept all my information private and their team was very understandable and reliable.


Priyanka Bhatt(5/5)

I had millions of questions when I applied for HDFC bank personal loan, after reading about their lucrative packages through Finance Buddha. They were so patient to answer each of them. Not only they helped me understand everything but also helped in submitting my application to the bank. Just because everything was done right, I got the personal loan disbursed in two days. Great customer service I must say.


Gurjiwan Singh(5/5)

The team at this finance website is so customer friendly that they treat you like family. They understand your requirements like they can read your heart. I was so anxious about my house loan but their timely assistance and comparative analysis of home loan through all banks cleared all my doubts.

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