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Personal Loan Reviews #7

4.7 stars based on 1226 reviews

Kumar Gaurav(3/5)

My personal loan is from Axis bank through finance buddha. Actually, I had to face some problems regarding follow-ups from the team, but my loan was approved shortly.


Deepak Raj(4/5)

My personal loan is with HDFC bank. I applied it through Finance Buddha 2 months back. The process went well and i got the loan sanctioned in easily without any hassle.


Uttam Singh(3/5)

Good service! But they can't make it till 3rd day. I got the personal loan money disbursed on the 5th day.


Nitin Das(5/5)

Excellent advice and follow-ups by the team regarding my personal loan application.


Rahul Anand(4/5)

Reached Finance Buddha with one of my friend's suggestion, and applied for a personal loan through Capital First. The processing started within one hour. The process started with a confirmation call followed by document collection and finally ended with money disbursal in just 7 days.


Naveen C(5/5)

Keep up the good work! Processing is fast and they maintain transparency in their system.


Kumar Peeyush(5/5)

Generally, a personal loan application takes a long time to process as it is an unsecured loan and lender is a high risk and hence they need to verify it more efficiently. But still Capital First processed my personal loan so fast, that it got disbursed to me on the 6th day.


Ankit Pandey(5/5)

The work they have done is really appreciable. They processed my personal loan application in just 5 days. The processing fee was 2% and was approved at an interest rate of 12%.


Mukesh Mohanty(5/5)

There were no problems related to my personal loan application. And I got it approved without any hassle at an affordable interest rate. Disbursal happened soon after approval.


Vikash Rohit(3/5)

No proper response of the calls after the disbursal of the loan amount. Till the disbursal, everything went very smoothly and it was an overall fast process. But now I have a query regarding my EMI and they take long to respond.


Shaik Basha(5/5)

Applied for a personal loan with Capital First through Finance Buddha. The website was very informative and my all the doubts regarding personal loan were cleared from there itself. This helped me to complete the needful faster, hence the overall process was a fast one for me. The interest rate offered to me was also the best rate according to my eligibility criteria. Happy Overall!


Mayank Sinha (5/5)

They know to value their customer! the response which they gave to all my calls and queries were very satisfactory. there were no issues and the processing happened fast, and soon it was disbursed too.


Souwmya K(5/5)

Totally happy with the service I got. My personal loan application was processed fast and the fees and charges related to it are also satisfactory.


Deepak Pal(1/5)

Require to make the processing faster! Took a long time to approve my loan, though i got a confirmation sms just on the 4th day still it was disbursed on the 14th day.


Deepthi HS(5/5)

Went to the finance buddha portal and applied for a personal loan with capital first, The website is very informative and user-friendly. the loan application was approved on the third day itself and the process was completely hassle-free.


Md. Azimulla Khan (1/5)

Not Happy. My personal loan application took them 12 days to process and was disbursed after 15 days.


Sandeep Gowda (4/5)

Great work! My personal loan was approved in just 3 days and it was in my personal account on the 7th working day.


Ravinder Singh(5/5)

I have no complaints regarding my personal loan which I took from Capital first. Everything was good from applying process to the approval and disbursal. I thank the entire team of capital first for processing my loan application fast and disbursing it in a short time.


Sanjay B(3/5)

Good service! The process went very smoothly and I didn't have to worry about anything. The loan was approved on the 8th day and was disbursed on the 10th day.


Awnish Srivastav(3/5)

Experience wise it was good but I am not happy with the service provided. The interest rate is high which can bother you.


Sushil Kumar(3/5)

I have my personal Loan with Capital First, the interest rate at which my personal loan was approved is 11% and the tenure period is for 3 years. The process was smooth but a bit longer. Overall it took 7 days from start to finish.


Sumith Thomas(5/5)

Happy with my decision. Went with Axis bank personal loan when it came to my home renovation. Satisfied with everything including the interest rate.


Ayyappa Das(5/5)

The process to avail the loan is very user-friendly. I just went on the finance buddha portal and applied for the loan with Axis bank. The documentation process was completed very efficiently by their team in which i didn't face any problem. After that processing went very smoothly and in 5 days I got the loan amount disbursed.


Ajay C S (5/5)

I already have one personal loan with Axis bank which I availed in 2016 and a few days back I applied for another personal loan with axis bank again. My experience regarding both my loans has been very good.

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