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Personal Loan Reviews #5

4.7 stars based on 1226 reviews

Indranil (5/5)

The staff of Fin bud were very helpful and they guided me where i needed them. The loan was approved in a short time without any hassle.


Hatish (5/5)

Did not face any hassle or problem when applied for my personal loan. everything went well and it was disbursed to me on the 8th working day from the date which i applied.


Rajeev (5/5)

I applied for a personal loan with HDFC through Fin bud financial limited. The processing was initiated on time and was completed within 5 days. on the 8th working day, the loan amount was disbursed in my bank account.


Rohit (5/5)

I have my personal loan with HDFC BANK , i opted for it with HDFC because i am an existing customer of HDFC BANK. The loan amount which i applied for was 4 lakhs and i got my loan approved for the same amount. The rate of interest is a bit higher.


Mahesh Gowda(5/5)

This is my first experience with Finance Buddha. The customer support service is good and i am satisfied with the work they did. I used it through the website and applied for a personal loan.


Bhargava Vatsa(5/5)

HDFC should be one's first option when thinking to opt a personal loan. The interest rate starts at 10.99% which is affordable for common people. My personal loan application was approved at an interest rate of 11%. there were no hidden charges and everything was completed in a peaceful and stress-free way.


Prasanta Sen (5/5)

Satisfied with the service! The interest rate charged is 14% P.A. the processing fees which cost me was Rs 4000. Overall i am happy.


Maseehuddin (4/5)

The process went very smoothly and was completed within very less time.


Preetha P.(5/5)

My personal loan was approved with HDFC at the interest rate of 12% per annum. There was zero processing fees as i availed this loan under some offer. Serious satisfied with it.


Shalu Singh(5/5)

I previously had a personal loan with the HDFC BANK which i opted in 2015. I had a very good experience as they provided me a satisfactory loan amount at a reasonable interest rate.


Hariom Kumar(5/5)

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate use. Applying for a loan is also easy , i applied for a personal loan and i am satisfied with everything related to it.


Gajula Joshi(5/5)

The process of my personal loan approval has been smooth and easy. The loan amount provided is also satisfactory as well as i wanted that particular amount. The interest rate charged is average when compared with the market rate of personal loan available with other lenders.


Dhirubhai (5/5)

I took a personal loan from HDFC to renovate my home. No collateral was required and the process went very smoothly. we got the loan amount sanctioned in just 3 days without much documentation.


Navendu Somasundaram(5/5)

I was worried a lot as i was in an emergency and needed 2 lakhs urgently. Went to many close ones for help but was not able to get. Lastly, i took a personal loan from ICICI bank and i got the money within desired time.


Shailesh (5/5)

The process was smooth with HDFC for my personal loan application. I received the loan amount in 10 days. the interest rate is comparatively ok -ok kind of.


Edwin Fernandez (5/5)

I am using the financebuddha services form the last 3 years, the services provided by them are good along with good customer service as they responded always on time in my case.


Tushar Kumar(5/5)

It was indeed a great service from their end. The loan was sanctioned on time. The hard work is really appreciable as the loan was approved within 3 days and got disbursed on the 5th day.


Nitish Rana(5/5)

Capital First is the bank from where my loan was approved. Sudha and Mahesh from finance buddha team were the people handling my loan application. it was a hassle free process overall.


Ashish Singh(5/5)

My personal loan was approved from with HDFC through Finbud at quite a reasonable rate in very less time. The tenure was 3 years and the loan amount was 4 lacs.


Nitesh Singh(1/5)

In my case, it was a bad service, I don't know where it went wrong but it took them 12 days to process my personal loan application. The interest rate at which the loan was offered is 12%.


Milan Sahay(5/5)

The executives spoke exceptionally well and I would definitely recommend Finance Buddha for the way they handled my loan application.


Aniketi Rao(5/5)

Thank you for your loan approval today, I felt glad. Everything went well and detailed explanation though the same was provided by the agents, it felt promising and thank you for the accountability you took.


Sandeep Paswan(5/5)

I got my personal loan disbursed in Bangalore in 5 working days. The Loan amount is Rs. 2, 00,000 on an interest rate of 14%. The tenure is of 2 years and the monthly EMI which i am paying now is Rs. 9,600.


Vidya Sharma(5/5)

I have my personal loan with INDUSIND BANK, the tenure of my loan is 2 years. There were no hidden charges and i got the loan amount what i wanted. There is an option of pre-closure too for my loan.

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