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Personal Loan Reviews #2

4.7 stars based on 1220 reviews

Saima Sadaf(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me when I was in urgent need of money. I applied for the instant cash loan from Finance Buddha and I was surprised that the process started within an hour. I was told to upload the documents online and within 24 hours I got a msg that my personal loan got approved. The process was completely hassle-free and smooth.


Shiva Shankara N(5/5)

I took a personal loan from finance buddha. I applied online for it and on the same day, my application was approved. the rate at which my personal loan application got approved is 15% per annum. Thank you Finance Buddha for the help.


Narayana. S (5/5)

Instant cash loan is the new financial product which is getting popular these days. I was in an emergency Then one of my friends suggested me to go with instant cash loan. I applied for it, And I was surprised that all the processing was completed online in no time and I was able to get the money on the same day.


Ritesh (5/5)

I am thankful to finance Buddha team for approving my personal loan in very less time. The applying process was very easy, everything was online and very simple. And within 24 hours I was having the loan amount in my personal account.


Harish Kurhe(5/5)

I applied for a personal loan in Jaipur through Finance Buddha portal. And it got approved through HDFC Bank. There was a confirmation call within an hour and they instructed me throughout the process and to upload the documents. My loan was approved on the same day I applied.


Barakkath (5/5)

Finance Buddha provided me an instant loan which helped me when I was in urgent need of financial help. I applied online for it From the Finance Buddha portal. My loan as approved within hours.


Ashwani Athiban(5/5)

Fast processing. I liked and enjoyed the entire process of my loan approval with HDFC Bank. The executives were soft-spoken and polite. The process ended very soon as there was nothing to do much. I got the loan sanctioned in just 3 working days.


Bds Choudhury(5/5)

Edwin was the executive who was handling my personal loan application which i applied with Finance Buddha. He helped me a lot throughout the process and because of his help i got the loan in just a few days in an hassle-free way.


Smitha N. Syamay(5/5)

There was zero processing fee associated with my personal loan from Tata Capital. Service was good and my loan was sanctioned in 2 days only.


Kumar Aman(5/5)

I took my personal loan with the TATA CAPITAL. The documentation process was very simple. It is easy to get a loan from Tata Capital that i can say for sure. The process was delayed by 2 days and i got my loan approved on the 4th day.


Ankita Jhunjhunwala(4/5)

Interest rate was ok only i can say..not low not high. Processing was fast and the loan was disbursed to me in just 48 hours.


Brajendra Gaikwad(5/5)

I came to Know about Finance Buddha through their blog which i saw on FB. After checking the website i applied for a personal loan through them. The service was good and i didn't face any difficulty in the process. Overall service was good and satisfactory.


Swati Ganguly(5/5)

There are so may personal loan providers available in Ahmedabad, but i went with HDFC as i am their existing customer. There was no problem in the processing and my loan was approved and disbursed with any hassle.


Kalaivani Pandya(5/5)

Great service. I applied for a personal loan from Bajaj through Finbud financial services. They gave me a quick response and i got the confirmation and approval sms very shortly. I had to pay ?6000 as the processing fees and GST charge. Overall happy with the loan.


Prabhu R. (4/5)

16% was the interest rate charged for my personal loan. I applied it through Finance Buddha and it got approved in very less time. The customer support service was very good which helped me throughout the process.


Narendra Sitaram(5/5)

Get a personal loan from HDFC was easy and hassle-free. I got approved from HDFC through their pre-approved plan and applied for it from the finance Buddha portal. The loan was approved within mins and disbursed within 24 hours.


B H Chundawat(5/5)

Excellent Support! IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Availed in Oct 2018. It was a seamless process and they provided me interest rate which was lower than the previous bank which had given me a loan. Overall, a very satisfying experience.


Prashant Awasthi(5/5)

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Availed in 2018. Good service from Finance Buddha and ICICI Bank as well. I got the loan with no processing fee as some offer was going on. Thanks, team Finance Buddha and ICICI Bank.


Madhurimita Hegde (5/5)

Higher, rate of interest but faced no issues with anything. The customer support was good and quite responsive. Good Service!


Balasubramani Das(5/5)

ICICI BANK provided me the personal loan in Ahmedabad, I got it 15 days back and i am totally satisfied with this it. They approved my loan at the interest rate which was low comparatively.


Rakesh (4/5)

I have taken a personal loan a few days back from fullerton, the loan is still going on smoothly. The loan amount has been sufficient and as per my requirement. The only thing which made me a bit worried is the interest as the rate was pretty high.


K.Venu (5/5)

Nominal rates and fast processing! HDFC is the Bank with which i am having my personal loan in Ahmedabad. Processing was completed in a smooth way and in very less time. Rates are also nominal. Thanks, HDFC.


Muthu (5/5)

My personal loan was approved at an interest rate of 14% per annum through Finance Buddha. It took a long time than what they promised but i am happy as i got the amount which i wanted and asked for. Thank you.


Mahammadajarudden Randive(5/5)

I took a personal loan in Ahmedabad from HDFC Bank. The loan was approved on the same day and disbursed on the next day.

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