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Personal Loan Reviews #2

4.7 stars based on 251 reviews

Paritosh Reddy(5/5)

Health issues of my mom forced me to take a personal loan. I applied with a few banks and it got rejected because of CIBIL score. Finally, it got personal loan here. Thanks, Finance Buddha!!


S. Bala(5/5)

The processing was fast and even the process to apply was very simple and easy. The online documentation made me even happier. I got the loan on the next day itself.


Prakash Narayan(5/5)

I got a personal loan through Finance Buddha in just 2 working days. Thanks.


Naveen S.(5/5)

I was in need of a personal loan and wanted it in no time. I searched online and got Finance Buddha as one of the suggestions. I checked the website and applied for my personal loan through them. The portal was user-friendly and the process started within an hour as i got a call to confirm my application within 1 hour and I got loan disbursed next day itself.


Manish Bharti(5/5)

Personal loan through Finance Buddha is one of the best financial product I have availed. The disbursal of my loan took 4 days. I am quite happy with it and will refer it to my friends and family too.


Navin Kumar (5/5)

5 star rating from me! I got a personal loan approved from here. The money was disbursed to me on time when i needed. Good work Finance Buddha. Hope you will bring some more good products soon!


Gautaman (1/5)

Not good at all. They have mentioned that they provide personal loan within 3 days but I got mine in 10 days. Don’t know why this happened. But the executives told me that something was wrong with my documents.


Sushanti M. Narayanan(5/5)

I received fast processing regarding my personal loan application. It was approved within 3 days and 4th day money was with me.


Jaydev Karan(4/5)

I applied for this loan after going through the reviews. And I got what I expected. Good service with fast processing.


Mira Prasad (5/5)

I got my personal loan at an interest rate of 11%. Even the processing charge was 1.5% of the loan amount. I will refer it to others too who want a loan without any collateral.


M. Shayam Reddy(4/5)

The executives over here were helpful. I got advice and suggestions from them whenever needed. My personal loan was approved by capital first at affordable price.


Shiva Rao (1/5)

My personal loan was delayed! I got it approved on the 3rd day from which I applied but I got the money on the 8th day. Not satisfied.


Lovnish Panday(5/5)

There are many DSAs except Bank who offers financial product in Bangalore. But finance Buddha is much more than a DSA. My personal loan was disbursed through them, that too within 3 working days.


Deva Mahapatra (4/5)

Worth it! I took this loan when I was in a medical emergency. The interest is a bit high, but it was the survivor tool for my family. Thanks Finance Buddha!


Prakash S. Suresh(3/5)

14% was the interest rate at which I got a personal loan from here. I fell the rate is very high. But I was in need and had no other option.


Kartik Sahu(5/5)

I am quite happy and satisfied with the processing and team work of this organisation. Got a personal loan from here for the renovation of my house.


Prashant Kumar(4/5)

I got my personal loan with the help of Finance Buddha. The process was fast and I got the money within 5 working days.


Niraj Rawat(5/5)

I was in a need of personal loan in Bangalore. Once using Facebook i went through a nice financial blog. I applied for my personal loan there itself and got loan in 3 days.


Sanu Panday(4/5)

There are too many options for Personal Loans in Bangalore. However, mine was approved through HDFC Bank. 12 % was the interest rate which I was charged against my loan.


Kamlesh N(5/5)

I am working in MNC in Bangalore. My Personal Loan was approved by ICICI Bank. The rates and charges all are ok.


Arvind Nath(5/5)

I got a personal loan in bangalore through Finance Buddha. Process was easy and fast. Got disbursal in 3 days. Happy with experience!


Prabhat Sinha (5/5)

I went to other portal first for a personal loan and applied for it too. But firstly they took long time and after that they rejected my application. I came to finance Buddha after my friend suggested it. I got personal loan from here within 4 days.


Subhojeet Banerjee(5/5)

The website itself is full of financial knowledge. After going through the website I was so satisfied that I applied for my personal loan which I was looking for a long time. It took only 2 days to get disbursed to my account


Sushant Hegde (5/5)

Totally a hassle free process. Even the application form is so easy to fill. The rates and process are also nominal.

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