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Personal Loan Reviews #12

4.7 stars based on 305 reviews

Onkar Mishra(5/5)

Three benefits that I received from Axis bank are the reason I am writing this review. This bank wanted minimum documentation, were fast in approval and very responsive to all my questions. My first experience of personal loan was great, knowing this is my first loan request; I was hand-held at all stages.


Rohini Acharya(5/5)

When all banks were stubborn that I should have a savings bank account to apply for personal loan, IndusInd just wanted my up-to-date documents and few applications to be filled to process my loan. The service was very impressive, even the loan payment flexibility by them is exceptionally great.


Stuti Sinha(5/5)

Apart from online assistance, ICICI bank provided a personal loan advisor for my loan application. The whole process was fast with low interest payment and all my queries were addressed in a timely manner. I have recommended my friends to consider this bank for any loan requirement.


Siddharth Singh(5/5)

The repayment option in Citibank is very good and flexible. I had to pay low charges and the transparency in the bank is much appreciated. The EMI option was good and there was no urgency for me to do the repayment. If I am in need of a personal loan, Citibank will be my first choice.


Vikash Rohit(5/5)

I would recommend Axis bank to all those who are looking for a quick personal loan. My loan was approved within 3 days and least documentation was required. The processing is flashy fast and I had to never visit the bank, all services were provided at door step.


Palash Bagchi(4/5)

I would suggest this site for getting low rate personal loans to everyone. I was able to check my eligibility and compare interest rates and loan amount from different banks to choose the best one. Was able to directly apply for a loan with HDFC bank and made things hassle-free.


Vivek Mehta(5/5)

Though my credit score was low, Finance Buddha helped me to get personal loan from bank within 5 days. Very fast and transparent service is offered. All information was cascaded in a precise manner and the experience is very impression. I will definitely suggest for my friends and colleagues.


Mohit Sharma(5/5)

Best rate, low processing fee and excellent TAT, these were the hallmarks of my experience with them



Not only did I get a loan through Finance Buddha, but with their advice on balance transfer I saved a lot on my EMI outflow.


Manoj A(4/5)

Completely hassle free and they provided doorstep service. Have already recommended to 2 of my friends.


Rakesh J(5/5)

Highly experience team who gave proper advice and got me a loan of 15 lacs.



Even though my loan was rejected in one bank, Finance Buddha got me an approval in another bank. Great work!



Through Finance Buddha’s advice I was able to reduce the EMI on my existing loans


Subhankar Saha(4/5)

Re-assuring that along with online assistance there was a personal advisor to answer several queries of mine.



Great feedback and follow up. Got the loan in 3 days flat.



Extremely knowledgeable staff who understands how the banks policies and are able to guide properly.



I had applied simultaneously with 3 websites/agents. Finance Buddha was the fastest.

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