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Personal Loan Reviews #11

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Rahul Sipani(5/5)

If you want a quick disbursal of loan, you must go for HDFC bank. The bank sticks to its tagline, We understand your world". They understand your problems and provide solutions that are doable. My loan got processed in a matter of 3 days and I could not thank them more. If you want a quick disbursal of loan you must go for HDFC Bank Personal Loan.


Prerna Gusai(5/5)

I would recommend HDFC Bank personal loan to all those who are looking for the cheapest personal loan interest rates. The reviews about SBI staff are not too good, but then Finance Buddha cut short my bank visits to nil. Their team provides timely assistance and clarity. 


Anita Yadav(5/5)

I stumbled upon many finance websites to apply online for my personal loan. Some did not provide security in details and some others charged exorbitant rates. Finance Buddha is my tried and tested best. They fast forwarded my application to HDFC and got me my personal loan disbursed in just 3 days.


Bharat Garg(5/5)

If you are looking for a personal loan but do not have a collateral to offer, IndusInd Bank should be your first preference. The bank offers a hassle free process and timely assistance for every loan type.


Manoj Kumar(5/5)

I wanted to avail a personal loan. There was an issue with my CIBIL rating due to which I faced loan denial through 2 banks. Finance Buddha suggested us the loan through which all my requirements were met and the loan got approved as well.


Jyoti Gupta(5/5)

It is pleasantly surprising that in today's world there are people like the employees of Finance Buddha. I contacted them during the year end when it is festive season. They were really helpful and cooperative in giving me timely assistance even on the last working day of the year.


Arun Sharma(5/5)

Great service. Excellent results. These two words completely describe the personal loans by HDFC.


Nidhi Singh(5/5)

Fast disbursal of loan and easy conditions are the two main attractors of the Axis Bank. My personal loan was disbursed quickly as I let the bank know my urgent requirements. Finance Buddha worked best on their part by taking the entire documentation task.


Satya Misra(5/5)

Processing my loan application through Finance Buddha was the righteous choice. I had to apply for a personal loan and as per my colleagues; it is a very hectic and tiring process. However, finance Buddha assisted me all the way: From suggesting the best plan to submitting documents. 


Raj Mishra(4/5)

I had a low CIBIL score and so, was not able to apply for many banks that would just decline my offer. Finance Buddha recommended to me a list of changes that I incorporated in my application and submitted to Axis bank for personal loan. The loan got approved in 10 days.


Suvam Dhar(5/5)

My wife required a loan as she wanted to renovate the house. Finance Buddha helped us get personal loan at the lowest interest rate so that my wife was able to give our dream house a facelift she wanted to. Since the personal loan interest is low the EMIs don’t weigh heavy on my pocket. Also we didn’t had to liquidate our savings. So overall a win-win situation for us. Thanks Finance Buddha!


Maya Singh(5/5)

Any close relative of an ill person can get a medical loan. I was unaware of this fact till the time I found this web portal. I am amazed by the amount precise of information you can find at this one single website. Great job guys!


Rashi Sood(5/5)

The first rule for applying for a loan is to compare and compare again. It is the worst to avail a loan that is the expensive compared to others. Finance Buddha executives are really caring as they recommend the loan gauging your repayment capacity. I strongly recommend Finance Buddha for personal loans.


Prachi Sen(5/5)

There are multiple players in the market who claim that they get you the best interest rates and other such things. In the past 3 months I tried and failed with two such players who call them the best in the market. What they actually did was, just inform the bank that I want a loan and that too with almost all the information was wrongly filled. Hence, as expected the bank rejected my personal loan application. After this, as a last try I applied through Finance Buddha. Finance Buddha took my details and showed me the accurate offers available for me. On my confirmation, they collected my documents, filled up my application and submitted to the bank. The personal loan was disbursed to me within two days of the submission. The benefits of applying through Finance Buddha: accurate offers, documentation assistance, application submission and the loan disbursed to the account. I highly recommend this website over so called others in the market.


Raj Thakur(5/5)

I wanted to start my own business after graduation in finance sine job is certainly not my thing. Through this portal, I got to know about the Business loan by IDBI through which I got funds for purchasing raw material, marketing and usual expenses. It was swift!


Rini Rana(5/5)

Unless the common presumption, the HDFC staff has been really helpful in disbursing my home loan. They were friendly and quick.


Richa Sen(5/5)

The Finance Buddha team provided me with clear instructions and pros and cons of availing the same day loan. I needed this loan urgently. The Finance Buddha team did the needful instantly and forwarded our application and I got personal loan on same day.


Priti Prakash(5/5)

A friend of mine recommended me Finance Buddha for personal loan. The application process is simple and the interest rate was relatively lower. Finance Buddha helped me with the application process, so I was able to apply for personal loan without documents overload on me and the support was continuous till the loan got disbursed in my account.


Rajeev Singh(5/5)

I have a monthly salary of 12000 and was in urgent need of 50000 personal loan. Almost all the banks rejected my loan application. Then one day while checking out other options for quick personal loan in Mumbai, I discovered this website and applied online. They were very quick with the follow up and helped me with all the documentation and application and the loan was disbursed in 5 working days after applying. So overall I had a very nice experience in the time of need.


Himanshu Sinha(5/5)

I needed a 50000 personal loan for investment purpose; hence it was very important for me that I get it at the lowest rate possible. I approached the banks for personal loan and it was disappointing for me as the personal loan interest rates were higher than my expectations. Then my friend suggested me to apply for personal loan online through Finance Buddha. And that was all that I had to do as after applying I was presented with lots of offers of personal loan at lowest interest rates, was helped with documentation and application submission and in 3 days the personal loan was disbursed to my account. Thanks Finance Buddha! Keep up the great work that you all are doing.


Ajay Shivaprasad (5/5)

I was in urgent need of personal loan in an emergency situation. I tried different loan providers but all my efforts were in vain. I came across Finance Buddha website while looking for alternate options. The application process was very easy and the executive was very helpful. They understood my situation and helped me through with the application process until the loan got disbursed to my account.


Abhishek Gupta(5/5)

I was in urgency for money and Citibank helped me get a personal loan within 2 days. The loan was approved the same day as I have a salary account with this bank. Just 2 photographs and latest bank statement had to be shared with them to get the money in my account.


Shubhendu Guha(4/5)

Am a very calculative person and was in search of a personal loan provider who charges low interest. To my surprise Citibank offered lowest personal loan rates along with other facilities like just 2% processing fee and zero pre-closure charges. Though I have good CIBIL score, not many banks gave such good offer.


Ankita Singh(5/5)

At HDFC bank- I was provided with clear instruction and communication was very straight forward. All personal loan information was backed up by email thus helped me to use them for reference purpose. Being a self-employed getting loan from this bank was very simple and there was never a need for me to contact them.

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