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Personal Loan Reviews #1

4.7 stars based on 251 reviews

Gaurav Bajaj(5/5)

I am a middle-class person working in an MNC in Bangalore. I was looking for a personal loan a few months back and got to know about Finance Buddha. Firstly I thought to apply for the loan directly from a bank and I also did. But, my application was rejected. Then after I applied for it through Finance Buddha. It got approved and I was shocked that it was disbursed in just 5 days. Very happy with the experience.


Rohit Kumar(4/5)

My personal loan was approved with HDFC. The interest rate at which it got approved is 16%. The processing was fast and I was able to get the loan in just 3 working days.


Madhup Ghosh(3/5)

The interest rate at which i got my loan is 15%. Quite satisfied with that! but the tenure is short which makes the EMIs high.



The finance buddha executives helped me a lot to proceed for my personal loan application. The documentation was least and my loan was approved in less time than i was expecting.


Yashvi Ganguly(5/5)

The best thing i liked about the personal loan is its NO Collateral requirement. It made easy for me to avail the loan without any fear of losing collateral.


Indranil Deka(5/5)

I was confused by all the personal loans available in the market and online by different banks. More importantly, they have given different different name to the same loan. Then i got to know about finance buddha from where i compare all the personal loan from different banks and then chose mine. I was able to get a personal loan without any hassle on time.


Faiyaz Khan(5/5)

Previously i was so scared about this loan when i heard there is no need to go bank. But my wife said how it is. I searched online and then apply for a loan. I was surprised that within 5 days my loan was disbursed without going bank even for once.


Jivika Prasad(4/5)

It was a comfortable and easy procedure to get a personal loan through Finbud. The executives handling my loan application helped me through the process.


Aayush Bansal(4/5)

Interest charged for my personal loan was 16% per annum. I am happy with the rates as this is the bare minimum rate for an unsecured personal loan available with other lenders and banks. Other charges such as processing charge were also low comparatively.


Hansh Mehta(4/5)



Gurkiran Singh(3/5)

It is good but can be made better by improving the processing time. Overall a good experience.


Joseph D'Souza(5/5)

I would like to thank Finance Buddha for such a great experience, the service was excellence. The options available for loan for a salaried professional like me with a flexible Prepayment is great, online loan approval was very attractive. What really impressed me is the professional approach displayed. All this made the whole experience a wonderful one. Thanks a ton...


Uttam Singh(3/5)

Good service! But they can't make it till 3rd day. I got the personal loan money disbursed on the 5th day.


Nitin Das(5/5)

Excellent advice and follow-ups by the team regarding my personal loan application.



I got the loan amount in 7 days. Not happy, they could have done it fast.


Basha M(5/5)

I am happy with the process of my personal loan application. It took only 4 days among which 1 was Sunday, and i got the money. Happy me!


Perumal M(4/5)

The documentation was very simple and the processing was fast. I enjoyed the process as it was online. The service provided was also satisfactory.


Shankar C(5/5)

Among all the personal loan providers in the market i trusted Finbud as one of my friends told me about his experience. It didn't let my expectations down and my loan was disbursed just next day.


Manjugodwda AS(5/5)

Wonderful work, i had no expectation that my personal loan will be disbursed so fast. But Finbud did it, i got my personal loan disbursed in just two days in my bank account.


Taneer Sharif(4/5)

Good Service! Nice Experience, will refer to my friends and family.


RaviKumar B (3/5)

My personal loan application got delayed, I don't know the proper reason behind this. It got disbursed in 6 days.


Venkatesh K(4/5)

Good Experience! :-)


Pavan K(5/5)

The executives helped and guided me throughout the process. This helped me a lot and i got the loan in just 3 days.


K. Govindaraj(4/5)

I am satisfied with the service provided regarding my personal loan application. The processing was quite fast and simple. The interest rate charged against my loan is a bit high but its ok for me as money was the need of time.

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