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Comparison of Personal Loan from Top Providers Mar 2017

Bank/NBFCInstitution TypeMinimum Loan AmountMaximum Loan AmountMinimum TenureMaximum TenureAPRFees & Charges
Axis BankBankINR 50,000INR 15, 00,00012 months60 months15.50% to 24%Loan processing charges 1.50% to 2.00% +Service Taxes
Bajaj FinanceNBFCINR 100,000INR 25,00,00012 months60 months14.25% - 16.75%Processing Fee - 1.99% - 3%
Capital FirstNBFCINR 50,000INR 400,00024 months36 months16.00% - 24.00%Processing Fee - 1.99%
HDFC BankBankINR 50,000INR 25,00,00012 months60 months11.49% - 20.00%Processing Fee - 0.25% to 1.50%; Min - Rs. 999, Max - Rs. 25000
ICICI BankBankINR 100,000INR 25,00,00012 months60 months11.49% - 22.00%Processing Fee - 0.25% to 1.50%; Min - Rs. 999


Rate of interest is high?

- Try applying for a higher loan amount as most banks reduce interest rates as loan amount increases.

Not getting the desired loan amount

- Try adding the income of a co-applicant like a working spouse

Not getting the desired loan amount?

- Finance Buddha can try to do a debt consolidation/balance transfer to increase eligibility

Your Search for Personal Loan Ends here!

Are you a self-employed or salaried individual trying to meet both ends? Have you given a thought about personal loan option? When there is an unusual expense like child's marriage, renovation of your home or furnishing, children’s higher education, family holiday, or any other dream to be turned into reality, make use of the personal loan optionality. With this, you have the option to repay your borrowed amount gradually through upcoming years, no guarantor or security is required, hassle free documentation process- right officials will come to you to collect necessary documents and if all requirements are met, money can be expected within few days. Embark on your dream at the right time with opportunities available!

Purposes and Types of Personal Loan:

It is essential to be aware of ‘what purposes a personal loan can be availed’. Without valid reasons, a loan will not be approved. For purposes like house renovation, education, maternity expenditure, vacation, automobile etc. personal loan is the best option. You can choose suitable interest rates and payment plan from the options available in the banks. The main two types of personal loans available in India are secured loans and unsecured loans. The first one is where there is a need for guarantee or security against the sum borrowed like a fixed or movable asset. In case of default of the loan amount, ownership of the security will be taken over by the bank. The latter does not require any security, but the lender will charge a high rate of interest on the money borrowed. In case of default, the lender will seek legal assistance for the loss incurred.

Different Types of Personal Loans You can Get in India

There can be many reasons to avail a personal loan. But for all the reasons, you need to know the benefits and the target audience for that loan. These are the different types of personal loans you can get:

Business Start-up Loan:

These loans give funds to meet the cost of raw material, advertising, and sustenance. A great feature for a corporate business is that if the business does not work out, the owner does not have to pay the whole cost. So, the owner does not have to pay the cost of the bankruptcy. It can also fund your marketing projects, hence helping your new brand. A great benefit is that these might not need guarantors.
People who plan to start new businesses are the target audience for a business loan need to provide documents to avail this loan. 
Some of the banks and Financial Institutes who provide this loan are Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) and Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)

Corporate Loan:

This kind of loan is beneficial for people who already have a business, but want to expand this. It is helpful because businesses find it difficult to buy buildings and equipment. Also, it is helpful for people who plan acquisitions. Corporate loan serves this purpose. It is a short term loan. 
People who are doing well and want to expand the horizons of their business are the target audience. Some of the loan providers are ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda and SBI.

Govt. Loans for Small Scale Businesses:

While there are many loans provided by private institutions for small-scale businesses, they come with a hefty interest rate. A loan offered by business is beneficial because it has lower interest rate and they provide funds for every day needs. One can go for a state sponsored scheme or that by the central government. Government loans are also more transparent and risk assured.
People who want loans at affordable rates with security ensured should go for this.
Some institutions that provide this loan are NABARD, MSMEs, SIDBI, etc.

Small Business Loans for Women:

These loans are very important since they uplift the status of women in the society. These loans are given to women who wish to open small businesses like beauty parlours, tuition centers, tailor shops, etc. The benefit is that interest rates are lower. Annapurna Scheme, Mudra Scheme and Cent Kalyani Scheme are two loan categories which can be availed by women who wish to be entrepreneurs. 
Bhartiya Mahila Bank, Union Bank and State Bank of India are some of the banks that provide such loans.

Home Improvement Loan:

These loans are beneficial for people who want to renovate their houses or want to add more floors or storeys to it. You can also use these loans for painting or getting the wood work done for your house. 
Owners and tenants usually avail these loans as though they can be also paid in a longer term (though it depends on age of the applicant, too).
These loans are provided by PNB Housing, DHFL, HDFC, ICICI HFC, etc.

Loans for Unemployed:

Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana is one of the loan schemes in this regard which is very popular. The benefit of the scheme is that the person gets help to start the business. Some subsidy is provided by the government for this.
These loans can be availed by educated (at least 10th) or skilled people between the age of 18-40. There is some leverage to people belonging to lower cast.
Loans are provided by Mudra Bank, Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank, etc.

Marriage Loan:

Marriages are usually a very costly event in India due to so many functions, jewellery purchase and cost of other miscellaneous arrangements involved. In such a scene, the benefit of marriage loan is that it helps one to meet the ends for the wedding day and after events. Also, you might not want to invest all your savings into the wedding but save for any emergency. Also, you can invest the money you saved for wedding for a better apartment after your marriage.
These loans can be availed by salaried professionals. These can also be taken by parents or guardians who might even be retired but are pensioned.
Marriage loans in India are provided by HDFC Bank, SBI, Tata Capital, etc.

Medical Loan:

In case of a surgery, operation, therapy, procedure, etc one can avail a medical loan. The benefit is that it also includes the medical test costs and the cost for medicines. 
These loans can be availed by people who are relatives or close acquaintances of the ill person. 
ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and AXIS Bank are some of the many banks that fund these loans.

Personal Loan for Low CIBIL Score:

A low CIBIL score can mean that you have had a bad credit history. This means that either you have not availed any loan in the past. Or, it can mean that you have not paid your instalments on time. This means that banks and financial institutions will refrain from giving you a loan in future. A person with low CIBIL score must start to repay his loan. Also, the loan should be a mix of secured and unsecured loans. One with low CIBIL score can avail loan on the name of his wife or anyone close. You can also take loans against assets, (Gold or car). A benefit of availing a loan when you have low CIBIL score is that you can manage a loan when you need it urgently.
These loans benefit people who do not have fair chances of getting a loan normally.
There are some banks that still provide loan for people with low CIBIL score, like HDFC Bank, Tata Capital, Kotak Mahindra, Aditya Birla, etc.

Same Day Loans:

As the name suggests, same day cash loans are the loans provided on urgent basis. These loans can help in cases of immediate or urgent needs like if you need to pay someone in emergency. These loans do not need guarantors. The response time for these loans is very less. These loans are also called payday loans. The benefit is that the documentation process is swift and easy.
These loans are availed by people who need money urgently.
HDFC Bank, Tata capital, Citibank, IndusInd are some of the banks that provide these loans.

Features of Personal Loan:

  • Only self-employed and salaried-individuals can avail loan.
  • Special loan is offered for Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Company Secretaries, Architects and for ICWAI graduates.
  • Loans amounts vary according to the individual eligibility and bank policy and procedures.
  • Banks offer flexible repayment options, tenure ranging up to 60 months.
  • Hassle-free loans with no collateral, security or guarantor.
  • EMIs repayment option.
  • Repayment track-record of existing personal, home or auto loan is considered.
  • Life insurance policy premium-receipts is considered as a valid proof for processing loans.
  • Minimal documentation, simple procedure and quick approval.

Top Banks for Personal Loan:

  • ICICI Bank: It has attractive scheme at reasonable interest rates.
  • HDFC Bank: Loan at low-interest rates with or without security.
  • IndusInd Bank: Easy processing and quick responsive.
  • Citibank: Attractive loans rates and good scrutinize for genuine requests.
  • AXIS Bank: Requires least documentation and fast processing.

How to Select the Right Personal Loan?

Comparing and choosing a best personal loan provider is always a task, it is essential to understand the way they work, banks interest rates, types of loans offered- secured, unsecured, fixed, and variable, overdraft and line of credit, go through the bank’s application checklist and look for Star ratings. There are a lot of online applications to compare what is offered by each bank, choose the top five, bring down your list to top 3 and then narrow it down further to the bank that offers the best personal loan.

Not able to decide on a Personal Loan? Let us Help!

Do’s & Don’ts of Personal Loan:

Here are few do and don’t to be kept in mind for Personal loan:

It is essential you read this before taking a personal loan, work out how much you need exactly.


  • Borrow Exactly As Per The Requirement: Borrowing more than the requirement can lead you to pay interest for unnecessary debts. It is essential to consider all requirement for a loan, sum up the amount requirement and then start looking for loan option, interest rates, monthly EMI, tenure etc.
  • Borrow What You can Afford to Repay: Taking loan that you will struggle to pay is not a good idea. Before taking a loan, make a thorough calculation of how much you will be able to pay.
  • Use the Money for Necessities: Taking a loan ‘just because it is easy to get one’ is the worst idea. Avoid putting yourself into debt. Be clear why a loan is required and stick to the plan.
  • Compare and Compare, Again and Again: Irrespective of how convincing the managers in the bank is and how flattering their talks are, it is your need and your hard earned money will be used for repaying. So compare as much as different personal loan offers from various banks, before considering and finalizing.
  • Think Ahead: Every penny borrowed will have to be repaid with interest, think if there is really a need for loan. Being tied into long term contract is not a great move; there will be less option for you in case of any other necessities in future.


  • Turn Greedy: Money will always look attractive and we will have wants. But taking personal loan should be for a need instead of for wants.
  • Jump into Payment Protection Insurance: Check if there is a need for PPI and even if there is a requirement; take it from an independent company instead of the loan provider.
  • Ignore The Policy And Procedures: It is worth you spending an hour extra now to read the guidelines provided bank instead of later regretting. Ignorance of terms is not an excuse.
  • Miss Payments: Though it sounds obvious, don’ts list will be incomplete without this point. Missing or delaying one single payment will reflect on all aspects of your financial life. Apart from the extra interest that is required to be paid, you will end up having weak credit rating score.

How to Apply Online for Personal Loan at Finance Buddha?

Finance Buddha is not just a loan comparison site, but you can directly apply for a loan at the best bank of your choice. Here you just have to update your details such as Current Company, take home salary, existing EMI amount, Salary account bank, loan requirement and tenure, and it will auto-calculate the amount that should be paid per bank interest rates, its processing fees, etc. Once this information helps you to decide the bank you wish to avail loan, click on “Apply Now” and share your contact. After the successful submission of online application, our customer support will contact you directly to make your interest executed.

Along with the above information, keep in mind it is possible to negotiate on the personal loan interest with the details of your income, company status, credit rating, payment history and relationship with the bank. Make every effort to reduce the interest and enjoy the benefits to the fullest!

Top Rated FAQs

How is my loan eligibility calculated?
Loan eligibility is dependent on primarily the following factors: The company where you work. Every bank has a list of companies running into thousands which they have categorised into segments like A, B, C etc depending on the credentials and financia read more Loan eligibility is dependent on primarily the following factors:
  1. The company where you work. Every bank has a list of companies running into thousands which they have categorised into segments like A, B, C etc depending on the credentials and financials of your employer. The higher the category the higher is the loan eligibility chances.
  2. Quantum of loans and credit card outstanding that you already have. Typically a bank will not give a loan if the total EMI obligation (including the current personal loan that your are trying to apply for) exceeds 50-75% of your total net take home salary.
  3. Your gross/net salary
  4. Your credit score as reflected in your CIBIL or Equifax report. Having a good credit score is a necessary but not a sufficient criteria.
My loan got rejected even though I have a decent salary package?
The final decision to grant a loan lies with the credit department of a bank. Some of the reasons why a loan can be rejected are: Possible Issue Already running several loans and hence a bank may not be comfortable with your existing leverage levels vis read more The final decision to grant a loan lies with the credit department of a bank. Some of the reasons why a loan can be rejected are:

Possible Issue

Already running several loans and hence a bank may not be comfortable with your existing leverage levels vis-a-vis your salary level.

Possible Way Out
  • If you have a spouse who is also working, you can add her as a co-applicant to boost the combined salary levels or
  • Try to pay off some of your debt so that your leverage levels can come down or
  • Do a balance transfer/debt consolidation/re-financing of your existing loans such that the rate of interest on loans can also come down and additional loan can also be provided.

Possible Issue

Issues in your credit history as reflected in your CIBIL, Equifax reports

Possible way out
  • If the issue is a minor one like some delay in payment of credit card due then we can try your application in some other bank who can possibly take a lenient view on the deviation
  • If you think that the credit report is erroneous and you have sufficient documentary proof we will represent the case to the bank and try to convince the credit team
  • If the issue is a major one like write off, settlement of any past dues etc then it might be difficult to obtain a loan. Certain mitigation factor like if you/your spouse/your parents have an own house in India can give comfort to certain banks to give you a loan.

Possible Issue

Most banks have certain internal credit parameters to evaluate a loan which is kept confidential and not shared with us. Several demographic, financial and credit aspects go into these internal evaluation. You might not have met the minimum cut off for obtaining a loan.

Possible way out

We can re-apply for your loan in one of the other 10 plus lenders that we are affiliated to.

Reviews   4.91 stars, based on 88 reviews

Finance Buddha, just a comparison site? No, they were the people who helped me getting a personal loan for my marriage and helped me fulfil my need. A site suggested to me by my friend who said they will find the perfect loan for you. Believe me, when I say it she was not wrong. You just have to fill up a few blank spaces mentioned by them such as your take away income, your loan amount, your company name, and your salary account i.e. the bank you have your account in and the EMI amount and they will automatically calculate the loan EMI and the tenure. After the loan was calculated I applied for the personal loan with HDFC bank of Rs. 12, 00,000 which was available at 11.49% interest which just blew my mind and I thought I was being fooled. The loan took 2 days to get processed and disbursed along with the additional incentive of no hassle as there is no KYC process and all the documents are taken care by the Finance Buddha. The team is extremely supported and meticulously takes care of all the processes of your disbursement of the loan.


Finance Buddha; a versatile service provider which just not only provides you with the loan but also sees to it that other incentives are included in it. I too was facing the financial crisis which resulted into no other option but opting for a loan. I applied everywhere and saw the different interest rates. In the meanwhile, a friend suggested me about Finance Buddha which compares loans for you as well as gives you the best advice. I thought I would try this one as well. I checked the website, filled the information and compared. I applied for a loan with HDFC bank which was offering lowest interest rate i.e. 11.49% as per my disposable amount and other information along with other incentives such as low processing fee and other charges. The whole process was carried out without any hassle and no documentation process. The whole was handled by them. Also, the quick processing and the disposal service of the Finance Buddha team were recommended by me to many. Lastly, they


Small wins too matter! Similar was the case with me and I had an urgent need of a personal loan of 50k and I had no other option left than to opt for a personal loan. At that moment of time, I had to purchase a new vehicle as I was new to the city. A friend suggested me Finance Buddha; I visited the website quickly and read the instructions. No sooner did I apply for the loan within 24 hours the documentation process too was done. The process was carried out smoothly just like you go in a Home Loan or a Business loan. The loan was sanctioned by the HDFC bank at the quick disposal and lowest interest rates of 11.49% offered by HDFC which resulted into within a week the ownership of the vehicle with me. The process also underwent through the support of the Finance Buddha team who were extremely cooperative to help me get a loan sanctioned. I suggest to everyone who is in need of urgent loan to visit Finance Buddha. Great job guys!!!!


For Finance Market team, all I can say is they should not enter the market as they make others look bad. Such a team with a blend of experience and their flexibility makes them a unique player in the market. Also, this proves to be of real use as when I had applied for a loan the quick processing time and the quick disbursal of the loan by the team just made a bit curious about it. They won‰Ûªt rest until they deliver the loan amount to your account. For my loan with the ICICI bank account which I got in 96 hours was truly an unexplainable moment for me as I had never experienced such a service. I got a personal loan from ICICI bank which had the lowest interest and didn‰Ûªt put me into any trouble of visiting the bank. Also, their advice was there to guide me all the time that how many years I should take the loan for and other small details too. Enthusiastic and Great team work!!!


The second thought that came to my mind was the booking of the party plot of my sister‰Ûªs marriage for which we were running short of funds. We have sanctioned a loan from the ICICI Bank where we borrowed the amount of Rs. 5 lakhs and for the repayment of the loan; we entered the amount of two working family members which decreased the amount‰Ûªs interest rate. The biggest hurdle was the documentation process at the time of the marriage which was managed by the team and within 24 hours we applied for the loan. The details were filled by the representatives and they offered us the loan within 3 days from the approval to the disposal which proved a great asset to our family at the time of the wedding. The loan disposed of by HDFC bank offered us the interest rate of 11.5% and the processing fee of 0.25% which made it easier for us to repay the loan. Also, the whole process was carried out in such a way that it is almost flawless. I recommend to everyone who is in need of a loan to visit Finance Buddha once to tell me their experiences too of their unique services and comfort they found.


There was this moment in my family which is known as hyper anticipation levels when the news came in that I had been granted a loan from the HDFC bank by the Finance Buddha representative. I thanked the guy immediately for his unparalleled service and support that he offered. In my journey with them, it was not only the destination but the journey too helped me learn a lot. They helped me gaining a loan from HDFC bank without me entering the bank premises once as the whole documentation process was carried out smooth without any troubles and further verifications within 24 hours The next 72 hours the loan got processed and sanctioned and transferred into my account. I recall the timing clearly. It was 1400 hours and the representative called during my lunch break that ma‰Ûªam your loan is disposed in your bank account and 2 minutes after it I received the message on my phone. The personal loan by HDFC bank of Rs. 7 lakhs for two years at the rate of just 12% of interest rate was out of this world. I too had the support from the team and the process was carried out smoothly. I thank the whole team for being there. You guys are the best!!


Finance Buddha holds the best deal for you at the end of the bargain. No service provider offers such premium services. Finance Buddha, a service provider that offers people with the best loan services available in the market is not only doing the same by word but also by the actions as well. It gives me immense of joy to write such a small feedback for you guys but what you did is way bigger than anyone could have done. Finance Buddha helped me getting a loan with one of the premium banks in the country i.e. Axis Bank I was not holding much of the funds when it was time to uplift the financial condition of the family to fulfil the needs of the members. I decided to opt for a small personal loan to fulfil them. I opted for a loan of 5 lakhs from Finance Buddha and was sanctioned one by Axis Bank at 15.5% of interest which is the lower offered by them. Also, the other charges were also low and the customer experience was way more satisfying than I can describe in words. In summary, I would recommend everyone to opt for a loan with finance Buddha and narrate your own unique experience.


After a series of misfortunate financial events in my life, the hope was again lightened by speaking with the Finance Buddha executive who was sure of getting me a personal loan with a reputed bank or an NBFC (Non- Banking Financial Company). It turned out to be a bad CIBIL score and it was not working for the common banks by the manual process to grant me a loan. Then, I got an advice from a friend who gave me the contact of this peculiar service provider who helped people in getting loans without much impact of their past borrowings. I got a loan from Bajaj Finance of Rs. 15, 00, 000 lakh to clear all my debts for 5 years with the help of Finance Buddha at 16.75% rate of interest which was lower than what banks used to offer me. Along with it, I paid the processing fee of 3% which was higher. I was not worried about the money but the way these guys helped me out in getting the loan processed out quick and without any meticulous processes of documentation. That just won my heart in the end! Best team to make even the impossible possible!


The one stop shop for removing all your conundrums for the loan process and the queries related to it. This turned to believe me that in taking a loan for your necessity am not always bad if you take it to the amount you will be able to return back. The Finance Buddha executive guided me from how to apply for a personal loan to how to get the personal loan. I was in a state of confusion that which bank I should opt for and in the meanwhile a friend suggested me, Finance Buddha. These guys are just truly amazing as they are for your service 24/7 by their available phone number i.e. 080-60120505. I just dropped my number where they had left a space for dropping it on their website. I immediately got a call from them and through their help; I was able to secure a loan from the HDFC bank at the minimum issues that are no hassle in the uploading of the documents and the KYC process. Also, they negotiated the best interest rates and other charges for me as they came to know it was my first time i.e. 12% interest rate on the personal loan.


The cheapest loan interest rates and processing fees in the market! It sounded again like a scheme given by a bank through an agency but when again I tested it myself. It just blew my mind and I was left speechless. When I compared the loans they offered the loans available in the market, I was happy to look at the amount I got at such cheap rates. This just proved to be a turning point in my business. They provide you with a period‰Ûªs piece i.e. a unique loan of your choice/ something antique. When I applied for the loan the process was a hassle free one as the loan documentation process was carried out by the Finance Buddha executive. Also, they quickly processed my loan as well as disbursed the loan. The loan was granted by the ICICI bank at 13.5% rate of interest with just 0.75% processing fee and the minimum additional charges proved out to be a big saver for me. They handle your loan like a babysitter handles your baby with utmost care. I suggest Finance Buddha‰Ûªs service to everyone who is looking for a personal loan and is in an enigma state.


The whole customer experience is at a different level when you apply for a loan with Finance Buddha. The level of service they maintain with their customers makes the process of the loan so engaging as well as interesting. You just need to visit the website then open the personal loan page. Fill all the required amount that are mandatory to get your desired loan with your requirements i.e. the disposal income, the EMI amount and the loan amount along with the secondary requirements and just click on apply. The amount is calculated on your behalf and you get your desired loan. They fulfil all your requirements and even negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest interest rate. The personal loan which was sanctioned to me by HDFC bank with was priced at Rs. 10, 00, 000 and it was only at the interest rate of 11.49% by the bank all due to HDFC bank flexible loan. Also, the documentation process carried out by the Finance Buddha representative that approved the loan within 24 hours from applying and within the next 3 days the loan was disbursed which was exceptional and truly respecting work less seen!


The process couldn‰Ûªt get any better with Finance Buddha handling it. The support team is so dextrous when it handles an account for the loan process that just changes the perspective of taking a loan. They handle your account with extreme care and take into consideration your every small requirement like of low-interest rates and processing fees or charges, or easy EMI‰Ûªs or no collateral or flexible loan it is. Each of your choices would be taken into account and an opinion would be given by the experts that this is the best for you. I too had applied for a personal loan with finance Buddha and I got it without any trouble of documentation or KYC procedure. I actually don‰Ûªt know what it is. They handled it all on my behalf without any hassle and provided me with a personal loan from the premium player in the industry i.e. HDFC bank with the lowest interest and the processing fees i.e. 11.49% annual interest which is why their respect in my mind is elevated more than it was before. Best team executives to remove your queries and grant you the best loan of your life.


The process turned out to be so engaging that it was not expected off. I was so anticipated when the news came to me that my loan has been passed and it would be delivered to me by the Finance Buddha representative. It was a time when I had no option left and a friend of mine told me about Finance Buddha, I went onto the website and went onto the personal loan section. They were asking about some of my income details in which they were asking about my net disposable income, the loan amount and the bank and my EMI payment amount. I filled them up and they calculated for me the amount instantly. I was surprised to know that how technology brought a change in such loan process. I got a personal loan with an NBFC Bajaj Finance of Rs. 500,000 as no bank was putting their hand on my loan because of my low credit score. Still, the minimum interest rate was maintained as the representative told me and it was tagged at 14.25% giving me a sign of relief. The best part was the disbursement of the loan within 4 days of the application. I thank the whole Finance Buddha team for being there as a support!


Finance Buddha, a peculiar service provider of personal loans, Home loans and any other type of loan you wish to apply for. They remove all your tension and take all the responsibility on their head. The best part about them is that they constantly support you and give you the status of the loan every day by staying in contact with you. I was in need of a personal loan and Finance Buddha just not turned out to be easier but also created an edge over the other service providers by providing me with the best loan. I got a loan of Rs. 9, 50, 000 from Axis bank at the interest rate of 13.5% which was the lowest they offered. The process took a turn on my side when the loan was disbursed within 4 days of the application for the loan. Lastly, the documentation process was carried out with such an ease that just removed my notion of standing in the queue for applying for a loan in a bank. The best online banking service provider till date! I recommend it to who-so-ever comes to me for the need of a loan with the best plan idea with them.


The unparalleled team for the Personal loans and the Home loans! I was so surprised by the phenomenal performance and the service they provided me in getting a personal loan. It was my first time and I was not sure what I was doing. I just filled the details which they had mentioned on the website and the loan amount was calculated. When I verified with my dad he was surprised that I got a loan with ICICI bank of Rs. 25, 00, 000 at the interest rate of 11.49% interest which is lower than for the other banks I applied. The processing fee was also 0.5% and with the minimum charges. The main highlight of the loan process was the process was without any hassle and they proved to be a second hand for me for my marriage. The Finance Buddha team was extremely cooperative and the loan was disbursed within 5 days from the application of the loan. The last highlight they maintained was that I applied for the loan on 21st and the wedding was on 26th and I was able to meet my needs on time. The quick disbursal process just won my heart.


Finance Buddha is the best site for bank loans as they provide good assistance through online mode. You can check all your loan details through their web portal. ICICI is a truly advanced bank as they pass on the benefits of rate cuts immediately and so was the case with my personal loan.


I wanted to buy a big tv as my I recently shifted to a bigger apartment. Looking for a personal loan through Finance Buddha became a hassle free task. One click and I had the entire list of banks with the loans they could offer. You find a comprehensive analysis of loans by different banks. What more, they also forward your application on their own.


If you are worried that your loan application might get rejected, get in touch with Finance Budha. Their team suggests the best measures to make the loan application strong. For my loan, they suggested that I used the cumulative income of mine and my wife. We got our loan easily with that.


I applied for a personal loan for travel as me and my husband wanted to holiday abroad. The process was quick and hassle free. The personal loan interest rate was 11.49% which is the lowest interest rate on personal loan, if I am not mistaken. The process took only 2 days, so I am very happy with the experience that I had of applying for a personal loan online through Finance Buddha.


With HDFC, I was able to process my home improvement loan within a week. Finance Buddha team helped with the loan processing as they fast forwarded the application. The home looks better now - we went for complete woodwork.


I would recommend this website to every lay man guy who wants to avail a loan without any troublesome conditions that he does not even understand. For all your needs, Finance Buddha is the right portal. What more do you need than a website who provides you information about every loan type from different banks and on the same time also provides you an easy option to apply the loans! All this without any extra cost. Finance Buddha team is great. Wish them good luck :)


Three words describe personal loans by HDFC Bank: Swift, Affordable and Easy. The bank's terms and conditions are pretty much understandable and you won't have to struggle much with anything. Applying through Finance Buddha makes the things even easier.


In India, marriages are the costliest affairs. I was looking for a portal through which I could compare all the loans for marriage. I was happy to come across this website Finance Buddha where I submitted my requirement and found the cheapest loan by TATA Capital.


Finance Buddha team takes instant follow up for services. They do not ask for any of your secure and personal information. Just the one required. I got the best loan after comparison as their website features updated rates of interests.


Being the father of a daughter, I was very concerned about her marriage. Wanted to invest the best in her wedding. Through Finance Buddha, I got to know about marriage loans offered by HDFC. My loan got approved swiftly through their portal and I was able to arrange the best wedding function for my daughter. Thanks!


IndusInd Bank is known for its responsiveness. I needed a quick loan and I trusted the employees of Finance Buddha when they said the best was to go for this bank. I have not regretted my decision. Fast loan disbursal and fairly good rate of interest is what I got.


When your credit score is low, availing a personal loan becomes so tricky; I can say that from my personal experience. People at Finance Buddha were like magicians to me. I got such strong file tips that my personal loan got disbursed from Axis bank very soon.


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