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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #9

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews

V T Patil (5/5)

Thanks to the executives Raj and Madhavi who were handling my loan application. Thanks a lot. Your help matters a lot in the quick disbursal of my instant loan.


Raja RK (5/5)

I took instant personal loan from Fin Bud for debt consolidation. Everything went smoothly and I got this instant loan within 24 hours.


Nelofar Sabah(3/5)

The interest rate is the only thing which makes me worried about my instant personal loan. But other than that everything is cool.


Anuj Roy (3/5)

Not trustworthy! I got personal Loan from here in 3 days! Don’t trust guys that they will disburse the loan within 24 hours.


Karuna Singh(5/5)

I went to a bank for a personal loan but they couldn’t make it by time I require. Then I got to know about finance Buddha through Facebook. I applied here for my personal loan and got it one day after applying.


Ashutosh Narayan(5/5)

I will suggest people to go for Insta Loan who are in any kind of cash crunches. The loan is disbursed within 24 hours without any hassle. I got it approved within 2 hours.


Manjunath. N (4/5)

A good website to compare online among different banks for the interest rate and other things provided. I compared and then applied from here only. Good website!


Jaganath L (5/5)

Great Service! Got personal loan at an interest rate of 17% p.a. and the processing fee I had to pay was 2% of the loan amount. I will refer it to others also.


Munegowda Gowda(5/5)

I am happy and satisfied with the customer service of the personal loan team of Fin Bud. The executives helped me a lot where ever I was having the doubt.


Lakhan Lal (5/5)

I got to know about Fin Bud through web search. And it is really good. I applied for an Instant Personal Loan through it and I got the loan approved on time at a reasonable interest rate.


Kerthi Krishnan (3/5)

My experience with Finance Buddha regarding my Insta Loan is good. The service provided here is good.


Rishab Prakash(4/5)

The portal of Finance Buddha is very informative. All my doubts about online loans got clear from here. I applied here for personal loan and I got it within 48 hours.


Kush Sinha(5/5)

I applied for personal online loan with Finance Buddha. The process was 100% online including the documentation. I am completely satisfied with the way it works.


Ganesha Murti (5/5)

I am happy that I choose my personal loan to take from finance buddha. It gave me good service along with low fees and charges.


Prashant Rao(5/5)

I got personal Loan through finance buddha without any hassle. The process went very smooth and even the rates and charges were affordable.


Satya Chandra(5/5)

Among other Personal Loans available I choose Instant personal Loan by Finance Buddha and the reason behind was its good feedback through their customers.


Karishma (5/5)

Completely online without any physical documentation. It took no time for me to apply online through their portal and same was with the Finance Buddha team, it took them only few hours to approve my loan and it got disbursed in one day.


Deepesh Rawat (5/5)

I will appreciate the team work of Finance Buddha. The process went very smoothly without any hassle and executives who were handling by loan case were very helpful.


Suresh R. Raman(5/5)

Nice product! Can be certainly availed in face of financial cash crunches and emergencies.


Yatish Chakraborty (5/5)

My Personal Loan was on time as I got it approved within hours and disbursed in next 24 hours.


Paresh Grovar(4/5)

I got this Instant personal loan through Finance Buddha at an interest rate of 17% p.a. and was charged 2% as the processing fees.


Ram Narayan Sharma(3/5)

I had to wait 3 days for this loan! And they are saying it instant loan and disbursal within 24 hours. Not Satisfied.


Satyam Prakash (4/5)

The customer service of Finance Buddha is very responsive. I applied for personal loan online through their portal and got it approved after 48 hours.


Yogita Shankar(5/5)

One of my friend referred this loan product to me when I was facing down in my business. I applied it through the Finance Buddha portal and within 24 hours I got the disbursal.

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