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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #9

4.5 stars based on 895 reviews

Anant K Rajan(5/5)

I searched around across many websites for a paperless personal Loan and I found Finance Buddha best for this loan. The interest rates, charges, tenure period everything is what I expected to be.


Abhimanyu Sinha(4/5)

I availed this online loan by Finance Buddha two weeks back. I got it at an interest rate of 17% p.a. which I found affordable by me so I went for it. The service was good and it was an overall good experience.


Shailesh Gupta(3/5)

The service is not good and slow as compared to what they have mentioned and advertised. Need more to improve.


Abhijit Kumar(5/5)

I found the application form very easy to fill which is available on their website. Even the documentation process requires very less documents that too not physically, only softcopy is needed.


Minakshi Yadav(4/5)

I compared many online loans available in market now a days and I found Insta Loan by Finance Buddha best so I went for it. My loan approval took only 4 hours but the disbursal was delayed by 1 day.


Ashish Tiwari(4/5)

This loan is really helpful in emergency and you can rely on it. I availed this loan one week back and everything went smoothly and the process was completed without any hassle.


Prabhat Kumar(5/5)

After being unsecured loan also I got this loan at nominal interest rate and processing fees and service tax was like other loans only.


Sachin Shetty(3/5)

Get personal loan online today this is what they are advertising, but when I applied for this loan it took 1 day to get approved and 3 days to get disbursed.


Lingaraj Malipatil(4/5)

I am satisfied with the service and their work. Even the disbursal of my loan was on time but I found rates a bit high as compared to the other lenders. This maybe because I was not having a good credit history.


Kumar Nishith(3/5)

I had to face problem in contacting their team. I had this online loan one month back and when I had a query I mailed them. The reply of my mail came after 2 days.


Milan Paswan(5/5)

Got it within 24 hours. I am really happy for going with Finance Buddha’s Insta loan.


Zafar Hashmi(4/5)

The applying process is very easy, I have not to go any bank even for a single time. Everything was completed on time from my side then also it took them 48 hours to disburse my loan.


Avinash Sharma(4/5)

I was surprised with its fast processing and quick disbursal. I have never thought that a loan like this exist. Really you can go for this personal loan which is completely online.


Sandhya Singh(5/5)

Nominal interest rate with nominal fees and charges. I will refer it to others also.


Ratan Kumar(4/5)

I got a quick response from the Finance Buddha team soon after I submitted the online application form available on their website. I got a confirmation call in response. Everything went well as I was fulfilling their eligibility criteria but I don’t know why it took them 48 hours to disburse my loan.


Mayank Ranjan(5/5)

The team work is very good here. The executives who spoke to me were really helpful. They guided me correctly and cleared all my doubts and confusion regarding online personal loans.


Rajani Patel(4/5)

I am not satisfied with the service as they told me that they will disburse my loan within 24 hours, but my loan disbursal took 48 hours. Good thing, that I got it anyways.


Jay Prakash Nath(3/5)

I had to wait for the disbursal of my loan for 2 days. They said me that my loan will be disbursed to me within 24 hours but this didn’t happened and had to wait for it.


Shashank Shekhar(5/5)

Everything is good about this loan, the only thing for which I was worried was the interest rate. I took this loan and realized it is good only. What you need the most at time of emergency, a ray of hope and a helping hand and Finance Buddha is providing you this help and support.


Kamal Kishor(3/5)

Good response and good service. The only thing which made me unhappy is delayed approval. It took them 24 hours to approve my online loan and next 24 hour to disburse that.


Parshuram Reddy(5/5)

I was looking for a personal loan so I was checking different bank for it, but when I got to know about online personal loan I found it good as it was having quick disbursal. So, I applied for it and I am very happy with it as I got it approved within 24 hours as they have mentioned on their website.


Dr. Ramesh Kumar(4/5)

I applied for this online loan when I had to pay for some urgent equipment requirements. In my case the service was very good and I got the loan amount within 24 hour. Thanks a lot Finance Buddha!


Krishnadev Prasad(4/5)

I got my personal loan with Finance Buddha at an interest rate of 18% p.a. and they charged me 2% as the processing fees. I know the interest rate is high somewhat but what to do when you have no option other than taking an instant personal loan.


Prem Das(5/5)

Every second is important to you when you are in an emergency and Finance Buddha understands this very well. They helped me by providing online personal loan on time when I was in urgent need of it. Thank you Finance Buddha and team for your help.

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