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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #8

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews

Maneesh N. Murthi(4/5)

The rates and other charges related to my instant personal loan were affordable to me. I am quite happy and satisfied with the service too.


Ashok M.(5/5)

There are many instant personal loan provider in the market but when I needed I came to Finance Buddha for it. Reason behind this was its quick approval and fast processing. I am happy for choosing it.


Laljit Prasad(3/5)

My application for online personal loan was approved on the same day but the money was disbursed to me on the 3rd day from the approval. This part was very annoying.


Kartik Mandal(4/5)

While searching on the internet for an Instant Personal loan I got to know about the Finance Buddha Instant Personal Loan. I checked the reviews and found its service is good. On the same day I applied for it and I was amazed with the fast processing they provide. My loan was approved on the third day and money was also disbursed on the same day.


Yatish Mishra(5/5)

I took Personal loan from finance Buddha to finance my business as i didn’t had any collateral. I got it within 48 hours and on affordable rate. I will suggest it to specially those people who don’t have any collateral.


Vineta Singh(5/5)

This online loan is cheaper than other credit card loans and online loans. if you have a good CIBIL you can get it even at cheaper rates.


Utkarsh Narang(5/5)

The process regarding my personal loan went well. This loan product is very good and provided me the the Loan amount within time. No one wants to go for a loan but if so, i will come here again.


Shashank Pandit(3/5)

Not good! Got personal loan in 3 days which they promise to do within 24 hours.


Maadavan N. Nari(4/5)

A good experience regarding personal loan. The interest rate was a bit high when compared to the other Loan product.



This is my second loan from finbud. My first loan was my home loan and my second loan is online personal loan. I am satisfied with the service and rates. A good product with reasonable rates.


Nikhil Singh(5/5)

I took personal loan with finance buddha through online channel. The rate of interest was good. I have requested them to do the EMI's date on 5th as my salary comes on this day. They agreed for this. They provided the loan as per my requirement.



I found the rate of interest and other charges quite high here. But I applied for a personal loan I was not able to get it from other Banks. Thank to Finance Buddha through which I got the loan.


Milind Sethi(5/5)

I applied for a personal loan 2 months back. The customer support service responded well to my application and I got my loan approved within 24 hours and disbursed within next 24 hours.


Hitendra Patel(5/5)

Financial support provided by Finbud team matters a lot to me. They disbursed my personal loan within 24 hours. Even the process to apply was so easy.


Bijoy Choudhury(5/5)

Good service! Got my personal loan approved with finbud at an interest rate of 16% p.a. even the processing fee charged was not much. Thank You Finance Buddha team.


Mayuresh Paul(4/5)

I compared many website for online loans and I found Finance Buddha best in terms of interest and time in disbursal. I applied for online loan 2 days back and I confirmation call within an hour. But amount got disbursed in 48 hours.


Prabthat Nayar(5/5)

Got personal loan from here within 48 hours. The process went completely smooth and hassle-free. Guys if you are in need of urgent cash then you can rely on Finance Buddha. I am saying this with personal experience.


Girija Mahapatra(2/5)

2 stars. Not at all satisfied with the service. Got my loan disbursed on the 5th day which they were supposed to do within 1 day.


Subham Reddy(3/5)

Among many DSA who are lending personal loan online my friend suggested me to go with Finance Buddha. I applied for a online personal loan from here but I got it after 4 days. I don’t know what went wrong but I am not a satisfied customer.


N. Swami Rao(5/5)

Trustworthy! They disbursed my instant personal loan within 48 hours. The worked as they have mentioned on their website. The process is completely online.


Astha Srivastava(5/5)

My instant personal loan got approved with Finance Buddha. The interest rate and other fees charged was nominal. I enjoyed the complete borrowing process.


Srinivas (5/5)

Getting a personal loan was difficult for me without any collateral. But Fin Bud made this possible. I got a loan of 5 lakh from here without any collateral. I will refers it to my frnds! Good product.


Senthil Kumar(5/5)

In spite of less than 750 CIBIL, I got online personal loan from here. The interest rate charged against this is slightly higher than others. But, it helped me when there was no hope. Thanks Finance Buddha!


Ravindran C K(4/5)

A bit annoyed with the service. I got my loan on the third day from which I applied for it. But I am satisfied with the interest and processing fees charged.

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