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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #7

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews

Anmol Kumar(5/5)

One of the best product in the banking and financial industry. The loan is disbursed within 48 hours. Helpful for those who are in an emergency.


Sanjay Kedia(4/5)

The process was ok but it took 4 days to get me an instant loan with Finance Buddha.


Shreedhar Rao(5/5)

My online personal loan was approved at 16%, the process was completed in a hassle free manner.


Basha Khan(5/5)

There are many personal loans available with different banks and DSAs but I chose Finance Buddha as one of my friend had a very good experience and same happened with me. I am happy with my decision of coming here.


Sandeep Kumar G(1/5)

I am not satisfied with the service. They promised so many things like quick disbursal n all but all were false saying. I got the personal loan my personal loan approved from here in 8 days! Waste of time!


Chetan Chowdary(5/5)

It was an easy process quite different and comfortable than one in which you need to visit bank again and again. The documents required were was less comparatively and I am also happy with the provided rates.



My personal loan application got rejected at first but when I asked I got a proper explanation for that. The mistake was mine, I applied again with proper documents and got the loan approved within 2 days.


Unmesh Reddy(5/5)

I got online personal loan approved with Finance Buddha. It took only 72 hours and I had the money in my account.


Jayesh Mittal(1/5)

My loan processing didn't went as they assured me. Firstly it took more than 5 days to process and then the interest rate was also high.


Nishith Kumar(5/5)

I didn't have to face any difficulty for my personal loan. No collateral no physical documentation was required and my loan was approved.


Eshan Ankit(5/5)

I got approved for an online personal loan just in few easy steps. Everything was online and I just had to submit some documents that too online.


Devansh Saboo(5/5)

Trustworthy, I came here for an instant personal loan as I was in a financial emergency. I got the money without much delay. Thanks, Finance Buddha, Keep up doing the good work.


Lakshit Kumar(5/5)

Best service with the best customer support system. Their customer support system guided me throughout the process and with their help I got my loan sanctioned very fast.


Ankit Prabhash(2/5)

My online personal loan application was approved within 24 hours with Finance Buddha but it was disbursed in 5 working days. Not much satisfied due to the delay.


Nihar Vatsa(5/5)

Very good service, the processing was quite fast and hassle-free. Everything went smooth and my online personal loan application was approved in no time and disbursed in one day.


Indrajit Das Gupta(5/5)

Good Work! My loan was disbursed within 2 working days without any hassle.


Mayur R. Rao(4/5)

My name is Mayur R. Rao, working in a startup. I took an online personal loan through Finance Buddha of 6 lakhs. I got the loan wat an interest rate of 17% per annum.


Naresh Goyal(5/5)

My instant personal loan was disbursed in just 3 days. The loan amount is 4 lakhs and the tenure period is of two years.


Binay Kumar Sinha(5/5)

I applied for an online personal loan from Finance Buddha, the process was very smooth and hassle free. It didn't even felt like i am borrowing, as everything was so smooth.


Narinder Rana (5/5)

I had no guarantor hence I applied for an online personal loan for my business. And I am glad that I took this decision. The amount which i took as the loan was 10 lakhs. This loan will help my business a lot. Thank you, Finance Buddha.


Vankatesh Rao(5/5)

Everything went smoothly regarding my online personal loan application. The rate and charges were affordable. My loan application was approved in 4 hours and got disbursed the next day.


Mounika Rao(5/5)

Best quick personal loan product for emergencies. No guarantor or collateral is required but the rate of interest is more when compared to other loan products.


Pragya Verma(5/5)

I went to some of the private lenders for a loan, but the rate of interest they offered to me was very high hence I refused to go with them. I didn’t go to any of the bank because I did't had idea about the loan process and loan time duration. Meanwhile I applied for a personal loan with Finbud. I got the money within 48 hours. Thank you Finance Buddha and team.


Giri Shyam(5/5)

A good service in Bangalore along with fast processing. My insta loan application was approved within no time and it was disbursed to me in the next 24 hours.

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