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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #5

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews

Ashok Khorate(5/5)

I applied for this loan after hearing from one of my family member when i was in urgent need of money. I went to the online portal and applied for it online. My loan was sanctioned in just 2 hours.


Amol Sharma(5/5)

The loan amount was for Rs 5.25 lakhs which got sanctioned through Finance Buddha at a nominal interest rate and at the tenure period of 3 years.


Irfan Kureshi(5/5)

listens to your problems very patently and solves your query in an efficient way. I think the service is a benchmark.


Lakshman Kumar(4/5)

My instant loan was approved with a good experience. The process was smooth and I received the loan money in just 1 working day. The interest rate was nominal as compared to other personal loans which are offered online.


Rohit Singhania(4/5)

Thanks, team Finbud! Your help mattered a lot.


Madhuri Baliga(4/5)

Being in a city like Bangalore you have so many options to take a loan from but i went with Finance Buddha personal loan which is offered online. This is because one of my friend suggested it and when i went to search for it, the reviews i found seemed satisfactory.


Ajay Shukla(5/5)

The best place to take loans. I took insta loan of 5 lakhs from here which was quite easy. No collateral or security was required and the approval was very fast.


Harish Kumar(5/5)

I will give 5 stars to Finance Buddha for its service, the team who was handling my loan application was extremely professional and they guided me on each step where I required help.


Deepak Paniya(5/5)

I took an online personal loan from here, the processing was fast and it was a smooth and hassle-free process with disbursal on time.


Madhuri M(5/5)

My loan application was processed in just one day and the next day the money was disbursed. Happy me.


Sanju Khattri(5/5)

Loved it! It was fast and hassle-free process. With quite easy and simple process.


Hemavathi Y(1/5)

It was not worth. I got my loan approved on 5th day from which i applied but on their website they have promised to give it in just 2 hours.


Arif Khan(5/5)

I have opted for Finance Buddha insta loan recently, and with our experience, I can say that you can rely on it. My loan was for 6 lakhs and it was approved at an interest rate of 17% per annum.


Vidhya V(5/5)

Online loans are a bit difficult to trust on in India, but Finance Buddha has made it possible. Finbud offers a personal loan to its customers online without any physical verification.


Suresh Ray(5/5)

My experience with Finance Buddha is amazing. Everything went well and my loan was processed in just 2 hours. The interest rate is also affordable and manageable for a common man.



Happy :-) Got my Instant loan disbursed in just 2 hours.


Raghuvir Joshi(5/5)

After applying for the personal loan online I had to wait for just 2 days and my loan was disbursed. The rate was 17% p.a and the processing fees was 2% of the total loan amount.


Gaurav Das(5/5)

Personal Loans are the best as they don't need any security against them. This reason was enough for me to go for it for financing my business.


Malati Sahay(5/5)

Good work! They as a team performed very well. They are well coordinated and approved my loan application within 48 hours.


Harsh Khatik(5/5)

The processing was fast and they disbursed my online personal loan application on the same day.


Amar Singh(5/5)

I didn't get the loan amount as much i wanted but i am satisfied as i got the money on time.


Dindayal Patil(4/5)

Finance Buddha gives you the solution to all your financial problems by its insta loan. But I will suggest you go with it when you are in any financial emergency as the interest rate is high.


Imran Abdul(4/5)

On 16% per year, I got my personal loan. But the good part is, i got it in just 2 days without any difficulty. I just filled the online application form and uploaded some of the required documents such as my voter ID card, pan card, and last month salary slip.


Sanjeev Kumar(1/5)

I have an Instant personal loan from here. my experience is a bit unsatisfactory as there was a delay in the process. I was told that I would receive the loan in 2 days, but it took 1 week. I received the loan amount as much needed, but the rate of interest is also a bit high.

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