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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #4

4.5 stars based on 885 reviews

Dindayal Patil(4/5)

Finance Buddha gives you the solution to all your financial problems by its insta loan. But I will suggest you go with it when you are in any financial emergency as the interest rate is high.


Imran Abdul(4/5)

On 16% per year, I got my personal loan. But the good part is, i got it in just 2 days without any difficulty. I just filled the online application form and uploaded some of the required documents such as my voter ID card, pan card, and last month salary slip.


Sanjeev Kumar(1/5)

I have an Instant personal loan from here. my experience is a bit unsatisfactory as there was a delay in the process. I was told that I would receive the loan in 2 days, but it took 1 week. I received the loan amount as much needed, but the rate of interest is also a bit high.


Aniket Prasad(5/5)

The process went vry smoothly for my online personal loan application with Finbud Financial limited. They contacted me on time and processed my loan. The website is also good and user-friendly.


Abhishek Kumar(5/5)

My personal loan in Bangalore was approved with Finance Buddha on the same day on which i applied for it. And it was disbursed within 48 hours.


Rohan Rajput(5/5)

They did what they promised. They promised to disburse the loan same day and they did it.


Ramesh Shettar(4/5)

My personal loan was disbursed through Finance Buddha in just 48 hours. The process was completely online and even no physical documentation was required.



Hi, I am Shrinivas, currently living in Bangalore. I was looking for a personal loan and was searching for it online. While searching for this I came through Finance Buddha Who offers personal loan in Bangalore. It seemed compelling to me and I applied for it. I got the call for confirmation in just an hour and the processing was initiated after my confirmation call. The loan was disbursed in just 48 hours.


Nimisha Bharti(5/5)

I applied for the online personal loan 4 months back. The processing was fast and went smoothly. I got the loan within 3 days. That time was very busy so, couldn't write the review but now i am writing this as it may help others.


Naveen Nandan Prasad(5/5)

Cash crunches are normal and anyone can face a shortage of money. The same happened with me and i had no option left other than going for a personal loan. Insta loan with Finance Buddha was collateral free and the process was completely smooth and hassle-free.


Manish Ranjan(5/5)

The tenure is short because of which you don't need to pay much on the interest as in other loans. I opted for this loan when i was facing a tough time in my business.


Pradeep M.(4/5)

I got a personal loan from here at 17% interest rate, the amount is 3 lakhs for a tenure period of 2 years.


Swet Kashyap(5/5)

My wife met with a road accident and I was in financial crisis due to the hospital and medical expenses. Went for the loan with different banks, but was not able to get the loan due to low CIBIL. Somehow I got to know about finbud online personal loan which they have named as Insta Loan. I applied for it and thankfully I got it approved and disbursed on the same day itself. Can't explain how big relief it was.


Siddharth Narayan(1/5)

Unhappy. I applied for an online personal from the online portal itself. Confirmation came in just a few hours but the processing took 5 days and then after money was disbursed.


Piyush Sandilya(5/5)

The processing was super-fast and i was able to get the money in just 24 hours. Thanks, Finance Buddha, it was a great help.


Vikash Kumar(5/5)

Got a loan of 7 lakhs from here, the best part of my loan is it got disbursed to me without giving any security. The interest is high but I think it doesn't matter in emergencies where every minute count.


Rajni Sinha(5/5)

Applied for instant personal loan after seeing their blogs. The process was fast and disbursal was also made on time.


Giridhar M.(5/5)

I have a trust on finance buddha as i have my home loan through them and i didn't disappoint me for the second time. I applied for an instant personal loan from here and got approved for it in just 2 hours. Thanks, FinBud!


Mayank Shukla(5/5)

The process was totally stress- free. Got my loan application approval within 2 hours. The disbursal was done in next 48 hours.


Owais Ali(5/5)

Best place in Bangalore to get a personal loan. Needs no time and collateral free. I got a personal loan of 5 lakhs from here.


Manasi Rauthela(1/5)

The executives stopped picking my call after my loan was disbursed. Need to improve your customer support system.


Hardik Mehta(4/5)

The loan was disbursed to me on the third day from which i applied. Overall good experience. Will recommend only for those who are in financially emergency as the interest rate is quite high comparatively.


Sindhu G(5/5)

Amazing, need no security against your loan. You just need to have a decent income and a good CIBIL score and it is all yours.


Nikhil Sachdeva(5/5)

Better than credit cards loans, I can say this as I had one and took an online personal loan from finance Buddha to close it off. The interest rate is high but less than a credit card.

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