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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #4

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews

Abdul Abbas(4/5)

The interest rate is somewhat high. I will suggest to people to go with this loan only if urgent as the interest rate can cost you more. Processing was fast and the loan was disbursed within 48 working hours.


Nv V(5/5)

After checking the website I applied for an insta loan. The service is good and I didn't face any difficulty throughout the process. Overall service was good and satisfactory. Will recommend it to others also.



There are so may personal loan providers in the market, but I went with fin bud as I am their existing customer for 2 years. I faced no problem in the loan processing and my loan was approved without any hassle.


Jyothi P(5/5)

Great service! I applied for an Instant loan. I got a quick response and confirmation sms very shortly. I had to pay ?7000 as the processing fees including GST charge. Overall happy.


Siddhartha Gowda(4/5)

16% was the interest rate charged for my loan. I applied for it through the Finance Buddha portal and i was amazed that it got approved in very less time. The customer support service was good and helped me throughout the process.


Jayachandiran Narottambhai(5/5)

Get a personal loan from finance buddha, it was easy and hassle-free. I got approved for their pre-approved plan and applied for it from the finance Buddha portal. The loan was approved within mins and disbursed within 24 hours.


Ballem (5/5)

Excellent Support! Online Personal Loan Availed in Feb 2019. It was a seamless process and they provided me at an interest rate which was lower than the other bank. Overall, a very satisfying experience.


Puran (5/5)

Good Service! I availed instant loan in Feb 2019. Good service from Finance Buddha. I got the loan with no processing fee as some offer was going on. Happy with my decision to go with finance buddha. Thanks!


Shaily Banerjee(4/5)

Higher rate of interest but faced no issues. The customer support was good and quite responsive. The process ended in less time and I got the money in my account in just 2 days.


Rishabh Pant(4/5)

I got the loan at an interest rate of 15% per annum. and I am totally satisfied with this my loan processing and charges. They approved my loan at the interest rate which was less comparatively in the market.


Lokesh Rawat Das(4/5)

I applied for an Instant loan a few days back, the process was completely online. The loan is going on smoothly without any hassle. The loan amount approved is sufficient and it is exactly as per my requirement. The only thing which made me a bit worried is the high interest.


Omkar Verma(3/5)

My Insta loan was approved at an interest rate of 14%. It took a long time than what they have mentioned on their portal but I am happy as I got the same amount which I had applied for.


Roopa (5/5)

I got my personal loan online in Bangalore approved from Finbud financial services. And the amazing part with it is, it was approved on the same day on i applied and disbursed on the next day.


Anish Belkar(5/5)

I have my online personal loan with Finance Buddha, the interest rate for my loan is nominal only. The process was completed in no time without any tension or hassle.


Prabhakar (5/5)

My CIBIL was low and i was scared that my personal loan application will be rejected, but in spite of a low i got my personal loan approved from here. The disbursal was done within 3 days.


Hemavathi Mariya(3/5)

Can't say very good or bad. The interest rate at which loan is offered is quite high as compared to personal loan. I got it at 18% per annum for 2 lakh amount.


Kishore Pawar(5/5)

Best service with good customer support system!


Piyush Yatam(4/5)

18% is the interest rate of my personal loan approved by finance buddha. Quite high but at least i got the money on time as it was an emergency.


Dipak Jaiswal(1/5)

Not a good experience, delayed service with no proper response!


Aditya (1/5)

Nothing much to say, good offers and service but the processing took a long time which was 6 days.


Md. Mudassir(2/5)

I am glad that i choose Finance Buddha. The service was fast and response from the team was awesome, they answered me all queries patiently and gave answers to them.


Jagdev Mishra(5/5)

My loan application was approved in just 3 days with a reasonable interest rate. it was a smooth process and i had a good experience.



My name is Ramanujan working in a startup company in Bangalore. I applied for an online personal loan with Finance Buddha after so many rejections from other banks. I had no expectation as i was 90% sure that like others lenders here also my personal loan application will be denied. But i was shocked when i got an approval msg from them. Thanks, team Finance Buddha.


Javed Mohd(5/5)

I approached Finance Buddha through their website and applied for an Instant personal loan for a loan amount of 4 lakhs. The process was very simple and took only a few minutes to apply. The loan was disbursed to me in just 2 days.

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