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I truly like the services provided by Finance Buddha. I didn't face any difficulties on my personal loan. As I was promised, they had completed their process on time, within a day they disbursed the loan amount.


Ashish Nanda(5/5)

I was looking for loan to support my house renovation. The amount was not very big so I thought of taking personal loan. I applied for instant personal loan through Finance Buddha & before the decorator would come to my house the loan amount was already in y account.


Arvind Raja(5/5)

My experience with Finance Buddha is delighted. I never thought that any service provider can be so quick in responding to a personal loan application



Thank you Finance Buddha for providing the personal loan at so moderate interest rate. The loan was approved & credited in my account in 24 hours.


Upasna Sandhya(5/5)

I went to Finance Buddha portal when I was in need of instant personal loan. The amount of personal loan information they have to offer you is enormously wide. I applied for the personal loan online & all the documents were uploaded. You donÕt have to wait for the executive to come & collect the documents. Within few hours of my application I got respond from Finance Buddha team with loan offer. It was very pleasant to receive the personal loan on the very next day of application.


Laxmi K S(5/5)

I was looking for a personal loan to support the stud of my younger sister. I was looking for the alternative which is convenient & having lower interest rate. Thanks to Finance Buddha my instant personal loan was disburse in my account very next day & the process went so smooth.


Joseph Jerom(5/5)

I am satisfied with personal loan application with Finance Buddha. Interest rate was nominal. I had received quick response and technically it was good. Documentation and other part they had helped to get my disbursement within 1 day



Good response on instant personal loan application. I am very happy with the quick eapproval & instant disbursement of loan. Thank you very much Finance Buddha.



As soon as Finance Buddha received my application for the personal loan. They contacted me on time and started off my process. I got very happy when the loan amount was there in my account next day itself.



The service provided by Finance Buddha is really great. This is my second experience with Finance Buddha and it has been satisfactory too. To what I had experienced, they were always responsive and I have not faced any difficulties as such. The website is very customer friendly.



Finance Buddha is a one portal where you can get complete information on every bank at once place. I always use bank it to compare plans with others. Customer support is very good Thanks Finance Buddha for making my life easy. The portal is very helpful.



I am extremely happy with the response of Finance Buddha. The portal is very efficient. The process of applying for the loan went very smoothly. The loan was disbursed in my account right next day. The interest rate offered is also very competitive.



Thank you so much Finance Buddha for igniting the revolution in the market of personal loan. There are so many institutes which will collect your documents for personal loan & will never respond to you back but Finance Buddha has come up with amazing solution. Online application has made life easy.



Overwhelmed by the services & convenience that Finance Buddha has offered me. I was in need of personal finance for my wifeÕs delivery. I was worried when my friend suggested me Finance Buddha. I applied for the loan online & within no time they sent me the loan offer. I was having plenty of time but the loan was credited in my account very next day.



I am really happy with the customer services of Finance Buddha. The application & process of loan is very easy. The customer support is there with you even after the loan is disbursed in your account.



I was looking for a personal loan as I wanted to enroll in one of the technical courses for the betterment in my career. I could get promoted easily with the training of that course. I was in a position to enroll in the course thanks to Finance Buddha. They loan was approved next day & I got the money soon after it.



I & my friends have planned a long trip for which I was looking for some convenient personal loan options. One of my friend suggested Finance Buddha. He shared his experience & I was very impress. I applied for the loan & the process went so swift. The interest rate offered was very minimal. Even the processing charges were low.



I have heard a lot about Finance Buddha portal & their service. I thought of trying it out when I was in need of personal loan for managing some cash crunch. The process of application went swiftly not to forget application was online on their portal. I received the loan amount very next day.



Finance Buddha is a place for Tech savvy customers who does not like to step in the bank again & again for the approval of personal loan. If you do not have time to do all the follow up for personal loan than Finance Buddha is the way for you.



I am glad that I chose Finance Buddha for the instant loan when I was in need of money for my fatherÕs operation. I applied for the loan online & uploaded the documents on their portal. The loan offer was sent to me in 2 hours & looking into my case they approved the personal loan on same day.



My experience with Finance Buddha is awesome. They are very ahead of time when it comes to loan processing. They have online application option which is very quick & easy.



I was looking for the personal loan to plan an abroad trip. I was expecting a high interest rate to get the loan but thanks to Finance Buddha I got the personal loan as very reasonable interest rate.



I was looking for the loan as my sister was very sick. I did not get the chance to get the insurance for her. In such an emergency I was not looking for any option that I have to chase. I choose Finance Buddha & feeling that I chose the best option. They disburse the loan amount same day while understanding my emergency.



I went to Finance Buddha site for getting some relevant information for personal loan. I came to know about their online personal loan & ended up applying. I was not expecting much from them but to my surprise within 3 hours they sent me the instant personal loan offer & were waiting for my response. As soon as I responded they processed the loan & the amount was in my account next day.

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