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4.5 stars based on 895 reviews

Surendra Swami(4/5)

I would give five stars for Finance Buddha because of the response they provided and the way they treat a customer. The website is very user friendly and it has a lot of beneficial options of comparing and calculating the EMI. They also continuously followed up till the end. The interest rate offered to me was so competitive & the process was also so easy.


Vijay Kumar(5/5)

I was facing some financial crisis my friend advised me to take personal loan through this site. I had applied for the personal loan and I had got the loan very quickly with the help of this site I was supportive & I got the instant personal loan within one day.


Sakshi Tanvar(5/5)

The whole process of Finance Buddha was on time from the initial stage till processing my details to the banks and they continue with the follow up calls. I got all the information of banks and it was very useful. I have used the portal six months ago and I used it again recently, I see a difference in it and I would say they are gone up a step higher.


Mukesh Sharma(5/5)

Finance Buddha has been very supportive to me. I am happy with the services and response I been getting right through the process. They been giving me the details of the banks I was eligible off and suggesting me with decent rates. The portal is user friendly and helpful too.


Shivangee Singh(5/5)

Finance Buddha is a good platform to know everything about banks & financial institutes, apart from providing the information; they also help in processing & documentation of loan. Recently I took instant personal loan through Finance Buddha. It took just few minutes to fill the application form & documentation. Loan was approved & allotted in 24 hours.


Ayushi (4/5)

Finance Buddha is doing very well when it comes to services. The response was immediate and I am happy to use the portal and the whole experience is really good. The personal loan details on the site are accurate and it is much useful. The follow up calls were also good and in all I had no hassles.


Gaurang Pandit(5/5)

Finance Buddha is one stop solution for all your requirements related to finance. I refer to their content a lot & it is quite reliable. I applied for personal through Finance Buddha. The process of applying is very simple as it is online. Satisfied with the service.


Rahul Seth(5/5)

The services from Finance were supportive. They were on time through my whole process, by contacting me often and giving me details and updates and the follow up calls was also appreciated. The portal is the best to visit before taking any financial product.


Shilpa Trivedi(5/5)

The services at Finance Buddha are convenient & the information that they provide is quite reliable. The response was on time and they also kept following up often checking if my loan application is on track. The website was also helpful to get information of banks and the offers.


Nirav Patel(5/5)

I am happy with Finance Buddha and they have also been up to the mark. The process was very much quick and I was happy that things moved swiftly from the moment I registered. The online banking is good and very informative and each detail on the site is useful.


Bhaumik Shah(4/5)

The respond that you will get from Finance Buddha is so instant & prompt. I received the loan offer within 3 hours of my online application submission. I received the loan next day & all thanks to Finance Buddha.


Dhara Oza(5/5)

The process at Finance was the best for me as I submitted few details and my loan requirement and I got instantly loan offer through E mail. The portal is very efficient & it is like one stop solution. The online process system is amazing for time starved customers.


Pallavi Goswami(5/5)

The whole process of Finance was quick and easy, starting from submitting my details to getting instant personal loan. The follow up was too good and I did not have to do it from my end. I got updates through emails & SMS and it was supportive overall.


Sneha Vaghela(5/5)

I searched over & over for personal loan as it was my first loan ever. I was always left disappointed as these websites promises to turnaround in few hours & do not respond even in few days. Then I found Finance & applied for personal loan & they did turn back in 3 hours. The loan offered was made through mail already. I got the loan amount right next day. Thank you Finance Buddha team for being that way.



The information available on personal loan is very charming. I applied through Finance Buddha & guess what I got the loan offer in next few hours. The interest rate offered by them was very comforting. I went ahead with the loan & I am really glad that I did it.



For a person like me who needs to compare & look through every possible details before taking any financial decision, Finance Buddha is the best place to be. I was looking for personal loan & came across with their online application for instant personal loan & believe me it was actually an instant loan as I have receive the amount in just one day.


Arjun Barot(5/5)

I am not one of those review freak people but I am right now reviewing this as I was splendid by the services offered by Finance Buddha. I applied for the personal loan online on their portal & got the loan in one day which is delightful.


Ashok Biradar(5/5)

I was looking for the personal loan for some travel plans with my family. I went to Finance Buddha as one of my colleagues is having ongoing loan through the portal. The application process was very comforting. The process is design to ease the customers. The online application is way to go when you are busy. The prompt respond right after my application was awesome. The loan amount was credited in my account next day.


Siraj Vadiyawala(5/5)

I am amazed by the service that Finance Buddha has to offer to their customer. I applied for the personal loan before few months through their online application service. ItÕs been amazing experience. The loan was disbursed in my account right next day. The documentation filing was hassle free as the uploading of documents is possible through their portal.



Finance is good and I would like to say that they have contacted me within 24 hours of time, also they have provided me with the excellent service. I already took one loan through them. The online application process for personal loan is more than amazing. It saves time & efforts too. The loan got approve same day & the next day the amount was there in my bank account.



I am very happy with the customer response of Finance Buddha. They were excellent in contacting with me on time and giving me all the details of the banks. The website was very good and very useful to me. The process was smooth and it is surely recommendable to every customer.



I applied for the personal loan online & with many surprises the response was soon after the application. I got the loan offer through mail in three hours. I went ahead with the loan & feeling very happy & satisfied. I am recommending the portal to everyone since then.


Suresh Verma(5/5)

I was looking for the personal loan with hassle free process for my own wedding. A friend of mine came across to Finance Buddha & suggested me to go ahead with Finance Buddha. When I logged onto the website I found the option of online application. I applied for the loan & the service offered by them is amazing.


Anwar Pathan(5/5)

When I browsed online for an instant personal loan, popped up and I applied by submitting my information & uploading the documents. The process went very nicely. Was contacted with loan offer very next hour.

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