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Ragini Mehta(4/5)

I believe Finance Buddha as a last minute lender. Some of my friends have experienced this service, and they have received their Instant Loans in less than three days. I instantly uploaded my documents and received a call on the same day. The customer service provided with all the details I needed to know, I cleared out my queries as well. However, my funds were there in my account the very next day.


Rajeev Singh(4/5)

“Where there is a will, there is a way.” Finance Buddha helped me get my Instant Loan disbursed in the shortest time possible when I needed it the most. I applied for an intant loan in a different source, but they were charging me a really high-interest rate and even their disbursement process were not as good. Out here, I got my loan disbursed in a day, and the process was just a matter of few hours.


Pranav Singh(4/5)

Great loan experience. I usually expected a long process. But, surprisingly my Instant Loan got disbursed in a very less time. The interest rate was standard, but it didn’t make any difference. It is easy to submit your documents, and I was assisted each time I had a query. The customer service is great as they are always available to help you out.


Nandan Singh(4/5)

Finance Buddha have the most professional and friendly people. I felt like part of a family. You have delighted this customer. I was very pleased that Finance Buddha was able to help me reduce my financial problems by providing me a instant loan and allow me to get some cash-out. The procedure went extremely quick. I never needed to to get hassled. Any queries were responded instantly.


Prakash Raj(4/5)

I got the best instant personal loan with the assistance of Finance Buddha. Finance Buddha arranged me for online upload of documents and a speedy disbursal of the insta loan.


Ved Prakash(4/5)

Finance Buddha really was the best!! The service executive guided us through everything step-by-step and are always accessible by phone. The assistance by the team has made the quick. I will be recommending Karan helped me with the best offer in the offer. A good follow up with me and understanding my requirements was the best part and based on which the options were provided. I will be recommending Finance Buddha to my friends and family.


Praveen Raj(4/5)

Finance Buddha have helped me a lot during the growth of my business. I had a very less cash in hand, and I needed a huge fund to expand my business. The market had a good scope, and I was not willing to waste any time. I straightaway applied for a Instant loan with Finance Buddha. And as usual, I have received my loan instantly. I have done deals with Finance Buddha earlier. And I believe they are the best one can get. They are quick, trustworthy, reliable and accessible.


Hari Mayur(3/5)

Few months back, I was in a money crunch. I wanted the Instant Loan at the lowest possible interest rate for my business related construction work. Finance Buddha made the loan process quick, affordable and painless for me. I appreciate the way the team had orchestrated the entire process. The team members were very friendly, helpful and explained everything thoroughly. I wish the instant loan interest rate was lower, but no complaints as it helped me in the time of need. Keep the good work up!


Raj Mathur(4/5)

I need a loan for my higher studies. I was concerned with the interest rates and the payoff period. Finance Buddha helped me to get the loan which is most suitable for me. The Instant Loan amount was high, yet I got the amount disbursed. The company got the process complete within a day, and in an unexpectedly short time, my instant loan was sanctioned.


Gaurav Raj(4/5)

Finance Buddha is well informed about all the deals provided by the banks. They provided me with the most suitable package which matches my requirements. The best thing about them is the customer service, which is highly accessible and co-operative. All my queries got clarified at first, and then I was led to the further process of the loan. The service is quick and trustworthy. I recommend Finance Buddha to everyone who is looking for a reliable service on Instant Loans.


Dev Saran(5/5)

I had a great experience with Finance Buddha. I applied for an Instant Loan to pay off for my credit instantd. My loan got disbursed within a day and that too with low-interest rates. The offers Finance Buddha provided is really amazing.



I did a lot of research before I decided to apply for an Instant Loan with Finance Buddha. I loved the fact that Finance Buddha didn't have origination fees, the interest rates were nominal, the loan amount was high and it is a well-established company.


Jai Singh(4/5)

Finance Buddha helped me get the Instant Loan at the first instance. I was struggling hard to get the desired loan as at most places the options were limited. At Finance Buddha, I got a lot of instant deal to select. The customer executive helped with the rest of the process.


Rahul Rai(5/5)

I have taken personal Loans from other places before. But, this once I decided to take it from Finance Buddha. I was surprised to see their services as it is really easy and fast. My Instant Loan got sanctioned in a day and that too with the lowest interest rate. I was also given the privilege for instant offers.


Amit Garg(4/5)

My wife and I filed a bankruptcy a few years ago and had been trying to do our best to rebuilt our financial situation. I applied for a 1.7L rupees bank loan. And despite having such a bad situation, Finance Buddha made the arrangement for us to approve the loan. The Instant Loan was sanctioned in a very less time and the best interest rate. Finally, I got the opportunity to start my life again.



I took an Insta Loan from Finance Buddha a month back and I was completely satisfied with the service. They provide you with a fast processing service. The documents are to uploaded online and once their formalities are done, which hardly takes few hours, they follow-up. Even the loan interest rates are low and I was clarified about every query, I had.



Finance Buddha Instant loan process is too good. The best part about the company is that the interest rate is nominal and the process is hassle-free. They had provided the proper response to all my queries and very supportive throughout the process. The response was also appropriate.



The reason why I had selected Finance Buddha for my Instant Loan was that, they provided me loans at the lowest possible interest rate. No time-consuming paperwork. All I was required to do was just upload the documents online and click on apply button. I am happy with Finance Buddha.



This is for the third time, where I have been dealing with Finance Buddha. The team here are very accessible and knowledgeable. I had applied for an Instant Loan from this company earlier, and they are great at providing you the service, which is hard to find. We will continue to work with Finance Buddha in the future for any sort of needs regarding instant loans.



I still can't believe how Finance Buddha made my process of Instant Loan so seamless, from start to finish. A few months back, I applied for my loan for business construction, I had input my requirements and uploaded my documents and applied for the loan. Within few days, I received an email notification that my Instant Loan had been approved at 100% of my requested amount that Sunday, and my fund's lowest possible interest rate. Thanks!!!



The process of my Instant loan with Finance Buddha is great and speedy. Each and everything is organized by the team of Finance Buddha so systematically. I appreciate the transparency they offer. They offered me the loan at lowest possible interest rate with no hassle of physical documents submission.



I love it! I have been dealing with Finance Buddha from past few years regarding my personal loan and home loan balance transfer, and they are very good to me. The team always supported me for all kinds of loan requirements I raised. They made the Instant Loan process quite fast, and the team was very courteous. I will recommend Finance Buddha to every buddy of mine proudly. Thanks!



Very easy and speedy insta loan process. Yes, I found the entire process of a Instant loan with Finance Buddha quite intuitive. If you're looking for a no hassle solution for a Instant Loan, this is it, guys. All you need to do is just input your details and submit the documents online. And their team process the loan quickly and the loan gets disbursed within 24 hours. No hassles!



I am glad to choose Finance Buddha for my Instant Loan. They saved me so much money at the time when I refinanced with them. I never had to call an 1800 customer care number for my queries. My instant loan executive from Finance Buddha was always available to answer my questions. He was really helpful as he explained me whole loan process so easy, which was needed because this was my first time going through the process. I would be happy to avail the loan services with Finance Buddha again in the future.

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