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Shalini Rajan(5/5)

Until I came across Finance Buddha I thought there is no easy way of getting loan. But with the help of Finance Buddha I was able to get money on the same day through instant personal loan. This amount helped me to get my insurance premium and vehicle service done. Now I have to make affordable EMI payments to clear the debt.



The best option to get quick fund which can be used for any purpose is to use Insta loan. Apply for this right away and you will get money in your account the same day. This is the easiest way to get quick loan without much procedures and formalities.



I was in search of a bank for Insta personal loan in Bangalore. I got my loan approved on the same day of applying for loan and money was disbursed to my account as well. I have suggested my friends and colleagues to start using this facility for any quick loan requirements.



I got an Insta loan within 16 hours. Extremely fast service with no collateral requirement. Low documentation process (online transactions). I got instant personal loan through Finance Buddha website.



I wish I knew about Finance Buddha website few years back. This is such a wonderful website through which I find solutions for all my financial issue. When I was in urgent need of money for my treatment, Finance Buddha helped to get Insta loan on the same day. As the treatment did not require hospitalization, insurance could not be used to cover the expenses. Thank you Finance Buddha for helping me to get an Insta loan for my treatment.



My sister suggested me to apply for an Insta loan through Finance Buddha and promised me I will get loan approved with few hours. Though I did not believe, I thought of giving a try and to my surprise Insta loan was approved on the same day I applied for it. Thanks to my sister and Finance Buddha.


Vishnu Prasad(5/5)

I am happy that I applied for an Insta Loan through Finance Buddha, my loan was approved within a day and there was no need for submission of documents. I suggest Insta loan for all types of emergency requirements and this is a very hassle-free process as compared to other types of loans in India.


Geetha Priya(5/5)

I was in urgent need of money for my child’s education fee. I applied for an instant loan through Finance Buddha and got the same approved within 24 hours. Extremely quick processing of Insta personal loan and was very beneficial. Thank you Finance Buddha for offering such great platform for Insta personal loan facilities.


Amarkant Verma(4/5)

Finance Buddha was proactive in their services. They responded immediately, and the follow-up calls were also regular, guiding me through every bit of the process. Their website is also very helpful, and their services were excellent. The application for my Instant Loan was approved within the same day after document verification and signing of the loan agreement. Extremely satisfied with the service personnel at Finance Buddha.


Bablu Chaudhry(4/5)

I received my Instant Loan from Finance Buddha within a day. The application and clearing process was fine, and the documentation was minimal. My relationship executive guided me through the entire process, and I had no problem understanding anything. My experience with Finance Buddha has by far been the best.


Vicky Malhotra(4/5)

Finance Buddha is very good at its job. I got a very good response for my Instant Loan application. They were agile in responding to my application, and it even got approved and sanctioned within the next day. The documentation was very simple as well, as all the documents required were uploaded online. The executives were very keen in handling customers. The interest rate was rather low when I compared it to other sites.


Aditya Sharma(5/5)

The process followed by Finance Buddha was crisp and crystal clear. It was completed on time, and it was simple too. The rate of interest was also low when compared to others. My Instant Loan was approved as soon as my documents were verified and I was really satisfied with such quick service from Finance Buddha. 5 stars to them.


Mohan B(4/5)

Everything is clearly mentioned on the Finance Buddha website. They called me from time to time and kept me updated with my Instant Loan application status over the phone and email. I am really happy with their excellent service. Finance Buddha is the best site I have come across in a long time now. I would recommend Finance Buddha to anybody who asks me.


Aryan Khanna(4/5)

The steps taken by Finance Buddha were commendable. I had applied for a Instant Loan. They were very quick in responding to my application. I received sufficient follow-up calls from their team, and they guided me through the entire process with any problem. They explained all the details to me including the processing charges, interest rates, and all other surcharges. Totally satisfied with the services. The documents were uploaded online so it is like an instant personal loan without any paperwork. And the best part is that the loan amount was disbursed the very next day itself just after the signing of the loan agreement. This Insta Loan facility is very useful if anybody is in need of an urgent personal loan for medical emergencies, especially.



I would rate the team of Finance Buddha more than five stars if I could. Their response was excellent. I had applied for a instant loan, and I received a call from them within a few seconds after I registered my details on their website. The process started off immediately, and I got my instant loan from the bank within one day.


Raj Malhotra(3/5)

The experience was extremely delighting. My loan advisor was incredibly professional and handled my case very well. I had applied for a Instant Loan, and after verifying all documents, my loan was dispersed by the next day itself. I was amazed by the lightning fast speed at which the executives at Finance Buddha took instante of everything and called me back the next day to tell me that my loan had been sanctioned.


Yeshwant Rao(4/5)

Nice experience. My Instant Loan services were good. Finance Buddha executives contacted me from time to time and helped me whenever required. The interest rates are really low in comparison to others. My relationship manager has explained me all the terms and conditions in a very decent manner and was always patient to listen and reply to all my queries so that I understood the workings clearly.


Rahul Khanna(4/5)

Really overwhelmed by the quick and prompt service. I truly like the services provided by Finance Buddha. I didn't face any difficulties on my Instant Loan. They had completed their process on time, and moreover, my loan goes dispersed in a day. No hassle in the processing of the instant loan whatsoever and really happy with the behavior of the people.


Roop Rathore(4/5)

I am really thankful to Finance Buddha for helping me with the issue of the Insta Loan that I needed to buy a television. Thank you for the low-interest rates that did not hinder my anxieties much and last but not the least, the hospitality provided by your team is really appreciated. I will surely recommend it to my friends. THANK YOU.


Vikram Mayur(4/5)

The process of the Instant Loan with Finance Buddha was really smooth and quick, for the working process was convenient. It did not take much time for me to submit my documents as everything was done with a click on the phone, thus saving my time. The executive was generous enough to explain me through all the phases, its facilities provided to me and the team is very courteous as I could share my instant and emotional issues with them. The relationship with Finance Buddha is not only in a circle of a service provider and a client but something more than that.


Raj Malhotra(4/5)

I am thankful to the entire team of Finance Buddha who helped me with all the facilities that I needed for issuing a Instant Loan. Their speedy working process, the gesture of the representatives and its benefits did a great job for me because I did not have to work hard actually.


Anil Bhansal(4/5)

It provided me with a fantastic service when I was in need of an urgent personal loan. The team is very polite and courteous towards their clients, and I was one of them, they didnÕt make me anxious in anything and kept me believe about the loan which would pass very smoothly which at last did. Thank you, Finance Buddha.


Ajay Sharma(4/5)

Finance Buddha helped my perspective get changed at a whole. I was in need of a Instant Loan to buy a laptop for myself, I was totally confused and definitely did not want to go by the persuasion of the brokers, I was really doomed, and a friend of mine recommended me to go for Finance Buddha. The best part of it was that I could send all my documents online which wasnÕt time-consuming at all. I got my instant loan within an hour, and I couldnÕt believe at all, such a smooth and speedy work process, Finance Buddha is a great help to all!


Samar Anand(4/5)

I am very happy with the services provided to me as I did not have to go here and there, running all over for a loan, Finance Buddha made my work so easy just by receiving all the documents online. With the service provided by the representatives, the financial facilities, and the speedy workings, I am really obliged to Finance Buddha for the help.

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