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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #27

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews


I checked my eligibility for an Insta loan through Finance Buddha. All I need to do was simple get into the website, give some basic credential about my age, income and where I work and I was offered with all details relating to instant personal loan. This is an incredible awesome service and I would like to rate it 10/10.


Blessy (5/5)

I would like to review the Insta loan taken with the help of Finance Buddha. Some of the highlights of this Insta loan that I felt very helpful are quick disbursement, very low documentation and that too online, very flexible tenure for loan like 36, 24, 12 months.


Navya Ramesh(5/5)

I got Insta loan approved from bank without any guarantor. Though conditional pre-closure is only after one year, I am happy with the offer and pre-closure charges. Everything was e-approval and loan amount was disbursed to my account on the same day of applying for an Insta loan.


Taniya (5/5)

I surprised my parents with a Thailand trip for their anniversary with the help of Insta loan. I was inspired by the reviews in Finance Buddha and was sure even I will be able to make use of Insta loan for something good. It is not really possible for people like me to save all the money and then go for a trip. This is where such Insta loans will come to help.



I applied for an Insta loan with the bank through Finance Buddha and helped my sister to pay her engineering admission fees. She is very happy and super excited to see I was able to arrange such huge amount. Even my parents are proud of me. I will simply repay this amount through easy EMIs and will be ready during her next academic year.


Philomina (5/5)

I took an Insta loan through Finance Buddha’s suggestion and now all my small debts with many banks and individuals are cleared. All I need to do is simply pay the EMI continuously for the next 18 months and be free from all small debts.


Joy Joseph(5/5)

I took an Insta loan and the same will be repaid in monthly EMIs. Money what I received now is very useful and can be used for various purposes. Paying it off through EMI will not be a burden and it will get over very quickly. Thank you suggesting this option Finance Buddha.



I applied for an instant personal loan after going through the information and reviews in Finance Buddha website. To my surprise the loan amount was approved the same day by the bank and now I have lakhs in my bank account. The processing fees were very very minimal and the pre-closure charges are also low. I am very happy with the service and I have recommended by sister also to try this Insta loan for her shopping expenses during her trip to London.


Nimisha (5/5)

I was spending a lot of money every month towards credit card monthly repayment. With the help of Insta loan, I cleared all credit cards outstanding and now I have to make just one single small payment every month towards Insta loan. This option was suggested by Finance Buddha. Very helpful and I am able to save lot of money now every month.


Shruthi N.(5/5)

Online documentation, quick processing of loan within a day and low rate of interest are the reasons why I chose Insta loan. I got all this information through Finance Buddha and when I applied for loan through this website, my loan was approved within a day and disbursed next day itself. Thanks Finance Buddha for this extraordinary service at all times of need.



I got instant approval and quick disbursal for my Insta Loan. Even though my CIBIL score was very high, still I got what I wanted. This is better than private lenders who charge insane interest rates. Suggested for everyone who are in need of immediate cash loans in Bangalore but do not want to go with private lenders or P2P lenders.



Few best reason why I applied for Insta loan as per Finance Buddha’s suggestion is my credit limit will be unaffected, money will be disbursed into the account within a day, can very less documentation is required which is through online processing.



With the help of Insta loan I was able to get quick loan amount to pay my child’s education fees. And this loan amount was approved by bank without blocking my credit limit. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting Insta loan option instead of cash-on-call on credit cards. Cash-on-call would have reduced my credit card balance/ limit.



Finance Buddha ensure all its customers are having great interaction, all necessary information is offered in a handy way, it helps in finding financial opportunity and I was able to save some good amount of money by applying for a Insta loan through Finance Buddha website.



I like Finance Buddha as it considers all feedbacks as valuable. Whether it is a positive feedback or something they need to improve they are always ready to feedback and to work on it. Till date all services have excellent, right from the very first Insta loan application.


Lince (5/5)

Finance Buddha has always helped me whenever I was in need of money. This gives a very good feeling. I feel very comfortable applying for loans through this website and thus have never given a thought of applying elsewhere. My recent Insta loan was also a very smooth and quick process.


Princy Sam(5/5)

Best method to get quick loan in India is through Insta loan and ideal manner to apply for it is through Finance Buddha. I have never seen a website that is so informative and helpful to its customers. All information with regard to loans is 100% accurate and reliable.


Amritha (5/5)

Thanks Finance Buddha for always offering the best and top-notch information with regard to all types of loans. Even for a simple Insta loan, I had information with this website and I was able to understand the know-hows of Insta loan.


Merlin Jacob(5/5)

Many banks were contacting me by offering Insta loans and insta jumbo loans. But I used Finance Buddha website to know which bank is offering best rates for Insta loan and accordingly applied. This piece of information was very helpful and was Insta loan was approved within no time.



After going through many personal loan options, I decided to take insta loan through Finance Buddha. This decision was right and I got my loan approved within 24 hours. Am content with the service offered by Finance Buddha and will recommend this site to everyone who is looking for an instant loan.


Suresh (5/5)

Finance Buddha has been my solution provider for all finance related issue; I have used this website for different types of information of various lending banks. Recently I applied for an insta loan and the website helped me to get loan in a hassle-free manner. I was contacted by the bank just once to know about my interest, purpose and also for validating the loan requirement request.


Sheela Ram (5/5)

I was wondering if I could get money for paying my son’s education fee. I have the income capacity to repay the loan as EMI but I wanted money in 1 day. That is when I was introduced to Finance Buddha by my friend. Through his helped I applied for insta loan with bank and got money the same day itself.



I am Sreedhar, I applied for an insta loan with bank through Finance Buddha and I was amazed to see that the same is approved the same day. I am looking for various such loans and will make us of Finance Buddha for all. This website is the best one that I have come across till date.


Marvel Thomas(5/5)

I was tired of applying for personal loan with different banks and that is when I came across Finance Buddha website. This website suggested me to try using insta loan option and through this I got money disbursed in my account. Thanks Finance Buddha for coordinating with bank and ensuring that I get my insta loan approved the same day.

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