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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #24

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I had taken Insta loan directly with a bank and it was an average experience, but this time when I applied through Finance Buddha, the experience was mind-blowing. I got call from them, as soon as I applied for Insta loan. They ensured my documentation was done online; there was no physical collection of documents. The processing fees were comparatively low and money was credited to my account within 15 hours of applying for Insta loan through Finance Buddha website.



I have taken many types of loans earlier from many banks. But this time when I applied through Finance Buddha, the experience was very different. The banks were very keen to look into my request, when I applied for Insta personal loan; it was approved with in no time. Even money was remitted to my bank account within no time.



Insta personal loan is very good actually. Bank gave waiver in rate of interest because my salary account is there. Communication was fantastic and always I am comfortable to work through Finance Buddha. Processing charge at the bank and other charges offered to me was lowest in the market. I would like to give 5 out of 5 rating to Finance Buddha for their extraordinary services.



Exemplary service provided by Finance Buddha for the Insta personal loan request. Interest rate offered by the bank through this website was very low and the people at the bank were very cooperative. They made sure all documentations are collected online and this there was no need for me to go to bank even once to get the loan approved within the same day. If I am planning to take another loan, I will definitely apply through Finance Buddha website only.



Insta loan was a very quick process with my Bank. The services are excellent from them. They also offered me a good rate of interest. The processing fees were normal too. I am very happy with the services. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting Insta loan option.



Am glad I got an opportunity to find financial solutions through Finance Buddha. When I applied for an Insta loan through this website, my request was prioritized by the bank and loan was approved within few hours. Going forward I will always choose Finance Buddha website for all type of financial assistance.



It was within a day the bank had processed my instant personal loan. This was possible as Finance Buddha suggested me to try Insta loan as I wanted emergency fund for a travel. Am being very frank and as a customer, I will never again go to any other service provider, all services will be taken through Finance Buddha only.



I applied for an instant personal loan from Finance Buddha and the overall service rendered was good. As I applied online, the processing and the documentation got completed in a very short time. The customer service is also excellent at Finance Buddha. The EMI amount to be paid for Insta loan is affordable.


Saraf Ahmed (5/5)

Finance Buddha provides a quick service. Customer service offered by them was good. This website is very transparent in what they good and the information offered by them is 100% accurate. It is for these reasons I love being their customer for all financial needs. It took just 15/16 hours for me to receive the money credited to my account. The bank asked for minimum documentation and the entire process went quite smoothly.


Pankaj Prakash (5/5)

This is my second experience with Finance Buddha website. Overall customer service was good with them. All the required documentation were online itself and thus my Insta loan was approved the same day. The rate at which the Insta loan is approved is reasonable and overall I am very satisfied with the bank’s experience and extremely happy with the Finance Buddha team’s effort.



Initially I was quite unsure whether to apply for Insta loan through Finance Buddha or not. I went through the reviews in this website and based on this I applied for an instant personal loan. To my surprised, it was processed very quickly and bank agreed to disburse money to my bank account. There is no other service in India to get cash so quickly when we are in emergency needs.


Chandru (5/5)

As I was unsure of how Insta personal loan work, I applied for loan through Finance Buddha. This website gave me all necessary information with regard to Insta loan and helped me to get my application prioritized with the bank. A representative was assigned from the Finance Buddha team to specifically look into my request and I was hand-held by this representative all through the loan process. Loan was disbursed the same day and I feel Finance Buddha website very reliable.


Vipin (5/5)

I recommend everyone to start using facilities like Insta loan when you are in emergency or even when you want to surprise your special ones. It’s time to buy a big gift to your special one on their next birthday with just a bit of planning. You can opt for an Insta loan with the help of Finance Buddha and get cash remitted to your account within 24 hours. I am suggesting this option to everyone because I have personally tried it with this website and I am very happy with the service offered.


Maruthesh (5/5)

I used Insta loan money to admit my kid for a summer camp. He completed his 7th Std exams and wanted to do something interesting during vacations. I made sure he is joining summer camp and also helped him to get some swimming training classes.



Finance Buddha suggested me to apply for Insta loan instead of applying with any bank as Insta Loans are online, faster and simpler.Based on this suggestion when I applied the service was very fast comparing with other bank. Interest rate offered was affordable and the processing fee was low on the loan. The representative was very co-operative and helped me throughout the loan application process.



It was a good experience with Insta loan. Within an hour of time my Insta personal loan was approved. The process was really very fast. The documentation part was minimal and entirely online. Interest rate and charges were pretty good.



I took the Insta loan as per guidance of Finance Buddha. The rate of interest was low and affordable. Customer service is excellent with them. Processing charge is also nominal.


Yeshwin (5/5)

As per Finance Buddha’s suggestions, I applied for an Insta loan and got money disbursed within no time. Finance Buddha suggested me to apply for this Insta loan with my employee account which helped me to get Insta loan for very less rate of interest plus there was absolutely no need of further documentation as they already have all my details with the bank.


Aman Gupta(5/5)

The main reason I decided to write a review on Insta loan is to let everyone know about the highlights of this service: Quick disbursal of loan amount, Low documentation, Online documentation, Low rate of interest and other charges and No waiting period for approval- everything is instant. Finance Buddha guides us through every stage.


Ann Mary (5/5)

I am usually very lazy to write reviews and feedback, but this time, the service from Finance Buddha was so exceptional that I feel the urge to write a review and let everyone know how good the service was. To start with, there was need for money for my Husband’s fracture treatment. He recently had a fall and there was need for money for the healing of bones. As you all know, there will no hospitalization for such treatments, insurance coverage was available. I had to put money from my pocket each time for services, this is when we planned to try for Insta loan and applied for the same. I was expecting the money at least by a week, but I was amazed to see that cash was credited to my account same day. All treatment expenses were carried out without any issues and we are happy to repay the amount through easy EMIs. Thanks Finance Buddha for introducing us to Insta personal loan.



I am happy with the service provided by the bank when I applied for Insta loan through Finance Buddha. They have provided very good follow-up and ensured I am happy with the service. The documentation was very minimal and online and its overall quite an easy process. Insta loan is highly recommended.


Amala (5/5)

On the Insta personal loan, interest rate offered for me was around low, their processing time was very fast i.e. within 1 working day the disbursal was done. Processing fee was at very reasonable rates and charges. Because of less interest rate and charges I would like to recommend this option to everyone for loans.


Bhavana (5/5)

The service provided was really quick and they have processed the loan within 24 hours of time when I applied this Insta loan through Finance Buddha. The interest rate applied was around low for this loan. The charges on processing of Insta loan were also pretty reasonable.


Kannan (5/5)

The loan amount was disbursement on Insta loan took just 16 hours post all approvals. Document collections were through online, which speed up the whole process. I did not visit the bank to get loan approved, everything was quick through phone calls and online documentation. They offered me Insta loan up to 2.5 lakhs.

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