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Md. Shahid Qaiser(5/5)

Finance Buddha provided a fantastic service to me. They were ready to listen to my requirements, and they were very positive in approaching the customers. The interest rate was nominal, and the fees were low as well, when compared with most banks.


Nayyer Ali(5/5)

Finance Buddha was perfect on their way for the Instant Loan. The services and response were good, though I did not communicate much. I appreciate the service that they informed me the details upfront. And that helped me to approach this service.


Omair Khan(5/5)

The executive assigned to me for the instant loan by Finance Buddha was very positive in responding to me, and in fact, I was in need of this Instant Loan. I am happy with the immediate reply I got.



I always found the desired loan here at this platform. A relative of mine had taken an Instant Loan from Finance Buddha, and he further recommended this platform to me. At the very beginning, I was confused but, the service they delivered to me was great. It was quick, informative, guided and without any obstacles. What you just need to do is upload your required documents online, and the next is they will call you and give you the good news, within a day.



The services from Finance Buddha was excellent. It was a good experience and very much satisfactory. They offered me a decent interest rate on the Instant Loan, and a good deal on the processing charges. In all, it was a nice and satisfying experience.


Rahul Das(5/5)

The process for the Instant Loan with Finance Buddha was smooth. No bank dramas and no hesitation at all. The customer service representative was good for their services, and the response was always quick. They are well informed about their product, and it made the process swift.



Finance Buddha is very clear about their process and documentation. They explain every clause and every question you have in your mind, and there is nothing that is kept hidden from you. I do not wish to rate them on the rate of interest and charges as it depends on RBI. But, I do want to give Finance Buddha 5 Star for leading me towards a plan which is more suitable for me.



A relative of mine was in hospital and I needed to arrange money soon. I surfed online and discovered Finance Buddha’s Insta Loan and applied immediately. The process was quick and easy in getting the loan. The services and response have been excellent; they were clear in the communication. The rate of interest and charges was standard.



I needed an personal loan urgently. While most of the company takes a lot of time with the process, I decided to go along with Finance Buddha. I was surprised to know that Finance Buddha completed the process within a day. You can submit your documents online, which is convenient. A representative of Finance Buddha guided me through the process, till it got over.


Sridhar D(5/5)

Finance Buddha completed the task with ease, they hardly took 2 days of time to disburse the amount as per my requirements, Finance Buddha offered pretty fair interest rate and processing fee on my Instant Loan application. The before and after sale support of Finance Buddha is impressive.



Finance Buddha is well informed about all about their Insta Loan. They provided me with the most suitable package. The best thing about them is the customer service, which is reliable and guiding. All my confusions got clarified at first, and then I was led to the further process of the Instant loan. The service is quick and trustworthy.


Sheethal Sivadas(5/5)

Finance Buddha process is very simple. The documentation part was very easy and straightforward. There was no hassle at all, and the Instant Loan processing happened on time. Everything is clear with them, and everything got done on time.



I wish to give Finance Buddha five stars for the whole package. It is from the services which were very informative and also for a good deal on the interest rate and charges were nominal. The service is outstanding and I highly accessible.


Ayyappa D(5/5)

I have taken my Instant Loan from Finance Buddha. I am happy that Finance Buddha provided me the loan I needed the most. The amount disbursed was as per my requirements. The interest rates were standard and were low when compared with other sites.



I am happy with the service of Finance Buddha. They responded well to documentation process. Within minimal days, the Instant Loan got disbursed. The customer service is also quick, the process was smooth, and it was on time. I prefer giving finance Buddha a 5 Star.


Sachin Sachdeva(5/5)

The terms and conditions set by Finance Buddha are clear and very much convenient to their customers. They offer standard rates and charges, and I got my Instant Loan with ease. The process was also simple and quick.



Well, I have taken my Instant Loan from Finance Buddha. The process was simple, and it was very much on time. The paperwork was also not too much. The disbursement was completed on time, and I got an excellent deal on the interest rate and charges. Totally, it was a good experience.



I was struggling to decide about my Instant Loan. It was an urgency for me to get the Instant Loan done from somewhere but I was completely unaware of the process. Finance Buddha informed me about every step and helped me get my loan approved. The best thing is that I got the package which was most suitable to me.


Nandan (5/5)

I never expected such a convenient service when I thought of availing an Instant Personal Loan. Finance Buddha just made it possible. My loan got e-approved in 1hr and I got disbursal in 24 hours. I submitted the documents online, and I got explained everything I needed to know. The Finance Buddha team guided me throughout the process, and they helped me get the best offer.



I was looking for a quick personal loan as I was in need of money due to some medical emergency in my family. I thought the process would be so difficult & complex but it was nothing like that. Finance Buddha has the option of online application which is very easy & time saving. My instant personal loan was approved on the same day of application & the amount was credited in my account next day itself. I would like to thank Finance Buddha team for their cooperation for my loan application & process.



Looking forward to see whatÕs next after making the instant personal loan so easy. The portal of Finance Buddha is very user-friendly. The application process is very easy even you can upload the required documents online. It is saving time & efforts so efficiently.



The response to my online application for instant was actually an instant one. I was not expecting them to call me within an hour. Within two hour I was having loan offer in my mail box. I went ahead with the loan & the after services are also charming. The whole process went very smoothly.



This is really an exciting moment, when I could complete everything within minutes such as application for instant personal loan in every professionally managed format. Finance Buddha has opened the doors of future of banking & finance by giving the convenience of applying the online portal. Thank you Finance Buddha.



It was wonderful to know that they have the option of online application. I logged to Finance Buddha for getting some information about instant personal loan but I ended up applying for the personal loan through Finance Buddha.

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