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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #22

4.5 stars based on 895 reviews

Rajesh Bhandari(5/5)

The best deal ever I signed with someone was Finance Buddha. The assistance on the instant loan with incentives was incomparable. Best team of loan providers so far!


Ganesh Talwar(5/5)

Finance Buddha was the only stop I needed to go. I got an instant loan for my needs with quick disbursal of money. I recommended it to all my relatives.


Babita Sharma(5/5)

I secured an instant loan for my vacations with Finance Buddha. The loan disbursed was in a hassle free manner and without any loops. I recommend Finance Buddha to all.


Soumya Gulati(5/5)

I wanted an instant loan for my wedding. Finance Buddha helped me in the time of need. My loan was processed within a day thanks a lot to you guys.


Rajat Guliani(5/5)

This website is very helpful. All the information provided on the website is pretty reliable. My loan was disbursed in a day. It was a medical emergency and my problem was solved.


Sachin Bhogol(5/5)

All you need at the time of an emergency is help from a Finance Buddha executive. They are very cordial and understanding. The interest rate charged was lesser than most of the banks recommended to me by my friends.


Aarti Arun (5/5)

The Finance Buddha executives helped me and guided thoroughly about the instant loan. It is easy to understand the application form that they have made. My instant loan was charged very low.


Mansoor Rafique(5/5)

Their team is very well-versed in finance. I was actually very petrified because I know absolutely nothing about loans and all. They helped throughout the process.


Ajaz Pasha(5/5)

It was so easy to apply for the Insta Loan on this website. Once the loan got approved, they also helped me submit everything online and made the whole process a lot easier to understand.


Anand Krishna(5/5)

The best part about the instant personal loan that I availed is that I did not have to give the hard copy of any document. It was very easy to submit the process online & get the loan approved immediately.


Ananya A. P.(5/5)

Finance Buddha is the one website where you can find every information about different loans under one platform. As per my needs I chose Insta Loan and got it in one day of applying online.


Anmol Milan(5/5)

This instant loan is a great deal as getting the loan in the account was so easy. My Insta Loan was approved in a day all thanks to Finance Buddha. I had the loan amount at the lowest rate for instant personal loans.


Aravindh Venattumattam(5/5)

There was an emergency condition as my brother's wedding was round the corner and I suddenly needed money. Finance Buddha helped me in getting a quick loan in a day!


Bajusha Suroy(5/5)

There are very few companies who actually help. Finance Buddha is one such company who helps you in case of financial help and gives the best rate instant personal loans.


Cyriac Jose(5/5)

My loan was processed within a day. The Finance Buddha representatives were very helpful. They answered me to the point and helped me in documentation too.


Siyali Srivastava(5/5)

The loan was charged at pretty low rate of interest. The good part is that they do not charge any exorbitant fees for providing such a service. Great work guys.


Shubham Suri(5/5)

The simple process makes the whole Insta Loan experience so easy. I was skeptical about how the loan would be processed in so less time. But, they delivered what they promised.


Rajat Bhuriya (5/5)

I am glad that the team helped me in time of a medical emergency. They were very responsive and helped just like a family member would. I got the quickest loan disbursal.


Seychell David (5/5)

I got my Insta loan in a day's time. The employees helped me get the loan at the lowest rate. I have decent knowledge of finance but still in so less time, you need an expert.


Sara Thekkan(5/5)

The Insta loan was disbursed in just a few hours. These people helped me a lot with the documentation after I got my approval. Easy process and minimal time taken is their USP.


Manu John Kunduparambil (5/5)

The Insta loan process is so easy that it is recommended to each one who is in problem. This is the loan you should avail in an emergency.


Ankit Rex (5/5)

I would suggest the Finance Buddha to people looking for emergency loan. In my situation, they helped me to get the insta loan in a very short time.


Geetanjali Rawat(5/5)

Their portal is very user-friendly. It was so easy to use, just like Facebook! The loan terms are explained clearly. The team was supportive as well - way to go!


Alwin Thomas (5/5)

The team is super fast in helping you. Just leave a text for them or sign up on the website and they reply within the least time with complete information for your loan. I got my instant loan in Bangalore and am pretty satisfied.

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