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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #20

4.5 stars based on 885 reviews

Manju Parmar(5/5)

I will recommend Finance Buddha and Insta loan to my friends. It’s the fastest processing loan ever. One is able to get the amount on the same day they apply for the loan. I took this Insta loan from Finance Buddha. Their executives helped me in making me understand about the Insta loan. And I got the money within 24 hours.


Ruhi Dutta(5/5)

I was not able to believe that any kind of loan can be processed in 1 day. But I needed cash urgently then I was having no other option instead of going with INSTA loan from finance Buddha. I was completely shocked. The processing started within an hour and I was told to upload the documents online only. I got the loan on the same day.


Anshika Mehta(5/5)

I was in a medical emergency 5 days ago. I was so much tensed and worried but then I got to know about Instant personal loan with Finance Buddha. I went through the portal and cleared all my doubts. And applied online. My loan was approved on the same day and the rate of interest and the processing charges were nominal.


Pawan Chauhan(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me in my tough time. I applied for the instant loan with Finance Buddha online and the processing started same day the Finance Buddha executives helped me and cleared all my doubts regarding instant loan. My loan was approved on the same day. Thank you Finance Buddha for your help.


Umang Parmar (5/5)

I was in an emergency and I came to know about Instant personal loan through one of friend. I went through the Finance Buddha portal and applied there for the instant personal loan. I uploaded the document required on the portal and within 24 hour my application was approved and the loan amount was disbursed after finishing the agreement formalities.


Rakesh Sinha(5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me when I was in an urgent need of cash. I applied for the instant cash loan and I was surprised that the process started within 2 hours. And I was able to get the money on the same day. The process was completely hassle free and smooth.


Akriti Agrawal(5/5)

I used Finance Buddha second time for my financial support. Earlier I was having my business loan through finance Buddha and when I was in an urgent need of money I again choose finance Buddha for the instant loan. I applied online for the instant loan and on the same day my application was approved. Than you Finance Buddha for the help.


Rupesh Chauhan (5/5)

Instant cash loan is the new kind of loan introduced by some banks. I was in an emergency and needed cash urgently. Then my friend suggested me of instant cash loan. I applied for that from Finance Buddha portal. And I was surprised all the process was completed online and I was able to get the money on the same day.


Nilesh Raj(5/5)

I am very thankful to finance Buddha team who helped me in getting an instant personal loan. I went through the Finance Buddha portal and applied online. All the documentation process was completed online only and within 24 hours I was having the money in my account.


Nirmal Kumar (5/5)

I applied online from the instant personal loan from the Finance Buddha portal. There was a confirmation call within an hour and they instructed me to upload the documents. My loan was approved on the same day I applied. And the money was in my account within 24 hours.


Pramila Banerjee(4/5)

I am thankful to Finance Buddha for providing me instant loan and helping me when I was in most need of help. They helped me when there was a medical emergency. I applied online From the Finance Buddha portal and my loan as approved same day. Somewhat lower interest rate would have been really better, but still happy that I got it in time of need. I will definitely refer Insta loan to others also.


Esha Rao(5/5)

The nature of their working is so agile. I applied for an instant loan with them and within 30 hours the loan was disbursed to me. Finance Buddha, the people for the loan!


Lalit Gade(5/5)

The documentation process and application process is so genuine and caring it just wins your heart. Finance Buddha helped me get sanctioned an instant loan where the documentation process was carried by them on my behalf.


Satish Mandal(5/5)

The loan just doesn’t become a barrier after the lowest interest rate. Finance Buddha helped me gain an instant loan with HDFC bank at lowest interest rates and processing fees. I owe them big time for that.


Rupal Thakkar(5/5)

The constant and undying support from the team makes you feel the best. I loved that part. Thank you! Finance Buddha for providing me with an instant loan in no time with ease.


Riddhi Gupta(4/5)

The quick processing of the instant loan of one day is the best. I got the loan disbursed with the help of Finance Buddha within 36 hours of the application.


Parvez Naidu(5/5)

The application process was hassle free like never before. Finance Buddha during my instant loan made some brilliant efforts to maintain the hassle-free nature of the procedure. I thank them from the bottom!


Pratap Dua(5/5)

The interest rates were so helpful to me. Finance Buddha made a breakthrough while gaining those interest rates for me for an instant loan. It was a surprise for me to gain them.


Nakul Chadda(5/5)

The support truly made me a fan of Finance Buddha. The way the instant loan was disbursed to me in such a quick and hassle free manner was the best deal of my life.


Devika Narula(5/5)

The swiftness in the disbursal of the instant loan was really impressive. The best part Finance Buddha accomplished is that they do not do fake promises when it comes to loan.


Ram Negi(5/5)

The documentation process is carried with utmost courtesy making the work look like a piece of cake. The instant loan by Finance Buddha won my heart. I thank them from the bottom!


Aishwariya Bose(5/5)

The best part about the instant loan was the interest rate and the processing fees. With Finance Buddha my instant loan became an instant opportunity for me to fulfill my need.


Devika Uppal(5/5)

They helped me to get the money easily handed over through an instant loan. The best part about Finance Buddha was their support during the instant loan procedure which was mesmeric.


Nikita Khosla(5/5)

Finance Buddha’s dexterity in providing me with an instant loan was amazing. The swiftness with which they executed the whole thing was amazing. Truly, the best loan providers in the country!

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