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Subham Dani(5/5)

The best lender ever. I applied for the same day Loan with Finance Buddha. The process went smoothly with their team. Their executives guided me in completing the process. The process was truly paperless as mentioned on their portal. In the documentation process the scan copies of documents were uploaded on the portal. My Loan was approved on the same day I applied and disbursed on next working day.


Aryan Singh(4/5)

It went completely hassle free and smooth process with my Instant loan application with Finance Buddha. They provided me the interest rates which were higher than normal, but since I was in urgent need I did not mind going with it. But their processing charges were low. I am happy with my decision for opting Insta loan with Finance Buddha.


Laxman Rao(5/5)

‘’This INSTA loan offers you the loan on the same day you apply for it.’’ I heard this very statement from one of my friend in office. I though he is just saying. This is not possible at all. But last week only I was in immediate need of some huge cash. I was having no option then I thought to just take a chance n I applied with Finance Buddha for the Insta Loan. I was shocked within 1 hour I got a confirmation call. They guided me to complete the documentation process which was completely paperless. I got my loan disbursed within 24 hour.


Utkarsh Panday(4/5)

The way in which Finance Buddha team works for the INSTANT loan is really amazing. The process started on the very day of applying online. The process was completely paperless and very quick. The managed to approve my loan within 48 hours. Somehow they took more time as mentioned on their website but it was ok for me. As no other Bank or NBFCs can proceed a loan faster than this.


Shatish N. Murti (5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me in my most difficult time. I was struck in an emergency situation. As I was not able to pay the loan which I had taken from one of the money lender so he was about to take a legal action against me. One of my colleague told me about Finance Buddha Insta Loan. I went through the website and applied for the INSTA loan. I completed all the process with the help of their executives. I got the loan amount credited in my account on the next very day.



Quick apply, completely paperless process and most important my Loan got approved on the same day I applied and disbursed the next day. Thank you Finance Buddha for such amazing product. I will refer it to others also.


Raghav Malhotra (5/5)

As the name INSTA means Quick this Insta loan truly justify its name. This is the fastest loan ever. My Insta Loan got approved in 12 hours only and on the next day the loan amount was disbursed to me.


Vaibhav Singh(5/5)

I applied for the Insta Loan with Finance Buddha last week only. After I applied there was a confirmation call within 1 hour. The documentation process was completed online, I had to submit very less documents and that too all online. Within 24 hours my loan application was approved. And after the approval the disbursal took only 1 hour.


Amreen Khan(3/5)

Finance Buddha is a decent website where the personal loans are accessible online. The executives of the company are very helpful they provided me the proper guidance regarding the Insta Loan. The process was totally online and u don’t have to give any collateral or guarantee regarding this Insta Loan. The interest rate offered to me was 18% which should have been lower.


Deepshikha (5/5)

This INSTA Loan offered by Finance Buddha is really a good product. This is completely paperless process even the documents are submitted online on the website itself so the time is saved and after the documentation process ends they only have to check the documents and approve it so it takes very less time as compared to the other loan providers and the loan is disbursed within 24 hours.


Abhinav Kumar(5/5)

I applied for the same day loan/Instant Loan with Finance Buddha when I was in need of immediate cash. The process went smoothly and I was able to get the loan in 24 hours.


Sumrendra Saurav(4/5)

I got good response on time from Finance Buddha, when I approached them for the personal Instant Loan. Representatives of Finance Buddha were very supportive and helpful to connect with the bank for the loan product. Site is also very easy to use and convenient for the users. They approved my Loan at the rate of 16% p.a. which should have been lower.


Nomita Katharia(5/5)

Insta Loan is not only fastest disbursed Loan but when I availed it I got to know it is completely paperless process and very smooth and stress free. My loan got approved within 24 hour and after the all the verification and cheques collection my loan got disbursed within 1 hour.


Prabhat Prakash(5/5)

I got moment endorsement and brisk disbursal for my Insta Loan. Despite the fact that my CIBIL score was somewhat low, still I got what I needed. This is superior to anything private loan specialists who charge crazy financing costs. Recommended for everybody who need prompt trade advances out Bangalore yet would prefer not to run with private moneylenders or other loan specialists.


Ketaki Puri(5/5)

I am upbeat to let everybody realize that Finance Buddha is my single kind of resort with regards to overseeing cash. Each time I had an issue, Finance Buddha has had the correct answer for it. This time when I was in requirement for some money for setting up a gathering to my relatives, this site recommended me to take a stab at utilizing Insta loan choice which will enable me to get cash inside a day in addition surprisingly balances in cards will stay in place. What more would I be able to anticipate! The ideal money related administration consultative Finance Buddha.


Shradha Sharma(5/5)

Last month only my father got stroke. I admitted him to hospital quickly. He had to go through a heart surgery then he was out of danger. All the operation cost and medical charges was worth RS 2.5 lakh. I was so much worried that from where I would arrange this much money at a time. Then I applied for the Instant Loan with Finance Buddha. I got my Loan disbursed within 24 hours. Thanks Finance Buddha.


Arvind Thakur(5/5)

Instaloan is the new product launched by Finance Buddha. This product is available in very few banks. I got to know about this Insta loan from their Facebook ads. Actually I was looking for this kind of loan which provides you the credit on the same day. As I was looking for a personal loan and I was not getting it from anywhere so when I saw this Insta Loan ads I applied for it. And I was beyond my expectation that I got the response within an hour and after completing the documentation process I got my loan approved within 10 hour and after the approval within 1 hour the loan was disbursed in my account.


Krishna Kant(5/5)

It was my wife’s birthday and I forgot it. When I got to know it was her bday it was late and she was very much angry on me. So to cool her down I decided to gift her a diamond set. But I was not having that much cash at a time so I applied for Instant cash loan with Finance Buddha. The whole process was completed in a hassle free manner and on that very day I got the Loan. And I presented the Diamond set to my wife and she was so happy.


Hemant Kumar(5/5)

I got my Insta loan approve only in 12 hours. I applied it with Finance Buddha. The rate they offered is 18% p.a. and the processing charges were 2%. I am happy that I got the money within time and my work was completed because of Finance Buddha only. I am happy with the speed of processing and disbursal, but unhappy with the interest rates offered. I feel the rate could have been lower. But still thank you Finance Buddha for the help.


Vineet Panday(5/5)

I was burnt out on applying for personal advance with various banks and that is the point at which I ran over Finance Buddha site. This site recommended me to take a stab at utilizing Insta loan choice and through this I got cash dispensed in my account on the same day. I appreciated Finance Buddha for planning with bank and guaranteeing that I get my Insta loan affirmed that day only.


Sandhya Sinha (5/5)

I availed this Insta loan facility by Finance Buddha last month. It consists of simple 3-4 steps like filling of application form provided on the Portal, uploading the required documents and after these steps they will verify n all and your loan will be disbursed on the same day.


Kumar N. Nathan(5/5)

INSTA Loan by Finance Buddha is the best and the perfect thing which can help you in any emergency related to cash. I applied for this loan when I had to do some urgent payment and that time I was looking for help from any way but that too my requirement was also of large amount so I couldn’t get help from anywhere. Then I went to Finance Buddha portal and applied for a 5 lakhs Insta cash. I filled the online application form and completed the documentation process online. Within 24 hours my loan was disbursed.


Minakshi Soni(5/5)

If you are stuck in any kind of emergency and you need cash immediately then Finance Buddha is the best option for you. I was stuck in an emergency and needed cash then I applied for the INSTA Loan with Finance Buddha. I was very surprised as the process started within an hour. And my loan amount was disbursed within 24 hours.


Nandani Thakur(5/5)

Insta Loan is the best thing when it comes to personal loans. I am having this Insta Loan with Finance Buddha. I applied for the loan through the Finance Buddha portal. All the documents were uploaded by me online on the portal. And after 5 hours I got the confirmation that my Insta loan was approved, and it was disbursed into my account the day after.

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