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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #15

4.5 stars based on 895 reviews

Ranjit Singh(5/5)

It's exceptionally easy, to apply for the credit, and you can likewise check your eligibility, It's very quick process, and you can without much of a stretch explore the page as per other websites, I am extremely happy with the administration offered by Finbud.


Raju Velu (4/5)

I applied for the personal loan online and received a good response but something went wrong in the documentation process and my application form was rejected but when I called on their no. I got a clear justification for it. After that, i applied again and my loan application was approved and I got the loan easily.


Pradeep Gowda (4/5)

I availed personal loans online by Finance Buddha and it was an amazing experience. The processing was very fast and my loan was approved within few hours. The rates are very high as compared to general personal loan but it's quick disbursal facility makes it best for emergency situations.


Muniraj M(5/5)

My experience was great with Finance Buddha since I have gotten a quick reaction and they did appropriate follow-ups additionally. Their site was extremely useful and simple to explore. The client administration and reactions were likewise up to the mark I might want to rate them 5 out 5 generally speaking.


Ganga Chepuri(5/5)

The information provided is 100% accurate. You can check for your eligibility here and then apply for the loan with any of the bank which you find best for you. I was in immediate need so I went with the Insta loan which is same as that of the personal loan but it is a totally online loan and needs zero physical documentation. The service which I received regarding this loan is very appreciable.



Once I was in urgent need of cash as my son met with an accident. I was so much stressed and trying to arrange money for his operation, but I was not able to do so. Then one of my friends suggested me Insta Loan by Finance Buddha which is a completely online loan. I was able to get the money within 24 hours. Thanks, Finance Buddha for such a great help.


Meghna Srivastava(4/5)

I am having Insta Loan with Finance Buddha. And I enjoyed the processing with them, as the process was 100% online and completely stress free. I was charged 16% as the interest rate, although I would have loved a lower interest rate and the processing charge which I have to pay was 2% of the loan amount. I will refer it to others also, go for it when you in any financial emergency without any second thought.


Upendara Reddy(5/5)

I found Insta Loan by Finance Buddha as the best option for my financial emergency hence I went with it when I had to travel abroad urgently. The rates were good and the borrowing process was completely hassle free and smooth.


Utkarsh Panday(5/5)

I searched through google for a personal loan online. In result I found many banks and NBFCs but I went with Finance Buddha as it was having good customer reviews. When I applied I found it very good. The processing of my loan was on time. And I was able to get the loan amount on the next day.


Manjunath Swamy(5/5)

Overall it was a good experience with Finance Buddha. Insta Loan is best among all the online loans available. The rates and charges are normal and the processing is very fast. I applied for this online Insta Loan for INR 5 lakh and on the same day my loan was approved for a tenor period of 2 years and at an interest rate of 17% p.a. thank you Finance Buddha.


Sunny Augustine(4/5)

Disbursal within 24 hours and it is a completely online loan this is what they have mentioned on their website. When I availed this loan I found that what they said regarding online process is totally true. But in my case it took them more than 24 hour to disburse the loan. My loan was disbursed on the second day from the day on which I applied. Even though I consider it as a good product as it took only 48 hours in disbursal. None of the other product can have this much fast disbursal.


Rajkumar A J(5/5)

I got a quick response from the Finance Buddha team after I applied for the Insta Loan. The way in which their team works regarding this online loan is really amazing. The process was completely online and the documents were uploaded on the website directly so this save the time consumption. And I got the loan disbursed within 24 hours.


Murali Ramakrishna(5/5)

You can get personal loan online today itself if you apply with Finance Buddha. Earlier it seemed unreal for me. But when I applied for it after my friends suggestion I found that all what he told was true. I got the loan approved on the same day I applied for it. The loan was disbursed the day after loan signing was done.


Sayed Altaf Byahatti (5/5)

I am happy with my decision for going with Finance Buddha’s Insta Loan. The rate at which my Loan was approved is 16.50% and 2% was the processing fees. The process was completed in a smooth way. I had not to visit them physically even for a single time. It is a time saving product for which you can go with any emergency situation.


Sayyad Tapal(5/5)

Online loans are the new products launched by some of the banks and NBFCs. Insta Loan is among such kind of loan which is by Finance Buddha. I applied for this online loan through Finance Buddha website. The process was completed in a hassle free and smooth manner. And the process was completely online. This is a great product and I will refer it to others also.


Ramanath G(5/5)

I searched for same day loans as I was in an immediate requirement of some huge amount of money which I was not having at time. I found Insta Loan by Finance Buddha good and I applied for the Insta Loan with them. And they were same as they have mentioned on their website. The rates and charges were same as mentioned there. My loan was approved at an interest rate of 16% p.a.


Mahesh MK (5/5)

The customer service regarding Insta personal online loan is very good and the processing is fast. I got the loan approved on the same day I applied for it, and disbursed the very next day into my account after the loan agreement was signed by me.


Jaffar Kannan(5/5)

The service provided by Finance Buddha regarding the Insta Loan is great. Their executives are very helpful, the guided me in throughout the process as which documents are to be uploaded and where to be uploaded. I found their work very efficient. Because of them only the process ended in few hour and I was able to get the loan within 24 hour.


Nagaraja Shetty(3/5)

The commitment which they gave me regarding my Insta loan was not fulfilled somehow. They committed to disburse the loan within 24 hour but it took them more than 48 hours to disburse it. Other things like rates and charges all were also higher than the normal.


Firoj Khan(5/5)

I visited many website for getting instant personal loan online. Most of them were against credit card. Among all I found Insta Loan by Finance Buddha best for me. So I applied for it. The process was completely paperless and it got approved in very less time and disbursed same day itself.


Manjunatha G R(4/5)

I visited the Finance Buddha website and there, I checked my eligibility and read the customer reviews and when I was satisfied I applied for it. After applying I found that all the information mentioned on the portal were 100% accurate. My loan got disbursed in 3 days time.


Manu V R(4/5)

My Insta personal loan was approved at an interest rate of 17% p.a. and the processing fees charged was 2%. Even the approval took only 5 hours and within 24 hour the loan amount was in my account. I am happy for going with Finance Buddha, but lower interest rate would have made me happier.


Venkatesha Naik D (5/5)

Everything about this Insta loan is good only. Firstly it is totally an online loan, secondly it is completely paperless and thirdly its disbursal is fastest. I am writing these points with so confidence because of my personal experience. I am currently having this loan for a tenor period of 3 years.


Narayanappa N M Gowda(5/5)

This online loan is best in any emergency case. I availed this loan when I had some urgent requirement in my daughter’s marriage. I applied for the Instant personal loan. There was a good follow up from the Finance Buddha team regarding this loan and they managed to disburse my loan next day only. I am thankful to the entire Finance Buddha team for the help.

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