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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #14

4.5 stars based on 895 reviews

Srinath Naayar (4/5)

I was surprised when they disbursed my personal online loan in my account on the same day on which I applied for it. Finance Buddha is the one on which you can rely on. The rates and charges are somewhat higher than normal personal loan which I felt should have been lower but it is good only.


Sachin S. Swamy(5/5)

I went for this online loan when I was struck with an immediate financial requirement. Then I saw Finance Buddha website and applied for it through there. Everything went smoothly the processing and I got the loan amount on the same day on which I applied.


Paritosh Narayan(4/5)

Good service and easy processing. Got the loan approved on the second day this is the only thing which forced me to give 4 star rating. Processing timing is needed to improve a bit then this loan product will no.1 among other online loans.


Ravish Nath(5/5)

The service was good and the processing was also very easy and simple. The rate I was charged was 17% which is ok for me as for the same product other banks are charging even more. Overall I am satisfied.


Tulsi Rao(4/5)

I got a quick response from the Finbud team regarding my personal online loan. But even after completing the process like filling the application form n all I had to wait many hours for the approval of my online loan. Finally I got approved and I got the money disbursed in my account on the second day.


Naresh N. Nayar(4/5)

Finance Buddha offers you personal loans online on the same day you will apply for it. I got it approved at an interest rate of 16% P.A. and the processing fees charged was 2% of the total loan amount.


Praveen Kumar(3/5)

The processing took more than 48 hours in case of my online loan. I don’t know what went wrong which delayed the processing. I am disappointed with this. I think their team needs to work more on the time management.


Utkarsh Singh(5/5)

The information provided on the portal are 100% accurate and reliable. Even the interest rates offered are normal only as compared to the other online loans available on the web. It helped me when I was in the most need of help. Thanks Finbud!


Ranjeet Hegde(5/5)

When I was looking for an online loans with fast disbursal I got to know about Insta Loan from Finance Buddha. I went through its reviews and found it good so I went with it. They kept what they have mentioned on their website. The loan amount was disbursed to me within 24 hours.


Pushkar Goyal(4/5)

The process involved for the personal loan online is very simple and easy. The process was completely online and required zero physical documentation. Trust me no other loan processing can be simple than this. I will refer it to others also, you can go with it whenever you are in need of urgent liquid money.


Imran Hassan(5/5)

The administration here is really appreciable and the team effort is very good. All these things makes Finbud Best NBFC I have ever availed service with. Even the rates and charges provided to me for the personal loan online was normal as compared to other such type of loan.


Faisal Alam(4/5)

I went with the Finance Buddha's Online Loan when I had to pay some urgent medical expenses, found the processing fees and here lower than the other banks who are offering the same day personal loan. Even the service provided was up to the mark.


Rohanit Kashyap(5/5)

My experience with Finance Buddha is very good. I took personal loan with them which provided me instant approval and disbursal within 24 hours. The rates and charges were also good only. I am very happy with my decision of choosing Finbud.


S. Suman(4/5)

I took a personal loan from here which was a complete online loan. The biggest advantage I got here was that my loan was approved on the same the on which I applied and it got disbursed on the next day. I am satisfied with the service provided.


Shruti Bansal(3/5)

I applied for personal loan online here, the processing went very smoothly and as mentioned on the portal the process is 100% online but I took them more than 48 hours to disburse the loan amount.


Varun Kamat(3/5)

For online loans I found Finance Buddha as the best option as here loan limit was high and zero physical documentation was required. But the interest rate which I am offered is somehow high. But overall it is a good product.


Vel Murugan(5/5)

I am already having my Home loan with SBI which I have taken through Finance Buddha only. And again when I was in need of urgent cash I went with Finance Buddha only and applied for their Insta loan which is an online loan completely. The process went very smoothly and I got the loan one the second day from day on which I applied.


Ramesha Marulaiah(5/5)

Earlier I applied for the Insta Loan with HDFC but there was a credit card limit. So I was not able to get as per my requirement because my credit card limit was not that much. Then I applied with Finance Buddha and i got the loan approved on the same day. And I got that much, how much i wanted. There was no such problem as i was facing with HDFC as FinBud offers Insta loan from 50,000 to 10, 00,000. I didn’t faced any difficulty in the processing even as this loan is completely an online Loan.


Ranjith Pisharath(5/5)

Frankly saying when I got to know about the interest rates for the online personal loans by Finance Buddha I thought I will never go with them. But when I was facing my worse, because of a sudden down in my business then Finance Buddha was only there to help me. I took their Insta loan which helped me to get over through that phase.


Manjunatha G R(4/5)

I am very happy with the executives who were assisting me in completing the process regarding my Insta Loan. They were very polite and helpful. Because of their assistance, I was able to get the loan on time. The rates and charges offered were very high though. It was an overall very good experience with Finance Buddha.


Karuna N. Nayar (5/5)

Online personal loan by Finance Buddha is best among many online loans available on the net nowadays. I applied for this online loan on last Friday and I was surprised that on the same day my loan was not only approved but disbursed also.


Brijesh Mishra(5/5)

I got to know about Finance Buddha's online loans by one financial blog. I went with it when I was facing so down in my business. This loan is very good actually as, if I have gone with a business loan with any bank then it would have taken much more time than this loan and I had to suffer from a big loss. But thank god Finance Buddha was there.


Anand Mukani(5/5)

I received very good service regarding the online personal loans. The rates and charges were also affordable and the disbursal was on time. I will suggest this to others also.


Shiva Kumar(5/5)

Experiencing the online loans was very good. The process is very easy and can be done by anyone who is basically educated. The loan disbursal is very fast. My loan was disbursed within 24 hours. It’s good for us that DSA like Finance Buddha has come to make the processing of lending and borrowing so easy.

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