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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #12

4.5 stars based on 895 reviews

Pradeep Chakraborty(4/5)

Normally taking a loan is very stressful and needs your lot of time, but if are going with Finance Buddha's online loans then you should not worry about these things. I am having an online personal loan with Finance Buddha and it was a smooth and hassle free process.


Sunita Agrawal(5/5)

The executives who were handling my loan were polite and helpful. The guided me correctly whenever I needed help. Because of them I the processing was hassle free and everything happened on time.


Karuna Karan (4/5)

I am having my personal loan with Finance Buddha and I found it quite good. The service I got regarding my online personal loan was really good and I got the loan within 48 hours.


Lalit Kumar(4/5)

Best for emergencies. As the rates are a bit high so I will not suggest anyone to go for it without any emergency.


Nishant Srivastava(4/5)

My online loan was processed without much hassle with Finance Buddha. The rates and charges were also affordable that’s why I went with this loan.


Shailesh Panday(5/5)

It was an overall good experience with online loans. The processing was fast and the zero physical documentation makes this the best loan product.


Sunil Kumar(3/5)

Because of late disbursal of my loan I had to suffer a lot. Not happy with the service.


Neha Bharti(4/5)

I was confused about from where to take personal loan which should have low interest rate and fast disbursal then I saw Finance Buddha website and they were offering personal loan online. I applied for that loan online and I received quick response from them, in terms of approval and disbursal although at a higher rate.


Varun Rajput(5/5)

I got a quick response from the online loan team for my Insta Loan and the processing started within an hour and the loan amount was with me on the same night.


Sanjeev Singh(4/5)

I am quite happy with the Finance Buddha’s online loans. They gave me this loan at nominal interest rate but they couldn’t make it within 24 hours.


Pushpa Ranjan (4/5)

I availed this online personal loan when I had to do some urgent payments. Thank you Finance Buddha.


Kiran Kumar(3/5)

Time management is required to fulfill what they have mentioned on their website. My personal loan was approved on the same day but the disbursement was delayed.


Navneet Singh (4/5)

Nowadays it is not difficult to get loans online but I chose Finance Buddha’s online loan as I found the rates and charges here were comparatively low and the processing time was also less.


Utkarsh N. Kumar(5/5)

Finance Buddha offers you personal loan online in one day. I got to know this from one of my friends. As I was looking for this kind of loan so I applied for it. Everything went smoothly and I got the loan amount on the same day on which I applied. Use Finance Buddha to get personal loan online today.


Raman Kumar (4/5)

The service provided by the Insta Loan team is really good. The processing was fast and I got the loan within 48 hours.


Prakash Reddy(3/5)

For the disbursement of my instant personal loan I had to wait longer than mentioned. The loan amount was disbursed to me after 2 days.


Narendera Chowdary(4/5)

When there is emergency then every second counts, Finance Buddha helped me to come over from that situation. They approved me loan of INR 4 lakh that too without any collateral through their online personal loan.


Awnish Sharma(4/5)

The disbursal of my online loan with Finance Buddha was on time which was within 24 hours but, the interest rate at which my loan got approved is high actually. I am happy because at least I got that much amount which I wanted that too on time.


Tushar M. Murli(3/5)

The processing is very fast and completely online that means no need to visit their office. This point made me to go for this loan. But my disbursement was delayed. I got the loan amount after 2 days.


Akshita Pathak(4/5)

Good service with fast processing. My personal loan got approved as well as disbursed within 48 hours.


Amit Singh(4/5)

The rates are high as compared with other online loans but the advantage of online loan with FinBud is that the loan limit is also high. I took a credit of INR 7 lakhs which was not possible to get with instant approval with other Banks.


Piyush Pushkar(4/5)

Among the other online loans available on the net I found Insta loan by Finance Buddha as best and I went for it. But in my case something went wrong with documentation and my approval was delayed. I had to complete the documentation again in which I was guided by the executives. And then I got the loan on time.


Satyam Sethi (5/5)

Everything went good regarding my online personal loan with Finance Buddha. The processing was on time and the loan was credited to me on time.



The team work is really appreciable by the Insta loan team. Because of their fast service I got my personal loan approved within 24 hours. The Interest rate is a bit high than the other personal loan but its ok for me as I was in urgent need.

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