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Instant Personal Loan Reviews #12

4.6 stars based on 930 reviews

Ashish Budhia(5/5)

This personal online loan was disbursed within 24 hours to me. I am really happy with the service provided by the Finance Buddha team.


Deepak Kumar(4/5)

I was charged 20% as interest rate and 2% of the loan amount as the processing fees. The disbursal was within 24 hours.


Bhagyashree Raj(3/5)

Not good enough!! Rates are very high.


Raj Hans (5/5)

Finance Buddha’s instant personal loan helped me to pay the medical bills of my mother’s cancer treatment. The loan process was completed smoothly, and when I called them for further query after my loan disbursal they attended me so nicely.


Nirmal Kumar(4/5)

The executives were very polite who were dealing with me. Because of their help I was able to complete the process easily. I got the approval for my loan within hour but I had to wait for 2 days for getting the cash amount.


Shivam Nath(5/5)

Best in time management and administration. They disbursed my loan on time. I am happy for choosing Finance Buddha for my personal loan.


Abhishek Sagar(3/5)

Not as they have mentioned on their website. Delayed by 24 hour, but I am still happy that I got a personal loan this much easily without any stress and tension and even without visiting bank.


S. Suman(5/5)

I found it very easy to apply and even I got this loan approved without any hassle and stress. Within 24 hours I was having the loan amount in my account.


Usha Sahay(4/5)

Processing was very fast and the service provided was also good regarding my online personal loan. I got this loan approved on the second day from which I applied.


Namrata Reddy(4/5)

I applied for this online loan because it offers instant personal loan. I enjoyed the process which was very fast and efficient and I was able to get the personal loan on 2nd day from which I applied.


Akhil Sethi(3/5)

I was charges 18% as the interest rate. I found it quite high, but had no other option so went for this instant personal loan.


Deethlal A C(5/5)

The process is very easy and simple. I got my online loan within 24 hours. Thank you Finance Buddha.


Arul Thandavamurthy(4/5)

I went for this loan for my daughter’s marriage. The interest rate at which I got the loan is 18% p.a. and I had to 2% of the loan amount as the processing charge.


Lovneet Singh(5/5)

Finance Buddha offers instant online approval for personal loan when I got to know this I applied for it as I was already looking for an immediate loan. Everything went good and I was able to get loan easily.


Ranjan Mishra(4/5)

I applied for personal loan online with Finance Buddha through their website and within an hour I got a call for confirmation. The processing went very smoothly and I got it approved on that day itself.


Rahul Ratan(4/5)

Normally for a personal loan it takes 4-5 days but when I applied for instant personal loan with Finance Buddha I felt the difference as my loan was approved in 2 hours only and the amount was disbursed in my account within 48 hours.


Ashok Prasad(5/5)

You can get personal loan online today itself through Finance Buddha. I can say this with full confidence as I got this loan within 24 hours with nominal interest rate.


Ashwan Kumar(4/5)

The response I got from the Finance Buddha team was very quick and good. Everything went well but it took them 2 days to disburse my loan.


Uttam Sharma(3/5)

The interest rate is high. I will suggest to opt for for this loan only in emergency.


Praful Jain(5/5)

This personal loan helped me a lot financially. I was facing a bad phase of my life because of loss in business. This online loan from Finance Buddha helped me to stand again.


Punit Rao(3/5)

The loan processing went very smoothly for my online personal loan. The thing which disappointed me is the late disbursal of the loan amount. It took them more than 48 hours to disburse my loan.


Vikram Chauhan(4/5)

I took my personal loan with Finance Buddha which was a complete online process. I have not to go anywhere even for a signal time and I got the loan amount on the second day.


Suresh Muniraj(3/5)

What to say, bad experience. I had to wait for 3 days for the disbursal of my personal loan and they have mentioned disbursal within 24 hours on the website.


Vineet Kaushik(4/5)

My online loan is with Finance Buddha. The processing was very fast and the disbursement took 48 hour. I am satisfied with this product.

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