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Frequently Asked Questions About Insta Loans

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What is Finance Buddha Insta Loan?

Insta Loan is an instant personal loan offering from Finance Buddha. It offers a completely online loan process. And, one can apply for a personal loan without documents through our website. We offer the benefit of disbursal in 2 Hours.
Finance Buddha's topmost priority is their customers. We maintain a certain privacy policy for our clients. All your personal and financial information is kept confidential. You need not worry about any of your information being shared anywhere else.
Yes, prepayments and part-payments are available for Instant Loan, but under there are terms and conditions.
Yes, a late fee is charged for the Instant Loan which will depend upon your Loan amount and Interest rate and so on.
Generally, for getting approved for an instant personal loan you need a credit score of 700+. However, you can also qualify for an instant loan with a credit score of 550, but for this, you need to have a good income and good repayment capacity. The interest rate charged in this case may be a bit higher than the normal case with a good credit score.
No, you cannot get a loan with bad credit as a bad credit score implies that: You are financially unstable, that is you are not able to manage your finances You have a bad repayment history that is you have not been paying/paid your other loan regularly in the past, hence there are increased chances that you would not be able to repay this loan properly (if sanctioned to you). Your monthly fixed obligations are greater than or equal to 35% of your monthly income.
Yes, your Instant Loan eligibility also depends on your CIBIL score. For the approval of your Instant Loan, your CIBIL score should be at least 750. But your final eligibility will depend on other factors too such as your income, your age, and your current location also matter.
You can contact Finance Buddha at: Telephone: (080) 4090 9654 Email: For customer relations: For others:
For tracking your Insta Loan application Login to your Finance Buddha account using your credentials and go to My Applications tab to see your: Applied Loans and Current Loan(s) with their status. You can also download Finance Buddha Android App to see these details and apply for a personal loan online.
Yes, it is definitely safe to borrow from Finance Buddha. All your documents are kept confidential. It is a completely safe and easy process. The transaction is completely private, and all the transactions happen over an encrypted connection so that all the information provided by you remains safe.
Yes, your loan is reported to all the top most leading authorities of INDIA like CIBIL, Equifax and Experian.
You can be denied an Instant Loan if you fail to meet the required eligibility criteria like: Age Criteria: If you are a salaried employee and your age is not between 21 to 60 days or you are self-employed and age is not between 25 & 65 then your Instant Loan application can be denied. Employment Stability: If you are a salaried person and your work experience in the current profession is not more than 2 years, or if you a self-employed and your total tenure of earning is less than 5 years then also your Instant Loan application will be denied. Credit Score: Your credit rating holds a lot of value. It reflects your financial borrowing history and their repayments. So if you are having a bad credit history then you will be denied for Instant Loan. Monthly Income: If your monthly income is less than ₹20,000 then also you will be denied an instant loan.
The same day loans are the personal loans which are disbursed as quickly as one day. The same day loan processing is done online, hence a lot of time and effort can be saved. One can apply for the same day loan from FinTech lenders who are well known for being fast in loan disbursal. Every step of the same day loan is done online. Right from the loan application to loan disbursal, you can do everything regarding the online. Even the documents required and the signature on the loan documents are also done online which make it possible to get the loan amount in the account of the borrower on the same day of applying for the loan.
Once you apply for instant loan online, our proprietary algorithm will use the details provided by you to determine your eligibility for the requested amount and instantaneously let you know. If you satisfy all the eligibility criteria, you will be sent a link to continue your application process by providing your details and uploading the documents required. Once we receive the details from you, our dedicated team will go through your details and verify all the information provided. Once all this has been done, you will receive a confirmation about your loan details and your loan will be disbursed within 2 hours.
The company will impose certain ECS bounce charges or penalties. Moreover, it will get mentioned in your credit report. Contingent upon the seriousness of the default it can have a genuine effect on your future credit potential outcomes like a home advance, personal loan and so on. What's more, the banks can likewise make a lawful move against the borrower. Legal actions can also be taken against the borrower by the company.
You can borrow anytime again, provided that you still satisfy all the required eligibility criteria for what you have applied.
Finance Buddha has proper loan management and time management skills. We will provide you high-quality service with all our skill and teamwork. The best part about borrowing from Finance Buddha is that you don't have to visit any bank or even our office, even a single time. You have to just apply online from the Finance Buddha portal for the personal loan. The second best part is that the documentation is completely online. Thirdly and most importantly, the loan approval process gets completed within 2 hours of applying, thanks to our proprietary algorithm. The entire Instant Loan process being online is very seamless, simple and quick without any hassles. Give a try to our Instant Loan facility and get personal loan online in one day.
Yes! You can apply for a personal loan online. The only thing you need to do this is- go online and search for Finance Buddha, you will get the result. Open the website and apply for an Instant Personal Loan.
The time taken by us to disburse a quick loan is 2 hours. But the loan disbursal is not only in the hands of the lender. Many a time, a lender is forced to delay the disbursal because of the issues at loan applicant's end. Let's say the loan applicant submitted the application without completely filling the form or if there are any flaws in the documents submitted, the disbursal time may get extended. If all the data provided by the loan seeker is genuine, it takes just 2 hours to get the loan disbursed.
Instant Loan facility by Finance Buddha as of now is available in 180 cities across India.
Instant personal loans are available with many banks and NBFCs but there are certain advantages when you apply online with Finance Buddha. These advantages are as follows: No physical documentation is required. Quick processing. It is the best option in case of an emergency. Normal interest rates are provided. Hassle free and smooth processing. You don't have to visit any bank or even any of our offices. Loan amount starting from ₹50,000 to ₹5,000,000. It can be availed in case of any emergency requirement like medical, vacation, wedding and so on. You can apply for Instant Loan from a place of your comfort at a time of your choice, be it through a personal computer or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.
The following documents are required for Salaried Employees: Bank Account Statement. Latest Electricity Bill/ Latest Telephone Bill/ Latest Credit Card Bill. Employers letter certifying current mailing address. Passport (Valid) - provided the passport address is present address mentioned in the application form. Existing Registered House Lease. Government I-card with a photo.
For Self-employed Individuals: Bank Account Statement. Latest Electricity Bill/ Latest Telephone Bill/ Latest Credit Card Bill. Employers letter certifying current mailing address. Passport (Valid).
The eligibility criteria are as follows:- Income Criteria: For a salaried person, your yearly income should be minimum ₹400,000. And, for self-employed your yearly income should be minimum ₹600,000. Age Criteria: For a salaried individual, the age should be 25-60 years. And, for self-employed the age should be 25-60 years. Employment Criteria: For a salaried person a full-time job with at least 2 years of work experience. And, for self-employed the company should have existed for past 3 years.
The fee and charges associated with Finance Buddha is Processing Fee: 1.50% to 2.00% + Service Taxes
The interest rate for Finance Buddha Instant Loan varies from 10.5% to 24% per annum.
The minimum and maximum tenures are 12 months and 60 months respectively.
Instant Loan can be availed for many emergency conditions some of them, but not limited to just these are:- Medical Emergencies Urgent Travel Wedding Expenses A quick need of fund for Bail Business Cash Requirement.
APR stands for annual percentage rate which refers to the fixed interest rate for the whole year. Not only for a month. That means according to APR your annual interest rate will be fixed which cannot be varied in any of the months. The APR for Finance Buddha Instant Loan varies from 10.5% to 24%.
The minimum and maximum amounts that you can get through Instant Loan are:- Minimum Loan amount – ₹50,000, and Maximum Loan amount – ₹5,000,000.
An online loan is a multipurpose loan, so it can be a great fit for any kind of uses. Whether it may be a financial emergency or a need of fund to live your dreams, you can knock the door of a lender at any situation.
An online personal loan can be your financing solution at any kind of situation. But it can become a life saviour during emergencies like a medical emergency or urgent travel. In an ideal world, we should do things according to our plans. But sometimes we fail to plan, or some other times unexpected situations hit us and leave with financial emergencies. In such situations, a personal loan helps you to come out. Other than emergencies, there are many situations when you can get a financial boosting from personal loans. You can apply for a personal loan online to renovate your home, paying down payment of your car, taking a vacation and so on.
Ideally, a personal loan can be applied by anyone who is more than 21 years old. But the age is not the only eligibility to apply. The applicant must have a regular source of income. And, if you are salaried, your monthly income should not be less than ₹20,000 You must have a minimum of 2 years of work experience. In the case of self-employed, your business must have 5 years of existence.

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5 / 5

I have taken Instant personal loan from here for which processing time was very less. Customer support executives were really helpful who guided me throughout the process.
Uday Chandra C

5 / 5

Its a simple process that includes filling the online form present on their website and providing them your documents. And if you are eligible you will get a msg within a few minutes saying your loan has be approved and what will be your EMI for your loan.
J Kumar Krishna

5 / 5

The processing for my personal loan was done online. The process was simple and had only a few steps. After completing the process I revived a welcome greeting msg from the company. And after that within 2 to 3 hours I got msg of approval.
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