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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #9

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Aakash Jindal(5/5)

The home loan by SBI was an easy way to get the house I wanted. I checked my SBI housing loan eligibility through the Finance Buddha loan eligibility calculator. Their employees helped me approvey loan application which otherwise I would have never understood. They saved me from loan rejection. Something that no one wants.


Gautam Batra(5/5)

My brother asked me to check for home loans from bank but then Finance Buddha was a better option. It is not feasible for anyone to walk up to different banks, understand their procedures and then compare them all. Finance Buddha cuts short the entire process and makes it so easy that while sitting at home one can compare the best loans and apply for one.


Vineet Ruhela(5/5)

A customer friendly website who helps you understand the loans better. Any person with little knowledge about English can easily find the best loan type for himself. The website is simple yet helpful.


Sahil Virani(5/5)

I hate myself for not knowing about this website earlier. I scrolled almost every website of each and every bank and was so annoyed with the information that I could barely understand. This web portal has made things so easy for everyone who wants to get a home loan processed or actually any loan processed. The team of employees at Finance Buddha are well versed with the information, the rates of interest of different banks, which loan suits a person, the CIBIL Score for every loan type that you start doubting if they are a computer or what! I invested in the SBI property loan as it was safe and reliable.


Sajan Sharma(5/5)

This team is really helpful. They have all the required knowledge and are so polite to talk. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


Seema Gupta(5/5)

My husband is a businessman and he usually stays out for many days. When we had to get another storey constructed to our house, I was the only one who had to go to banks and take up the process. Had it not been my son who told me about Finance Buddha, the whole process would have been so tricky. Their employees called me and told me all the plans that were available. Within two days, it was decided that the SBI home loan was the best for us. Great help by their team.


Nakul Bajaj(5/5)

Why do people even go to banks when this website is doing so well! This website makes the loan availing process look like a cakewalk. These people have a special team who works day night just to assist people. Well I can say that because I have received great support from their side. I'm 25 and I can say that my home loan was approved so quickly because of great support by them. Had it been any other portal, might have been 30 by the time I would be getting the loan after going to bank daily.


Reema Setia(5/5)

Thanks to the Finance Buddha executives, I got my home State Bank Home Loan in the minimum time. The company is dedicated to helping every person that registers on its website. I found their loan eligibility calculator very helpful as it helped me understand what my chances were to get my loan. I was really tensed before getting my home loan approved because earlier I had a study loan from a bank which I don't think I should name and it kept in increasing the rates of interest every now and then. The banks suggested for home loan by Finance Buddha had the lowest interest rates. I chose the loan by SBI because last time my experience of partnering with a new bank was not good enough. I preferred to trust a bank which is old and more reliable.


Smita Mahajan(5/5)

I did not want to get married before I got my parents a new house. Hence, I was saving enough money every month so after two years I finally collected about 5 lacs. With this money, I applied for the home loan through SBI and they approved my loan easily in just two weeks. We've already got the house to our name and would be shifting soon!


I want to setup my business but then my father wants me to wait for sometime. I was actually looking for a business loan when I found this helpful platform. We were also looking for home renovation at that time so I suggested Finance Buddha to my dad for assistance. We got the renovation loan from this website and have paid two EMIs till now. So far, there hasn't been any problem.


Sonny Bajwa(5/5)

While people are doing everything online, there are still a bunch of people who want to stand in the bank queues and wait to get a loan. I am surely not one of those people. I wanted a home renovation for my ancestral house and was looking for a special loan that would help me with the process. I reached this website through a friend's recommendation and got the much needed help. They suggested me the loan from SBI which has solved my unanswered questions.


Nidhi Baweja(5/5)

You know the feel when you can't get the information you get and finally someone gives you the right advice? Well this happened with me when I got in touch with this website. My mind was already too cluttered with the thoughts of different people telling me different home loan types to get a loan. Their team told me the pros and cons of partnering with every bank. As per the my requirement, the SBI home loan Her Ghar was one of the cheapest SBI house loan interest rate. All my queries were solved through this one website whom I could trust.


Harshit Kapoor(5/5)

My sister got her personal loan approved with the help of Finance Buddha and she praised the team a lot. When I talked to them, I realised how right she was in her opinion. They have a great team of advisers who know how to make your loan application better. Also, they are in contact with quite a number of leading banks so the loan application processing also becomes very easy.


Vidyut Kalyan(5/5)

If you want that one place where you can get answers to all your problems then simply login to Finance Buddha. I've compared the information from two more finance websites and must say that their information is the most authentic. No matter how intricate the loan process might be, they make it look so simple.


Harpal Juneja(4/5)

The employees here at Finance Buddha team understood my requirement quite well. They know the details of every home loan type and won't get irritated a bit. I registered on the site for free to find their great services. A day later, they explained me thoroughly about the two home loans I was interested in. My final choice was evident as the SBI offered the minimum charges.


Sujith Ubhi(5/5)

I needed a home construction loan which would be easy to waive off. I searched for over two months to find a home loan that would suit my purpose but then all in vain. The home loan by SBI is the one which gives me the lowest interest rates and processing fees both.


Gauri Seth(5/5)

The home loan by SBI is an easy shortcut to fulfill your dreams. While the bank has a great customer service, it has relatively low rates of interest as well. One can easily realise this trend once he compares the SBI home loan rate with other bank rates through the website of Finance Buddha. They provide the information of home loan from all the banks which helps in making the choice.


Vinod Chopra(5/5)

The home loan by SBI has given me the right light. I was so confused looking at so many home loans where everyone seemed to offer the best service. I got in touch with Finance Buddha website who helped me compare the rates of interests and processing fees of different banks. I am happy that I got their due assistance and partnered with SBI who provided me the cheapest loan of all.


Abhi Sidhu(5/5)

Great to see that they have grown into such a big company and that do many people are associating with them. I came to know about this company one year back when I was looking for a home loan. That's when these people suggested me a few banks out of which I chose to partner with SBI. After a year of successful EMI payment and satisfied support from the bank staff, I would like to recommend this website to anyone who needs help about loans and financing.


Anju Sindhu(5/5)

100? genuine website. Finance Buddha is not like those bogus websites who ask for the personal information and con you on the basis of the same. They are trying their best to provide people like us the cheap and affordable home loans. You have a question about which is the cheapest home loan in India? Scroll down to Finance Buddha and get answers to all your doubts.


Raman Gulati(5/5)

State Bank of India has been one of the most trustable banks since so long. My business loan is from the same bank as well and I was sure that for home loan SBI bank home loan interest rate would be the least. The same happened as I went to the Finance Buddha website to inquire the same. My home loan was charged at 8.65% which was the lowest at the time. There is always this benefit while partnering with a government bank. Also, their staff was very nice while talking and I appreciate their maturity in understanding the urgency for the loan.


Gyan Singh(5/5)

A home is like the start of a new bright day. For many people, this day is shadowed by the burden of loans. But I will say that finance Buddha is a company which has made steps very easy to make the process easy and smooth. How else would I have been able to understand these tedious terms and choose the home loan wisely!


Mohammed Ali(5/5)

The SBI housing loan interest rate is cheapest compared to almost all other banks. The best thing is that although it is an old bank, there are no compromises when it comes to advancement of the bank. They have their own loan tracking system and a user friendly application and website. It was Finance Buddha who helped me connect with the bank authorities without even having to go to bank personally.


Gauri Kanya(5/5)

Finance Buddha provides you the best of the loans from all the banks and housing finance companies. They offer speedy loan processing and suggest things for higher approval of the application. What I like about them is their commitment to serve their customer. It was easy for me to get a home loan when there was an urgent need.

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