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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #8

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews


I was in the process of applying for a home loan for my dream and badly wanted to apply it at SBI bank. I have heard that the rate of interest will be low in this bank but I wanted to how to start and what are the other charges. I used Finance Buddha website to get all necessary information and also applied for loan through the same website. SBI bank approved home loan at a very very low rate of interest for 8 lakhs.


Deepshika (5/5)

Customer service at SBI bank is very good; they are very supportive and will actively respond to customer queries. The best way to apply home is through Finance Buddha. They will take care of the documentation part and home loan will be approved quickly.


Sharil Thomas(5/5)

The process of getting home loan from SBI bank was very quick. I have been very happy with the overall service. Thanks Finance Buddha for referring SBI bank for my home loan request. I applied for home loan through this website and the bank approved it within 18 days. Rate of interest was only 9.25% and processing fee was low.


Jessy Verghese (5/5)

It was mere inquiry with Finance Buddha about home loan and I ended up applying for a home loan at The State Bank of India. The rate of interest is affordable at this bank. Through Finance Buddha I got to know how competitive the banks are in offering a home loan to its customers. I compared rates and charges through Finance Buddha and applied for home loan in a timely manner. I got the response from SBI bank regularly.


Liny Susan(5/5)

I have taken a home loan from State Bank of India. I am very happy that they provided the home loan amount that I was looking for. The amount sanctioned was as per all my requirements. They were quite reasonable on the rate of interest and processing charges. I was offered with an insurance on my home loan. In all it is a very good deal.



There was no need for me to interact much with The State Bank of India, Finance Buddha directly handled whole loan processing with the bank and made sure my home loan is approved on time. I liked Finance Buddha’s norm, it is good. And as compared to all banks SBI has always offered to me best processing fee and interest rates.


Gargi Das(4/5)

I had very good experience with The State Bank of India during my home loan process. Within 16 days loan amount was disbursed. Interest rates charged is 9.3%. The customer service is also quick and process was smooth. Thanks Finance Buddha and SBI bank.


Vrinda Goyal(5/5)

I applied for a home loan with The State Bank of India. They provide friendly customer services. Rate of Interest is less compare to other big banks. As soon as I finalized the property I checked details through Finance Buddha and applied for loan with this bank.



The process of getting a home loan from SBI bank was very easy. Me connecting with Finance Buddha helped to speed up the process. The minute application was filled by me in the website; they started working on my loan application. I got call from the bank to collect my documents and within 10 days my home loan was approved. This bank offers super-quick service. I wish rate them with 5/5 stars.


Swathi Gautham(5/5)

I recommend everyone to take your home loans from a government bank- State Bank of India. Use Finance Buddha to check the rates of different government banks based on your eligibility and accordingly apply for one. Fee and rate of interest will be lesser than that of private banks. Loan can be easily processed especially if you have a savings bank account and even the processing charges will be low.


Vidya Muthappa(5/5)

It’s a very quick process to get Home loan from SBI bank, if you are applying it through Finance Buddha website. The bank took only very minimum time to process the home loan. SBI bank offered home loan to me as per my requirements and also the interest rate is quite reasonable. I hold a savings bank account with the same bank which helped to have less documentation required. Finance Buddha suggested me to take home loan from SBI bank based on my eligibility factors.


Vishwajeet Naik(5/5)

I had my home loan with SBI bank from past 4 years. Recently I decided to pre-close the bank and approached through Finance Buddha. Based on the latest information available in Finance Buddha there was no pre-closure charges for a specific period. I made use of this offer and got my home loan pre-closed with 0 pre-closure fees. Thanks Finance Buddha for offering updated details on home loan.


Gautham Sukumaran(5/5)

Four months back when I applied for a home loan with The State Bank of India, the interest was 9.15%, however now interest is only 8.65%. I was able to get this information from Finance Buddha website. Based on this, I applied for home loan with SBI bank. No processing fee was charged and very low pre-closure charges were applied.


Akshitha Dechamma(5/5)

I had very good experience with the State Bank of India when applying the home loan. Within 7 days my home loan was disbursed. Interest rate was charged at 9.3% which was pretty impressive. The customer services offered by them is also quick, process was absolutely smooth and home loan was approved on-time. The service was good and Finance Buddha contacted me on time to give updates on the loan application.


Shirly M K(5/5)

I am happy with my SBI Home loan service. The person who took care of my home loan application responded well on all information and especially on the documentation process. All this happened because I applied for loan through Finance Buddha website. Not even one day I had to take leave from my work to get a home loan approved within 10 days. Thanks Finance Buddha for ensuring I get my loan in a hassle free manner.


Tanush Srinivas(5/5)

I got my home loan from SBI bank very recently for a rate of interest of 8.8%, loan amount sanctioned is 15 lakhs and tenure for the loan is 20 years. I am happy with the offer and also thankful to Finance Buddha for continuous support and assistance.



SBI bank is very clear and precise with its home loan terms and conditions. They are also very flexible in prioritizing our requests. I wanted my home loan within 10 days and when I shared this information with them through Finance Buddha, the bank prioritized my request and I was getting timely update on my home loan. The Finance Buddha team also did a thorough follow up on the home loan to ensure my loan is approved on time.



I will give 5 star rating for SBI bank for providing very impressive service on my home loan request. They are simply the best in understanding customer requests and will alter services accordingly. I used Finance Buddha website to apply for SBI home loan online.



If you want your home loan approved quickly, then apply through Finance Buddha. The documentation will be quick, simple and hassle-free. SBI bank was able to sanction my home loan of 25 lakhs within 15 days as I approved it through this website.



Anyone who is keen to take a home loan in India should definitely try Finance Buddha website. Once you start experiencing the facilities offered by this platform, you will love it and will not think of any other options. They are very reliable and the information offered by this website is 100% accurate. Am surprised to see that the interest rates and eligibility calculation is 100% accurate.


Pankaj Kumar(5/5)

I was going through many websites of different banks to understand their home loan charges and other facilities and was tired of going through the details. After checking for about 4 banks, I started to lose interest. Suddenly I came across this website called Finance Buddha, which has collated all relevant information of various banks and has shared the information with public for free. Through them I applied for a home loan with SBI bank and the same was approved by 5 days.


Ashok Daryani(5/5)

The process of applying loan through this website is so easy. It is just like talking to a friend of yours when you need an advice. I have talked to the Finance Buddha employees on call for around 5-6 times and every time I do not feel like I am talking to some corporate person, but an adviser. The guy I talked to listened to my situation and understood my financial status, asked about the number of dependents on me and then recommended the SBI land loan. More than just the professional partnership, the employees create a personal touch with you of being a helper in need.


Nitin Jakhu(5/5)

Through Finance Buddha, I got the easy home loan option through which I got my home loan in just a matter of a week. There could be nothing which would have made me happier than this. I was amused as they actually delivered what they had promised to do. The home loan is through the State Bank of India and the SBI home loan rate of interest is the lowest of all the banks that I have compared.


Lily Singhania(4/5)

I get so annoyed when I am trying to look for something on the web but the annoying pop ups on the websites just don't disappear. Thanks to the almighty, this website is away from all such drama. I got the information I needed without having to bank my head on the click bait links. Moreover, their employees were very polite to talk and patient to explain things

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