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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #7

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Radha Krishnan (5/5)

Finance Buddha will be always my point of reach for any future loan details requirement. Getting a home loan in Mumbai is now super easy with the help of this website. Thanks State Bank of India for coming forward to check my eligibility and to offer me for loan at 8.75% rate of interest.


Ananya (5/5)

SBI housing loan was way above my expectations. I would rate the customer service at 5/5. Finance Buddha made sure all documents are being collected the very next day I applied for home loan. There was no delay in the process and I was getting update on the status of my home loan every day from Finance Buddha website.



I applied for a home loan with State Bank of India, rate of interest at which loan was approved is 9.10%. It was very low as compared to other banks. The terms and conditions of home loan was clearly explained by Finance Buddha, thus getting home loan was not a hassle task at all.


Deepu (5/5)

Finance Buddha valued my time and ensured all information regarding my home loan request is readily made available. Based on this information I had trust on the website and also applied loan with SBI bank. To my surprise the home loan is approved by the bank by 7 working days. Thanks a ton Finance Buddha and State Bank of India for rendering all support and exceptional services.


Lissa Sunny(5/5)

More than 4 banks were ready to offer me home loan in Kolkata but I wanted to know which the best bank among them is. For this purpose I used Finance Buddha’s home loan’s comparison site and did a detailed investigation. With the help of these data I was able to finalize SBI bank for my home loan.


Dania Mathew(5/5)

The services of Finance Buddha is bettering day-by-day. Last time I used this platform to check details of various bank home loans, today I checked my home loan eligibility at SBI bank and also applied for a loan through this website. Thanks Finance Buddha for suggesting SBI bank for my home loan.



State Bank of India approved my home loan at 8.75% rate of interest for tenure of 10 years. I had applied for a loan amount of 12 lakhs and the same was approved with 13 days. Before applying for home loan I used the Finance Buddha site check all details related to home loan and also checked my eligibility through the same website. Thank you Finance Buddha for offering all these services for free.


Anala Gururaj(5/5)

I feel so comfortable applying for loans through Finance Buddha, anytime in future if there is anyother need, I will make sure I am applying it through Finance Buddha to enjoy all benefits. This time Finance Buddha helped me throughout the home loan processing with State Bank of India.


Shwetha Shenoi(5/5)

I used Finance Buddha platform to my home loan eligibility and to apply for home loan. This platform helped me to get all information related to home loan of different banks. All information is gathered through this website was used for my investigations and I choose Finance Buddha for my home loan. I have never come across a website that is so informative and supportive for loans. Thanks Finance Buddha for all information and State Bank of India for approving my home loan.



I had been trying ways to reduce my home loan interest. Finance Buddha helped me to find home loan with revised interest rates of different banks. Based on this information I applied for home loan with SBI bank and I got loan at 8.75% Rate of interest.



Based on feedback from my sister I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha and it was sanctioned for 9.2% rate of interest. Finance Buddha suggested me to apply loan on my name – women applicant and through this I got consideration on home loan interest rates.


Sheela Babu(5/5)

I applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha and to my surprise it was approved by 10 days. I never expected home loan to work out so fast plus the bank staffs were very co-operative.


Binu Shaji(5/5)

I applied a home loan with State Bank of India through Finance Buddha. When I compared the interest rates and other charges, I figured State Bank of India is offering best deals for home loans in India. When the rate of interest at other banks is 9.10%, SBI interest was 8.6%. I am satisfied with the rate of interest, even service was good. Dealing with customers is very professional.



In the year 2015 when I took a home loan from State Bank of India, the experience was average. They sanctioned the loan but my requirements were not completely met. I thought of applying for a top-up loan and applied it through Finance Buddha; this time to experience was extremely good. Am very happy and there was lot of difference from my past experience versus what I received this time. Top up loan is for 9 lakhs and for 15 years.


Jiji Joseph(5/5)

Fortunately, I choose Finance Buddha to apply for home loan with SBI bank. The website made sure that I get maximum benefits on my home loan application. SBI bank offered me with very good options such as no pre-closure charges, I can pre-close the loan any time after 6 months, and processing fee was waived off. Low rate of interest. In simple this home loan was like a lottery for me.



There was lot of documentation issues with my home loan application with SBI bank when my sister applied for her loan as she had not applied it through Finance Buddha. But when I applied for home loan from SBI through Finance Buddha, it was a very fast process. FinBud executives were always ready to help me, there was no confusion on the documentation part and loan was approved for me within 10 days.


Valentina (5/5)

I am happy with housing loan from SBI bank, the process is very good. The rate of interest is affordable, bank manager is good and polite and all information I wanted was immediately given by the bank. Interest Rate offered by State Bank of India for the home loan is 9.35% and there was no processing fee. Thanks Finance Buddha!


Mary Archana(5/5)

As soon as I applied for home loan through Finance Buddha, the bank considered the request. They offered me home loan with zero percentage of processing fee. I was approved with home loan with 8.5% rate of interest- women consideration. Am extremely happy with my home loan and have referred my women colleagues to try this bank for best deals.


Navaneetha (4/5)

As soon as SBI bank was sure that the documents and property titles are clear, they started prioritizing my home loan and it got approved by 17 days. Finance Buddha helped me to sort of the documentation part before applying for loan with the bank. This helped me in having a smooth home loan process.


To the best of my knowledge State Bank of India has offered lowest rate of interest on home loans in the market. Highlighting thing of all is the bank waived off processing fee and there are no pre-closure charges on the loan amount. With the help of this home loan am getting a good figure as tax benefit, Finance Buddha helped me to understand how home loan will help in tax benefits. At SBI bank I have partial payments option on my home loan.


Pooja Prakash (5/5)

I have taken my housing loan from SBI bank. The rate of interest is lowest as compared to other banks. Processing fees is nominal. They require few documents and getting loan was easy. With other banks I have sent documents 2-3 times, but still no response, here I ensured everything is done through Finance Buddha, thus my loan was approved within 14 days.



People had different type of opinion on my proposal to apply for home loan with SBI bank. So I used Finance Buddha to check the loan specifications, pre-closure charges, processing fees and other information. Based on these I was able to finalize which is the best bank to apply for home loan as per my requirements and applied with SBI. I suggest everyone to use Finance Buddha for clarity, anytime you have confusions on your home loan.



I liked the customer service offered by SBI bank, they approached me on-time to collect documents and other required information. As all documents were accurate and ready as per information gained through Finance Buddha. SBI bank took very less time to sanction loan amount. I will be going to my new home from this weekend. Thanks Finance Buddha for making my dream a reality.


Sharada Ghatge(5/5)

First time when I applied for a home loan directly on the SBI bank website, I did not get any call. Later I used the Finance Buddha platform to check eligibility and thought of giving a try through this website. To my surprise I got call from bank the same day and they even blocked the time to collect documents. My loan is approved now and money was disbursed in next 2 days.

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