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State Bank Of India Home Loan Reviews #6

4.7 stars based on 314 reviews

Nithin Joseph (5/5)

I used the Finance Buddha eligibility calculator to find the EMI for the loan amount I was looking for. Based on this information I applied for loan with State Bank of India and it was approved within 9 days. Thanks SBI and Finance Buddha.


Varkey Raj (5/5)

Finance Buddha gave me a chance to grab the best offers available from various banks. For housing loan in Bangalore I was lucky to find this platform. My home loan was approved by State Bank of India within 8 working days of sending application through Finance Buddha.


Arnold (5/5)

Am Arnold, I tried to check each and everything of loans before applying for one. This time I came across Finance Buddha website which offered the exact same service. I was able to save a lot of time in duplicating the investigation and applying for home loan with SBI bank was quick.


Joseph (5/5)

Finance Buddha is my resort for all loan needs. This website always has answers for all my questions with regard to different types of loans. I compared home loans terms and conditions of different banks with the help of this service and got my home loan from SBI bank.


Jose K (5/5)

Am very happy with my first experience with Finance Buddha. It is an excellent team for all types of loan assistance in Mumbai. I would like to thank Finance Buddha and SBI bank for giving me an opportunity to own a house with the help of home loan.


Kevin Verghese (5/5)

I received a very good service from State Bank of India from the home loan department in one of the Hyderabad branch. This bank pays a lot of attention to detail and is simply to best in rendering quick services.


Jacob John (5/5)

If you are in need of quick home loan in Jaipur, then the best choice is State Bank of India. From here I got my home loan approved within 3 working days. Finance Buddha offered helping hand at all stages of the home loan application.


Mathew Peter(5/5)

Thank you Preeti for the quick and reliable home loan service offered in SBI bank. Shruthi and Sangeetha (representative from Finance Buddha) worked together and helped to get my home loan approved within 16 days. And special thanks for State Bank of India Bangalore branch as well for all support.


Jeffrin Johnson (5/5)

I would like to share this happy moment with everyone to let you know easily I got my home loan approved through Finance Buddha. Thank you Finance Buddha for offering such extended level of support to me all through the home loan process, if not through Finance Buddha, I want have got my home loan for such low rate of interest from State Bank of India.


Melwyn Cardoza (5/5)

There are not many banks in India that can be called as “People’s bank”. State Bank of India has always been there to help me every time I am in need. I applied for a home loan with this bank through Finance Buddha and I got my home loan approved in just 6 working days. Thanks Finance Buddha and State Bank of India.


Paulson (5/5)

The procedure followed by SBI for home loan is very good. I enjoyed greater benefits as I applied for it through Finance Buddha. I have been using the SBI bank home loan from past 6 months and so far the experience is good. I recommend everyone to apply for home loan through Finance Buddha to get best deals. There are absolutely no drawbacks nor did I face any challenges. Interest rate offered by State Bank of India is also very good.


Marvel Thom(5/5)

SBI bank is recommendable for home loans. I applied for a Home loan with The State Bank of India, rate of Interest is less as compared to what other banks are offering, and also the bank officials are good in Customer service. I applied for a home loan through Finance Buddha and the overall experience was very good.


Gladin Sony (5/5)

SBI had requested for few additional set of documents in order to get my home loan approved. As I applied for loan through Finance Buddha, they made sure I have all documents handy according to bank requirements. As soon as bank asked for additional documents, I had them with me- so submitted the same. As there was no delay in the documentation part, getting loan from SBI bank was fast and the rate of interest was also 8.75% only.


Alex Vincent(5/5)

I took my home loan from The State Bank of India and the loan process was completed within 3 days. It was very quick process after I completed all paper works. The interest rate is 9.3% and they were ready to waive off processing charges on my home loan. Part payment facility is made available on my home loan any time after 6 EMI payments.


Clerin Mathew(4/5)

The home loan processing at State Bank of India is good. The bank executive who looked into my loan request was quite helpful and was ready to address all my queries. He ensured to give me real-time update on the home loan status. Finance Buddha confirmed to me that getting home loan approved from SBI bank will be easy for me as per my eligibility criteria.


Julie Robi(5/5)

I am currently working in Hyderabad and family is in my native, I wanted a Home loan and at home there is no one who can go to the bank to apply home loan, so took the route of Finance Buddha and applied for the loan. To be frank I wasn’t sure of getting the loan sanctioned. Luckily my loan was sanctioned by 10 days and got the amount I had requested for. I will surely rate Finance Buddha website the best in the market for such impressive service. Must try home loan through Finance Buddha for quick and efficient processing.



Getting home loan in Chennai is no more an issue. I got superb service from State Bank of India. I currently work in Ahmadabad and have taken a Home loan with the help of Finance Buddha at Chennai and suggested a relative of mine to apply the loan through Finance Buddha. I am very happy I did so.


Pallavi Jain(5/5)

If you are looking for easy ways to get a home loan approved anywhere in Bangalore, then I would suggest you to apply through Finance Buddha only. SBI bank approved my home loan for just 8.95% rate of interest.



Am very happy with the home loan from State Bank of India. Apart from the interest rates being low, processing fees and benefits are also great as compared to what other banks are offering in Chennai.



With the help of Finance Buddha I was able to compare the rate of interest and even processing fees of different banks offered in Mumbai before applying for a loan. Through this investigation I felt State Bank of India is the best suiting one for my requirements and I applied. The bank offered me home loan at 8.75% rate of interest within 18 days.


Bhama (5/5)

Finance Buddha helped me to find out the special interest rates charged for women applicants for home loans at Delhi. Thank you State Bank of India for approving my home loan so quickly with very low rate of interest.


Jessy Jomon (5/5)

I was looking for a bank that offers lowest rate of interest for home loans and am glad to find State Bank of India. Finance Buddha is the best platform for comparing loan services offered by various banks. My friend is also trying for a home loan through Finance Buddha’s route.



Thank you Finance Buddha, the services are extremely good and I received very prompt responses for my home loan request at Chennai. In two words I would like to comment this website as “Professional and Accurate information” provider. SBI bank approved my home loan through Finance Buddha’s loan application.


Megha Kumari(4/5)

It is not tough to get home loan in Delhi but due to security reasons there was delay in processing. But still I got my loan approved within 20 days. With the help of Finance Buddha I was able to check my eligibility and I provided all necessary documents to State Bank of India in the first go itself. The interest rate on my home loan is 9.15%.

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